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  1. Fix this stuff it's a problem

    Yeah it's "the new low"
  2. Fix this stuff it's a problem

    I have had more then one game where some dick swam out into the lake and quit leaving the car key at the bottom of crystal lake. You can see it on the map
  3. What perks do you use?

    Hitting Jason is easiest when he's suprised. Hide around a corner and give Jason a smack when he comes around. Sometimes he's so preoccupied with someone else you can sneak up on him. For example I have beat the breaks off Jason more then a few times while he was chasing a full car. While he's busting down a door you can get him from outside fairly easy. If he Rages through a door he's open for a shot just as he comes through a door or wall.
  4. Horror, and what it means to you?

    I didn't want to give it away but yeah. I think it effected me because she did it to herself.
  5. What perks do you use?

    I would have to test it but I do have an epic one and Jenny's stealth is a six so it most likely helps at a good distance away but not close up. But to be honest you can just run Jenny with Marathon and Restful and be pretty effective with the third perk being a luxury. Most underated character in the game in my opinion.
  6. What perks do you use?

    Jenny: Marathon, Restful, Lightfoot. Since Jenny's composure is ten you don't lose your mini-map and stumble as much as the other characters. This also makes Restful more effective because you regenerate stamina faster the less afraid you are. Marathon helps with her average stamina pool and Lightfoot reduces the noise she makes. Jenny can fight Jason better then most of the girls because her weapons don't break as quick. She makes zero noise in hiding spots too.
  7. Currently any critical item held by a counselor killed or quitting in the water sinks to the bottom and can't be used. Councilors climbing through windows are pretty much invincible until the animation ends. The broken melee system needs work. Hit detection and range suck. Fix it and remove combat stance and assign melee attacks, block and dodge to buttons/keys. Combat stance is a middle man we can do without it barely gets used anyway. Make grab more effective but fair by keeping the range and widening the hit box. That way you just can't run by Jason and "force grabbing" dosen't come back. Jason taking extra damage while stunned needs to go. So does stun locking Jason for half a minute.
  8. Marathon and Restful perks are the best two perks on most low stamina characters. Jog instead of run and utilize hiding places because most of the stealth characters are high composure as well.
  9. The worst thing is the Jason helping.
  10. Too many pocket knives

    Thank you for responding. I love this game and I can also say honestly that it is one of two multiplayer games I love to play the other being Alien vs Predator. I like many others just want Jason to feel powerful and capable of dealing with seven to one odds. Right now he dosen't. We have seen the councilors get better at survival and now we need a melee buff and a grab tweek to Jason compensate. Grab range needs to be wider so you just can't run by Jason. The window invincibility bug needs to go real bad. Melee changes I mentioned earlier need implementation. Kind of embarrassing when all you need to do to avoid getting slashed is crouch. The phone fuse change is a good step in the right direction. The Jarvis House map needs it's phone box to spawn in at least one other place and needs a four seater car to spawn in every time you play it. We love this game and your communication with us is key. Six
  11. Too many pocket knives

    I agree the pocket knife amount isn't the issue. Jason just isn't powerful enough with the current melee system for it to be of use. Melee is broken. It needs improvement and the current grab needs tweeking.
  12. Too many pocket knives

    @GunMedia_Ben we as players don't want Jason or the Councilors to be overpowered. We want balance same as you. But right now as it stands Jason is a bit underpowered to deal with seven to one odds. The melee system is broken. Hit detection, range, counterattack out of block it's all quite ineffective. If you even hit the kids two or three times they just need to get one shot in for a stun as long as they have a health spray. Take out combat stance and assign melee attacks and block to buttons, improve range and hit detection and you would have a melee system worth using.
  13. Too many pocket knives

    Right. "Kill them Jason make them suffer like we did." - Pamela Voorhees She don't say how.
  14. Yup exploitng broken game mechanics. In my next Jason match everyone would get a free ride but him. And I would have let him know it too.