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  1. These publishers are lazy as hell and the developers are mediocre. They don't ban anyone. Just give up on that completely.
  2. Don't bother. Trash individuals are going to be trash individuals.
  3. Just another way to fuck people in game. Gun Media and Illfonic fucked this game up.
  4. If Gun Media is going with Black Tower as the development team of their new project then they won't have to hire anyone else. But Black Tower hasn't been hiring anyone new either. And they would need to if they had a large new project they would have to build from the ground up. If Gun wants to put out something meaningful it has to at least be announced soon or they are going to be in deep financial trouble. Those dedicated servers aren't paying for themselves after all and I am sure three years later the money gained from Friday the 13th: The Game's success isn't a bottomless well of cash. There is a lot that can inprove in the next game if there is one. Better coding. A clear report function. A separate quo for the killer. Quality playtesting has much improved. The last patch didn't resurrect the Packanack Roof glitch. I would love to see a change in Gun Media's attitude in regards to exploiting players who play the game to harrass other players with glitches. That is the main thing that turns off new players. Watching people glitch their way to victory is flustrating. Especially when you contact people to see if they can be reported only to end up being informed that it's not a bannable offense. I don't know. At the end of the day we will just have to see if Gun Media and Black Tower will grow and put something good out there. Time will tell. But the fans of Friday the 13th: The Game could use some good news. At this point trying to fix all the broken code amounts to a game of wack a mole. It would be nice to have something to look forward to besides bug fixes on a three year old game. Wouldn't it?
  5. Cant do it. Would to have been implemented in the development phase.
  6. Hard to say. I run into a lot of people who exploit. Is that toxic? I think it is. Others would say they are better at the game then I am because they know and use all the glitches. Are kill squads toxic? Hard to say. I don't think so. Some would say they are. Are cheaters toxic? I would say yes. But it's hard to say if people are cheating unless it is blatant.
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