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  1. I don't know about stun cooldown but that grab animation needs work.
  2. I would like some information on what if anything they are going to fix
  3. It says unavailable. Ironic huh? Lol
  4. Alien_Number_Six


    I play as Jenny most of the time. I try my best to escape or last the night every match. I don't confront Jason directly unless I have no choice. If a group is out to kill Jason I try to help especially if I have grabbed the sweater that round.
  5. Alien_Number_Six

    I'm so sad..............

    I understand how you feel.
  6. Alien_Number_Six

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    A meeting of the minds would be best for all involved.
  7. Alien_Number_Six

    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    Then they are lying to us when they say they can do a balance change because that is all it is. We are talking about tweeking a skin here. A skin that exists in game. Not to mention that a simple change in the code is all that is required. You don't have to fully change part 3. Just like when they changed his music and color to give us the skin.
  8. Alien_Number_Six

    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    If you simply changed his stats that would be akin to a balance change.
  9. Alien_Number_Six

    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    They my not be able to do more then that. When did he say that?
  10. Im shocked and dismayed. Lol
  11. Alien_Number_Six

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    I guess we aren't getting any news today.
  12. Well if your into trolling people and think its funny why do you have a problem with this?