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  1. I hope you guys enjoyed my speedo

    Anyone else fully creeped out by this thread? ????
  2. I hope you guys enjoyed my speedo

    Ewwwww ewww ew
  3. Works far more than half the time. Companies with hundreds of workers take months to fix smaller issues, not a week. Bad review eh? Wish I could write a bad review on your review. But Jpops would ban me again. The game is great. It's a project of heart with a small team working without sleep around the clock. Im still waiting on fixes for modern warfare 3 that been fucked since launch.
  4. They blocked my ten yr old's pornhub account. Us good parents need an explanation now!!!
  5. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    I can see it now. Me and the other ninja turtles are running from Jason, but I'm hurt. Nobody has healing spray and I'm limping along. Suddenly E.T wobbles out and touches my wound while saying "ouuuuuuch". I'm all better and I run away. Sadly E.T's legs can't carry him too fast. The woods are filled with the sounds of his screams as Jason hacks him into bits.
  6. Are we being trolled?

    Weird how perspective works. You see it that way...here's how I see it. Underdog group wins a kickstarter quest, coming out with rights to an awesome IP. Said group releases best game I've ever played on console. Said group keeps adding fun to game while dealing with overly entitled fan base getting pissed about the smallest thing. Group continues to dedicate every waking day to pleasing you. You bash them because perfection has not been achieved in under a handful of months. Trolling you? Fuck no. They are trying to cater to you. I think you should be thankful.
  7. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    Voltron vs Voorheese. I hope Gun is writing this shit down.
  8. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    There way death match? Add Will Stanton. Elm street 3.
  9. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    ROBOCOP!!! Ok, maybe @NthnButAGoodTime is right. Maybe we're trying to add too many characters. Maybe if I merge a few? Test image mock-up is for Gun Media only. Do I win?
  10. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    Scarlet of G.I Joe would surely rule. Her name means "red". So obviously I'm now interested in adding "Red fraggle". Fraggles rock, man!
  11. The boat is not permanent? What's that mean?
  12. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    Listen man, as the evil overlord of this incredibly important thread- I hereby declare this thread's topic now includes all forms of nostalgia and heavy metal. Green jelly, grape jelly, KY jelly, I don't care! Nothing should stop us old folks from remembering a world of long ago! Or The Land Before Time! Or...The Never Ending Story for that matter! You're good. Carry on. ?
  13. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    I'm listening! Get Gun in here!
  14. Add Ash and Grateful Dead bears.

    Finally a voice of reason! If all of that is not added in the next patch- this game will die.
  15. Maybe we have different definitions of "solid players".