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  1. I would love to see Pre Uber Jason and Jason 2003 in this game.
  2. Is there a possibility for a future release of Jason from FvJ? Clawed mask and all his kills were pretty gruesome. I’d love to see a cornfield or asylum map. His Crystal Lake dream world was cool.
  3. I’d like to see a unique Retro Jason intro and map. Maybe him jumping out of a tv from 8bit into reality or something. Different intros would be cool too.
  4. Still hoping for these maps and Jasons: Jason V, Jason X, FvJason, Jason 2009 I heard New Line Cinema is getting the rights back. -Pinehurst -Manhattan -Grendel Spaceship -Crystal Lake part 7? -Crystal Lake abandoned and underground tunnels 2009? -Camp Forest Green
  5. I like the penalty for team killing but they should also make it that if you get team killed, you get 200-1000 extra XP. So it's Karma...
  6. Hey guys, I'm new here so I'm sure you all probably read this a thousand times already. My wishlist: - Roy Burns Jason - preferably with a hedge shears kill. - NES color themed Jason - Classic 8bit retro music as he hunts you down. - Jason X - nuff said - Freddy vs. Jason - Jason with dreamscape Crystal Lake from the film - Grendel Spaceship map - Manhattan!! - A bigger barn environment, maybe with a spike trap like in F13 V - A Wheelchair Camper - Flaming machete kill - Buried alive or dead cemetery kill - Being able to throw bodies through windows to increase fear.
  7. Anyone have any ideas on if there should be any other ways to defeating Jason? I was hoping maybe drowning him eventually.
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