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  1. I watched a person with the tag Sir Mang on PS4 team up on a streamer the other day with Jason. "Sir Mang" was Jenny and driving around trying to hit the streamer while Jason hunted her inside the cabins. Jason was a guy with a tag that read "not really that good" or something similar. Tell us @SirMang why should we bother listening to anything you have to say if this was you? @Brogan322 has a decent point. He also knows the streamer in question as well. But hey who knows. Maybe someone else goes by the name Sir Mang on PS4. I personally dont think its likely. If you want to comment on teaming perhaps you shouldn't do it.
  2. Today for the second time I had a difficult time getting into a full lobby. It was a sad feeling. It was like watching an old friend on his death bed waiting for his inevitable end. There are many reasons for this that have already been discussed at length. I'm not here to talk about these things it's a waste of time. I am here to talk about what the game has ment to me. I am forty years old. The first Friday the 13th film I saw in theaters was part 6. The game has always brought up memories of nostalgia and it is a load of fun when it was firing on all cylinders. I drive 70 miles to work every night and for the last few years my radio has been set to 103.5 Bob FM Austin for these long trips. It's a 1980's music station where you can listen to all the old hits. Friday The 13th The Game had a lot to do with that with it's 80's retro style. The past becomes a powerful thing when you grow older. Nostalgia makes you remember people you used to know. The places you used to go and the person you used to be. I really have a lot of fun with Friday the 13th the game and I am sad to see it dying. I honestly don't know what I am going to replace it with. It sure won't be Dead by Daylight because it isn't any fun. I would like to thank @mattshotcha, @wes and the team at IllFonic. I don't know what is wrong with the game now because I can't even log into it. If you make another game like this I will play it. And I will be here until it is gone forever. But I will no longer be engaging with the forums. If you're interested in playing with me come by my Twitch channel Cat and Six Gaming and say hello. It has been my genuine pleasure. Six
  3. They dont ban anyone for exploits or teaming. You just have to put up with it.
  4. Because that is what they want. It's more fun to completely ignore them and they already look stupid.
  5. Hell I just ignore em and go snap some pictures of Jason looking badass for thumbnails. They chose not to play so I don't bother engaging with them. They are craving attention so I dont bother giving it to them. No point really.
  6. Like @HaHaTrumpWon said if you love to play it then it's always worth playing.
  7. This would be something actual lawyers would have to look at and I don't think Gun wants to take the chance.
  8. More Jason's can't be added. What if is a waste of effort.
  9. Thanks for all the responses. And yes @Slasher_Clone a completely new game from the ground up is what I am suggesting. A summer camp map should be added as a wink and a nod but variety, customization and fixes to things that didn't really work on the gameplay side of things from the last game should take center stage. At this point waiting for Sean and Victor to settle this is a huge waste of time. Why wait for these guys when they have made it perfectly clear one of them is going to have to pass away before they stop feuding. GunMedia has one loyal player and streamer base. If you build it we will come @wes and we will bring our money with us! Thanks for your reply to my thread @mattshotcha I don't question it's sincerity. I know you can only say so much. I can't speak for everyone out there but I personally would take the chance with Gun if they decided to create such an IP and I am not alone.
  10. Not a remodel. And entirely different game with the same base gameplay. If they could strip everything out of Friday that made it Friday and tried to roll with it they would still get sued.
  11. The best Jason players don't get rattled. They proceed to slowly wear you down until your dead and have lots of patience. Especially when your up against five or six Vanessas it's important to take your time and plan strategy. Getting pissed over taunting and such will take you out of the game.
  12. The game is done. Wes has said it too many times to not believe it. The best we can hope for is a spiritual sequel. The Friday the 13th franchise is dead until Victor and Sean put aside their differences. The situation could go on until one of them is dead at this point. It's time for a fresh perspective.
  13. For all the Friday the 13th licence has done for the game it's brought it down just as much maybe even more. I can't speak for the entire player base but I will say that many of us want more content. We are not going to get it so it's time to dust off the original idea and put it into motion. I prefer Friday the 13th to Dead by Daylight for one simple reason. If Jason Voorhees catches you it's all over but the screaming unless you have a pocket knife. I have always appreciated this approach. Your not a killer in Dead by Daylight your a hooker. It's time to get creative and start putting "Summer Camp" into motion. As a player I want more! Ditch the licence and start working towards an original intellectual property. Keep the same style of gameplay. Include the multiple ways to win. Keep the if caught your dead killer gameplay. And stock it with original characters, maps and killers! If anyone can get this job done it's you guys at Gun Media. @wes @mattshotcha you have your fingers on the pulse of 1980's horror cinema. You can make the camp great again you simply have to reinvent it. Sincerely Six
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