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  1. Agreed 6,7 new tunes. Part 9's music is metal as fuck.
  2. Does Jason Really Die In The Game?

    "You cannot die" - Pamela Voorhees
  3. Signed whole heartedly. I would LOVE to snatch Alice off a boat as Jason. Let's make it happen
  4. Daredevil Trope

    I will totally sign that shit 100 percent. And @Armani👑 good on you to get Reggie in the game. If it happens your getting the cred man.
  5. Why Do You Play?

    Me too. Complete with crazy ass "kill her mommy" outbursts.
  6. Daredevil Trope

    I do know that Adrianne King after the first film was stalked by obsessed fans and when she was asked to do Part 2 she said yes but only if she got killed off because some of the fans were making her uncomfortable. I would love for the final girl from the first film to make it into the game. Maybe we should get a thread going man. @Armani👑's Reggie thread is getting some traction with mr Ross. Perhaps we could reach out to Adrianne.
  7. Daredevil Trope

    @Armani👑 this would be awesome if it happens man. @bewareofbears I would love it if we could get Alice Hardy too. Maybe Adrianne King has softened a bit towards the series and wouldn't mind being in the game.
  8. No it shouldn't have. Unless you want loot boxes, microtransactions and DLC costs up the ass. And if you think the game would be less glitchy there is no guarantee on that. Don't believe me? Go play Aliens: Colonial Marines. It was a glitchy bug filled mess developed by a triple A studio who didn't give two fucks about Aliens or it's source material. If I ever see Randy Pitchford the CEO of Gearbox Entertainment in person I'm going to bust his fucking nose and take exactly sixty dollars from his wallet. I wouldn't be robbing his fucking ass. I would be getting a fucking refund. At least GunMedia and IllFonic have a passion for the source material. So no. Actually FUCK NO. I don't need EA, Activision or any other greedy so called "triple A" publisher trying to monotize my motherfucking nut sack. Edit: I can't believe this is even being talked about. I have a hard time even remembering a game that was good enough from one of these supposed "triple A" publishers what was even worthy of that title. Triple fucking A. More like triple G for fucking greed. Edit #2 And Pitchford's glasses! I would break his fucking glasses too.
  9. Predict Mark's stats

    Mark..........yeah I hope we don't see mark in the game honestly.
  10. Yeah it feels more desperate when Jason is chasing you and you throw that solid looking piece of wood over the door right before his axe lands splintering the door.
  11. Alien: Isolation is my favorite game on PS4. It's Alien AI is solid and one of the best in the business. It also took four years to develop. Expecting the counselor AI in Friday the 13th the Game to be on par with Alien: Isolation's Alien AI after a few months of work is unrealistic. Coding AI to do complex things takes time. Time that may or may not be afforded to an offline mode that was never the main focus of the game to begin with. There is no doubt they can be improved opon. But I have to say that IllFonic did a decent job with the bots with the time they put into them. I'm looking forward to further updates to them in the future. But for now I am just happy I have something to chase when I don't feel like dealing with quick play.
  12. Why Do You Play?

    I play for the thrill of the chase on both ends. I love playing as a counselor doing my best to evade, outlast and sometimes fight and kill Jason. As Jason I enjoy chasing the counselors and wiping them out in awesome Friday the 13th style. As far as those who dislike the game lurking here on the fourms perhaps I can provide some insight. My wife and I bought Destiny when it came out years ago. It too was a flawed product. I joined the Destiny fourms in an attempt to improve the game by suggesting changes that really needed implementation. I won't go into them all here but my main gripe with the game revolved around every DLC expansion made the one before it obsolete. In an attempt to make all the content in the game that I bought twice worth something I endlessly suggested that they simply implement a system they had actually used before to bring all the old gear to current DLC standards. But alas my pleas fell on deaf ears. After I quit playing the game and visiting the fourms Bungie finally implemented the system I had asked for when the game's life cycle was over and Destiny 2 was about to be released. But it was too late. My wife and I had moved on and we didn't appreciate learning the game had been developed then hacked up into DLC "expansions." We spent a lot of money on content torn from the game at launch and each one we bought trivialized the rest of the game. But for a time I had hope for Destiny to turn itself around. And those here on the fourms who are openly critical have hope Friday will free itself from the bug filled mire it currently resides in. If it dosen't they will eventually move on just like I did with Destiny.
  13. They may do that. And I would rather it be unlocked in this way instead of opening loot box after loot box getting stuff for Debbie when all I want is that Jenny shirt.
  14. Game sucks.

    I love it. Does it have issues? Yep it does. It's gaming's equivalent of a three legged dog. Flawed but loveable.
  15. The artificial intelligence intelligence as you say @IVIalicious is actually pretty good considering a solid AI takes years to properly develop. These bots are in the toddler stage of development and it shows. They can and will get better but AI takes time to develop and killing Jason takes multiple steps. However I agree that you should be allowed to toggle rain on or off and put the counselors in the costumes you paid for. Just don't expect the world from the offline bots until IllFonic makes them an actual priority.