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  1. I think the OP may be a bit homosexual. It's ok to be a gay man. I urge you to embrace your sexuality. You will feel better in the long run. Lying to yourself will only make it worse.
  2. I don't need Savini. But I wouldn't mind the Retro Jason skin's values being changed to Savini Jason's. Is that a thing that could be done @mattshotcha?
  3. Good to know. The player base is going to keep this game alive for as long as it can. I can see those who love this game dancing with Jason to "Summer of Heat" across the world as the servers are finally shut down. Until that happens I am very happy as both a customer and a player that Gun Media and Black Tower are still spending time and resources to get the game into a state both the players and developers can be proud of. Eliminating these annoying exploits would go a long way to achieving this @mattshotcha. I feel the last patch was a complete win so far. It fixed many things and didn't introduce more issues. The private match options were a great way to enhance player agency and that is a very good thing. Thank you for the support.
  4. Because if you are tired of this or any other exploits and you know how these exploits are achieved submit your findings to Jason Kills Bugs. Loudly complaining about exploits here on the fourms does nothing to help Gun Media and Black Tower solve the issues. They need to see how the glitches are performed and recreated. Posting stuff like "I saw player x doing y" dosen't help unless you know how that player exploited the bug. If your tired of seeing such things please find out how these things are done and reporting the findings to Gun.
  5. Exploits can be patched out. Hackers are always out there. Glitching and hacking aren't the same thing. Hacking involves adjusting the code's variables to achieve a desired outcome. For example console players never ran into Uber Jason because it was a code adjustment. Glitching involves experimenting with the game and exploiting bugs in the code. For example the Packanack roof glitch was achieved by exploiting a bug in the code that allowed a player to steal a trap prompt. No one modified the code to achieve this. A PC is required for real hacking. Therefore I don't want to play with PC players. The console players exploit enough. I don't desire to run into people who are manipulating the code.
  6. At this point the best we can hope for is that when the ruling comes down in June it ends the lawsuit for good. However Sean Cunningham could still appeal if he loses again. But if he does appeal Sean Cunningham would have to appeal to the supreme court. The supreme court was the court that ruled on the law that allowed Victor Miller to sue for his rights. Because of this the supreme court could choose not to view his appeal. If this happens Victor Miller will win completely and Sean Cunningham will be forced to negotiate with Victor for the future of the franchise. Now if the lawsuit ends. I am one hundred percent sure that once negotiations are over a new game will be greenlit. Friday the 13th: The Game is very popular and sold very well. The franchise has a cult following that is very loyal and is starving for new content. Will Gun Media be involved? That is unknown. But when this string of events is put into motion rest assured there will be several announcements involving who is publishing and developing the game. If you want a Jason A.I that will be the time to let your voice be heard. That being said it won't be implemented in this game. Too much work and red tape preventing it at this point.
  7. I dont want to play with PC players. The the game already has a problem with exploits. We don't need the hacking bullshit.
  8. It won't split the fan base. Part of the problem with Private Matches is getting eight friends at any given time to play. I do think it is great for those who can to have options. Tommy Jarvis ignoring Rage is a change I would love to see implemented in quick play. Give the "hero" a buff.
  9. The Alien A.I. in Alien: Isolation took five years to complete. The Mr. X A.I was less complicated and took three and a half. Now let's look at Friday the 13th's A.I. bots. They were thrown to together in less then six months and it shows. Their pathing is all jacked up resulting in them getting stuck in the environment. They barely make any logical decisions while being chased by Jason. The bots often hide right in front of Jason or jump through a window right in front of him. The recent patch to the Jarvis house bots was required because a bug interfered with their ability to realize the match had begun. The bots are not very good. Gun Media and Illfonic didn't have the time to give us solid A.I. and it shows. A Jason A.I. at this stage would be new content and that in itself is impossible at this stage. But for a Jason A.I. to really be good enough to to simply run around the map properly would take at least a year to a year and a half. Shifting into a grab. Stopping the car. Morphing to an objective that a councilor has fudged. All of this would take years to code. Black Tower the current developers have been doing a passable job patching the game. However adding Jason A.I. into the game at this late stage would be very problematic for them. In hindsight if A.I. Jason could have been a thing it would have had to have been implemented during the game's initial development. At this stage in the game you wouldn't receive that truly intimidating presence you get out of the Mr. X A.I. Instead you could expect the gruesome and intimidating Jason Voorhees to be endlessly walking against the walls of his own cabin. Dreaming of the days he was a feared presence.
  10. Thanks for the patch @mattshotcha great to see you all still care about this title.
  11. I watched a person with the tag Sir Mang on PS4 team up on a streamer the other day with Jason. "Sir Mang" was Jenny and driving around trying to hit the streamer while Jason hunted her inside the cabins. Jason was a guy with a tag that read "not really that good" or something similar. Tell us @SirMang why should we bother listening to anything you have to say if this was you? @Brogan322 has a decent point. He also knows the streamer in question as well. But hey who knows. Maybe someone else goes by the name Sir Mang on PS4. I personally dont think its likely. If you want to comment on teaming perhaps you shouldn't do it.
  12. Today for the second time I had a difficult time getting into a full lobby. It was a sad feeling. It was like watching an old friend on his death bed waiting for his inevitable end. There are many reasons for this that have already been discussed at length. I'm not here to talk about these things it's a waste of time. I am here to talk about what the game has ment to me. I am forty years old. The first Friday the 13th film I saw in theaters was part 6. The game has always brought up memories of nostalgia and it is a load of fun when it was firing on all cylinders. I drive 70 miles to work every night and for the last few years my radio has been set to 103.5 Bob FM Austin for these long trips. It's a 1980's music station where you can listen to all the old hits. Friday The 13th The Game had a lot to do with that with it's 80's retro style. The past becomes a powerful thing when you grow older. Nostalgia makes you remember people you used to know. The places you used to go and the person you used to be. I really have a lot of fun with Friday the 13th the game and I am sad to see it dying. I honestly don't know what I am going to replace it with. It sure won't be Dead by Daylight because it isn't any fun. I would like to thank @mattshotcha, @wes and the team at IllFonic. I don't know what is wrong with the game now because I can't even log into it. If you make another game like this I will play it. And I will be here until it is gone forever. But I will no longer be engaging with the forums. If you're interested in playing with me come by my Twitch channel Cat and Six Gaming and say hello. It has been my genuine pleasure. Six
  13. They dont ban anyone for exploits or teaming. You just have to put up with it.
  14. Because that is what they want. It's more fun to completely ignore them and they already look stupid.
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