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  1. I would blow his immortal leg off with a shotgun. Then I would proceed to hack his body into bite size pieces. After that I would burn those pieces and stay away from Crystal Lake. He will be back.
  2. I have always geared my game towards escape so the rage patch dosen't bother me. As far as Alien Isolation goes its DLC is more enjoyable then the main story in the sense that there are few scripted events adding to the sense of dread.
  3. Stealth points only effect how noisy your character is. Noise is represented as the circle blips you see as Jason. AJ and Tiff don't make noise unless Jason is right on top of them. Sense is a different thing entirely. Home Body can be effective if up against inexperienced Jason players but a solid Jason will simply spam sense and find you. In my opinion your better off increasing AJ's Stamina recharge and overall pool with Restful and Marathon then add a health perk like Medic or Thick Skin.
  4. More hit points would be preferable but he is in a good place right now.
  5. I think your juke game now being just as important as your fight game is awesome. Councilors have ten minutes to get their shit together. Jason then gets ten minutes to turn the Councilors into dog meat. If you're bitching get gud or quit.
  6. If you control a set of keys you control one of the cars. Putting in a battery or gas is irrelevant.
  7. #1 No fucking Jason helpers............. Yeah I don't need to go into the rest and you know why.
  8. I didn't mind fighting the horde. But it will be nice not having to worry about getting owned by a group of good players seven deep the whole 20 minutes.
  9. Balance is impossible in an asymmetrical game. Either your one player's character is powerful enough to overcome seven to one odds or he is underpowered and is overwhelmed by the numbers game. I personally haven't played the new patch due to issues at home extremely limiting my playtime right now. However after checking out a few streams I think there is a good back and forth here. The counselors must escape or kill Jason in the first ten minutes when they have the advantage. If they don't that advantage shifts to Jason. So the matches now promote more cooperative play and two aspects of the counselors game the fighting and the juking now go hand in hand instead of just picking one playstyle and sticking with it. The counselors and Jason now share time being op it's not perfect but it is a good try to balance seven against one gameplay.
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