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  1. Not a remodel. And entirely different game with the same base gameplay. If they could strip everything out of Friday that made it Friday and tried to roll with it they would still get sued.
  2. The best Jason players don't get rattled. They proceed to slowly wear you down until your dead and have lots of patience. Especially when your up against five or six Vanessas it's important to take your time and plan strategy. Getting pissed over taunting and such will take you out of the game.
  3. The game is done. Wes has said it too many times to not believe it. The best we can hope for is a spiritual sequel. The Friday the 13th franchise is dead until Victor and Sean put aside their differences. The situation could go on until one of them is dead at this point. It's time for a fresh perspective.
  4. For all the Friday the 13th licence has done for the game it's brought it down just as much maybe even more. I can't speak for the entire player base but I will say that many of us want more content. We are not going to get it so it's time to dust off the original idea and put it into motion. I prefer Friday the 13th to Dead by Daylight for one simple reason. If Jason Voorhees catches you it's all over but the screaming unless you have a pocket knife. I have always appreciated this approach. Your not a killer in Dead by Daylight your a hooker. It's time to get creative and start putting "Summer Camp" into motion. As a player I want more! Ditch the licence and start working towards an original intellectual property. Keep the same style of gameplay. Include the multiple ways to win. Keep the if caught your dead killer gameplay. And stock it with original characters, maps and killers! If anyone can get this job done it's you guys at Gun Media. @wes @mattshotcha you have your fingers on the pulse of 1980's horror cinema. You can make the camp great again you simply have to reinvent it. Sincerely Six
  5. @Ahab I was dust because the car was trying to get me too. Still did the best I could. Eventually was rundown widow hopping to avoid Jason. And your pretty much wrong about eveything else. Again.
  6. It was coordinated teaming @Ahab. Jason stood right next to the car and let AJ in. And dispite your post being well written I disagree with everything you say.
  7. All good points. But I think this could be done. And I think ultimately the circles pointing out the other players positions on the map shouldnt be allowed or adjusted. As far as the game is concerned I have been playing this a long time. A game or two lost to teaming is no big deal.
  8. That is a decent idea too. As long as the mini map dosen't give the person away from the other side of the map. For example if your standing in the middle of camp you can see everyone on your mini map in the camp. But not the camp on the other side of the map.
  9. I think that it would increase the worth of those items too.
  10. Im asking for more endgame items to invigorate the chase and your against that? I would think you could get behind that. Is English your first language? Not being rude. It’s a honest question.
  11. Sometimes we can't have nice things. Especially when they get abused.
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