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  1. So anti sense perks do still work when Jason is in Rage?
  2. If Gun Media is going with Black Tower as the development team of their new project then they won't have to hire anyone else. But Black Tower hasn't been hiring anyone new either. And they would need to if they had a large new project they would have to build from the ground up. If Gun wants to put out something meaningful it has to at least be announced soon or they are going to be in deep financial trouble. Those dedicated servers aren't paying for themselves after all and I am sure three years later the money gained from Friday the 13th: The Game's success isn't a bottomless well of cash. There is a lot that can inprove in the next game if there is one. Better coding. A clear report function. A separate quo for the killer. Quality playtesting has much improved. The last patch didn't resurrect the Packanack Roof glitch. I would love to see a change in Gun Media's attitude in regards to exploiting players who play the game to harrass other players with glitches. That is the main thing that turns off new players. Watching people glitch their way to victory is flustrating. Especially when you contact people to see if they can be reported only to end up being informed that it's not a bannable offense. I don't know. At the end of the day we will just have to see if Gun Media and Black Tower will grow and put something good out there. Time will tell. But the fans of Friday the 13th: The Game could use some good news. At this point trying to fix all the broken code amounts to a game of wack a mole. It would be nice to have something to look forward to besides bug fixes on a three year old game. Wouldn't it?
  3. Cant do it. Would to have been implemented in the development phase.
  4. Hard to say. I run into a lot of people who exploit. Is that toxic? I think it is. Others would say they are better at the game then I am because they know and use all the glitches. Are kill squads toxic? Hard to say. I don't think so. Some would say they are. Are cheaters toxic? I would say yes. But it's hard to say if people are cheating unless it is blatant.
  5. If you did your best without breaking the game of cheating like so many people do it's a win in my book.
  6. Is it cheating? Yup. Does Gun Media do anything to curb exploiting the game to harrass you? Nope. So there it is. You can report the glitch and drive on. Or you can quit the game. If you appeal to the community manager he is just going to tell you that these people can't be banned because it is Gun Media and IllFonic's fault for the exploits existence and no one should get banned because the game is glitchy. So good luck. How do I know this is what they will say? Take a good guess.
  7. Got a response out of them didn't it. And let tell you something else. Hiring people before you announce a project is fairly normal for the industry. For example shortly after Jedi: Fallen Order was released Respawn Entertainment put out the call for developers with experience in action and adventure games. Speculation was heavy about Respawn's next title being a sequel to Fallen Order. A month later it was confirmed. But we will see. Like I said If I am wrong I will admit it. It truth I want Gun to make me eat all my words and be successful and give us something fun and well polished.
  8. I think that they better do something or they aren't going to have a business soon. And @Strigoi and we have all found out business can't wait for Covid. If Gun wants to survive they have to make a move or their dead. So are they going to jump out the window or are they going to get grab killed is the question.
  9. I wrote this thread @Strigoi I think it's great you are so enthusiastic but should also be realistic.
  10. Spawn Killing - Considering that even the running Jasons are super slow and can easily be avoided. If you are killed before Jason gets shift you need to get good and stop bitching. And calling it spawn killing is ridiculous because that isn't accurate due to it being a multiplayer first person shooter term. No one is gunning you down as soon as you spawn in. Trapping Windows Early - I will trap windows early if I know they will be used. Especially when I am part 2. Again salty players bitching because they need to get gud. Trapping the window closest to the phone box is just a good idea. Slashing - This one is asinine and once again is the result of bitchy players who need to get gud. You are playing the king of slashers. Jason has killied more people in slasher films than any other slasher villain. Slash away. Shifting over Traps - Again get gud scrub. Fighting the Kill Squad - You dont have to fight the kill squad. But its more fun to try. The Car - Sometimes you have to GTFO especially when you put the whole thing together yourself. Choke kill - Kill how you want. Combat Stance to Break Doors - It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Sure you get through the door quicker but you can get your blade stuck or miss. No Flashlight - Seriously? Jason has a power that lights you up like a Christmas tree and your fucking worried about using your flashlight. An item that lowers your fear to get your stam to regenerate faster. Get gud. There are reason to tactically turn it off sometimes but the flashlight is useful. Must Bar Doors - You dont have to but if you do you live longer. I don't know how many times I found a corpse next to an open door. No Sweater till Tommy - Play how you want to play as long as you are not cheating or exploiting. The only rule here I agree with is the counselors shouldn't try to trap each other but that is the world we live in. People are assholes sometimes.
  11. It has been three years going on four. That is more than enough to time to have conceptualize a project. No news of new hires. Just vague tweets by Wes Copeland. At this point it's sink or swim. I don't see much swimming. Nor do I see anyone throwing them a life vest. Gun and Black Tower barely have the know how to keep Friday from being hacked. It doesn't look like they have the creative talent to put together something on their own. And even if they did the lax attitude they have had when it comes to exploiting and cheating would doom anything they put out anyway. To this day you can find ghosting Jason's, teleporting councilors and safe zones to harrass Jason players. They never got tough. They never did anything about it and the word is out about Gun. They don't have the know how or the spine to run a project like this and it shows. If I am wrong I will be the first to apologize and eat my words for breakfast. But so far it doesn't look promising at all. You can tell people you have something coming all day. But at some point you have to deliver. Go ask the developers of Star Citizen or the promoters of Fyre Festival what happens when you try to bullshit your way around real business.
  12. Gun has nothing in the oven. I wouldn't be surprised if they go out of business soon. No news about hiring anyone for a new game. No announcements on new projects. No kickstarter announcements. Nothing substantial at all. When a company is a video game publisher to succeed they must publish. It's that simple. If they aren't publishing games what are they doing?
  13. Pros Great attention to film details on the environment and character models. Fun gameplay. Cons Bug filled mess. Poorly optimized Poorly developed Poorly managed Poorly designed Toxic fan base. No in game report system. No rule enforcement. Publisher has no respect for anyone who plays clean. Publisher supports cheating. Hackers currently control the game. Publisher is helpless to stop hackers from controlling the game. Lawsuit halting new content. Did I get my money's worth? Yes I did. Will I ever buy anything published by GunMedia ever again? No, they let cheaters cheat and hackers hack. "As long as we got players" was their mantra even if they ran off new players. Now hackers run the game. Will I ever buy anything developed by Illfonic? No, anyone who has played this knows why. Thanks for reading.
  14. All this game has become is a harrassment simulator. Bugs and exploiting that never get fixed in a timely manner. Developers refusing to ban users of said bugs and exploits. Hackers ddos attacks and account tampering. Widespread cheating. Updates causing more exploits then they solve. Toxic player base that can't wrap their head around the fact the lawsuit prevents new content. I don't know guys. I think the game is finally dying dispite the fan efforts to keep it alive. It was fun while it lasted I guess. But now you can glich your way into five pocket knives to troll Jason on top of the sliding and other forms of general harassment on both sides of the game. Nearly zero response by the developers to curb the behavior. It just isn't fun anymore. There are better and more enjoyable ways to spend my little gaming time then fucking around with this broken ass hacked mess the developers refuse to police and barely try to fix.
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