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  1. Are the really a low level? Or are they a 150 using a new account? I have a smurf and many players do. I have had players attempt to gang up on my smurf only to get smurfed in the smurf. In this case go after em.
  2. The story of my Jason play would be Friday the 13th: Relentless. Because I don't give up as Jason. If you hit me I keep coming. If you juke me I keep coming. If you loop me I keep coming. If you knock my mask off I keep coming. If you kill me I will be back in the sequel.
  3. It was a thing before. Pretty sure it will be a thing again if they go peer to peer again.
  4. I like to try to win regardless. If I do the teaming bitches leave more often then not.
  5. Friday the 13th. Dance of death. For my love of emoting and dancing with my buds.
  6. So if we are going peer to peer soon are we going to see the salt mines implemented once more?
  7. So @mattshotchahave the hackers won? We ever going to get to enjoy Quick Play on dedicated servers ever again? Because if we have to go back to peer to peer that is going to be a nightmare just like it was last time.
  8. Gun Media dosen't ban anyone for teaming. Just hacking. Don't waste your time.
  9. I liked it better when the boat made zero start up noise. Back then it was high risk but high reward. Now its just high risk. Any Jason worth his mask is going to catch your ass.
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