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  1. Last session results. On PS4. Councilor: Victoria Perks: Restful, Swift Attacker, Sucker Punch all Epic Map: Higgins Haven Lock occurred when I shot Jason with a Shotgun near the blue car at Blare's Cove. I couldn't interact until I jumped in the water. I was not the host. I left the lobby and rebooted my PS4. Same Councilor, Perks Map: Packanack Lodge Small. Lock occured after stunning Jason near the yellow car close to the lodge. Water solved the lock. I could still attack. I left the lobby after the match. Rebooted PS4. Same Councilor, Perks Map: Crystal Lake Lock occured near the southern row of cabins after stunning Jason. Once again water solved the lock. I could still attack. I left the game after the match. Haven't played since. Lost hair, temper, patience, mind. Please fix this IllFonic. I can't play this right now. But I really want to.
  2. Alien_Number_Six

    Why don't you people ready up?

    I have been killed by Jason. Your next.
  3. Alien_Number_Six

    Why is Miller the good one again?

    Neither one of them are right. Couple of old men who can't sit down like mature adults and settle things for the good of everyone involved.
  4. So @ShiftySamurai anything to add?
  5. Alien_Number_Six

    The future of the game

    Don't make me laugh.
  6. Alien_Number_Six

    The future of the game

    Until the Judge makes a ruling in Cunningham v Miller nothing Friday the 13th related has a future. You know that.
  7. She isn't what I expected her to be like in the challenges. I thought she would act more like AJ did.
  8. Alien_Number_Six

    Finally Playing with Forum members!

    I work nights
  9. Alien_Number_Six

    no survivors

    Last night I caught a Vanessa troll with 01:51 left.
  10. It made quite a bit of money.
  11. Alien_Number_Six

    How would you have designed the game?

    I would have taken as much care with the mechanics as I did with the assets. I would have hired play testers to help with the bug stomping. I wouldn't have bothered with the engine upgrade until Uber Jason and map were finished. But hindsight is 20/20.
  12. Alien_Number_Six

    Finally Playing with Forum members!

    Fourm name is Psn tag. Drop a message to let me know your from the fourms.
  13. Alien_Number_Six

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Top Popper kill is broken.
  14. I'm trying to collect information on the lock to help the developers fix it because I love to play the game but it's just not worth my flustration. I have PTSD and it's just not healthy for me.
  15. I cant even play the game without it happening right now. It started after the first engine update patch.
  16. I didn't say it was uncommon. And Left 4 Dead is a completely different style of game without certain skills for the characters as you mentioned. I am a Jenny main in Friday. I hate it when others play as Jenny in the same lobby. However I completely understand why your given the choice. It's no fun when you have someone hogging your main.
  17. No. It's a player choice issue. Players want to play the characters they want to play. Not to mention twins are a part of Friday lore with the doublemint girls getting wiped out in part 4.
  18. Alien_Number_Six

    What was Paranoia going to be

    They never said. I for one was looking forward to it.
  19. We are of the same mind.
  20. I can't play the game without getting the interaction lock after engaging Jason in any way. At this point the game is broken. And to avoid getting ultra snarky here on the fourms with the likes of developers and moderators I have avoided playing the game altogether.
  21. Yeah they need to fix that.