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  1. Alien_Number_Six

    Started My No Fear Jenny Myers Build

    As a Jenny main I can say that this build gives you the fastest stamina recharge in the game. It also gives you 100% stamina if you stun Jason. Combine that with the fact that Jenny's stat sheet is wrong considering her stealth is actually 8.5 instead of 6 and what you get is a character with more stat points then anyone in the game by two and a half and completely impervious to fear. The only down sides is that her speed is very slow at 3 and 2 in repair takes a bit of practice to go undetected but a Chad or Vanessa main will already have skill in that regard. Is she the best character? No. But with the right perks you can turn her into a beast.
  2. Alien_Number_Six

    Being killer

    Im cool with the current system.
  3. Alien_Number_Six

    Salt mines need to go

    The new players are a bit spoiled lol.
  4. You try to tell people some stuff. This isnt Dead by Daylight this is Friday the 13th. If you want four possible chances to escape like in Dead by Daylight that isn't going to happen. When Jason gets you..........your dead if you don't have a pocket knife. The friday players like it that way.
  5. #1 Don't get grabbed. Use windows, LOCK DOORS, use the unbreakable furniture. Try to avoid broken windows if you can by running out of the broken door instead. If Jason is around stay close to the larger cabins and try not to let him see you. #2 Don't get knifed. Run in a zig zag pattern and learn how to juke throwing knives with the rear view button. #3 NEVER run in a straight line if you see static on your screen. Immediately take a left or a right and start zig zaging. Jason is shifting towards you looking for a grab or a slash. #4 If jason is slashing you can trade hits with him. Typically this will stun Jason and allow you to escape. If you have a health spray now is the time to use it. #5 Perks to look out for at ANY quality. Thick Skin = More health Hypochondriac = Start with a health spray Medic = One health spray will have two uses when picked up. Slugger = Start with a baseball bat. Marathon = More stamina Restful = Faster stamina regeneration. #6 This is NOT Dead by Daylight. Hiding crouched in a corner in the middle of the woods is NOT going to save you. Jason's Sense power will light you up like the Predator's bio mask. If you want to try to hide use the larger cabins. Don't use the hiding spots unless Jason is far away and your trying to stay off his Sense. Jason can hear you climb into a hiding spot and typically your counselor will cry out when he or she sees Jason. If you hold your breath they won't but Jason will hear you exhale when you run out of breath. Hiding in a hiding spot only keeps you off Jason's Sense power until he has Rage. Then he can Sense you across the map. Rage occurs automatically ten minutes into the match or even sooner if Jason has been beat up a lot early. #7 Stamina management is key. If Jason is far away and chasing you run and head for the nearest cabin. Cabins allow you to take a breather for a moment and refill your stamina. If Jason is close jog ahead out of grab and slash range running when you have to to keep out of that range until you get into a cabin. Don't be afraid to jump through open windows or even broken or closed ones if you have a health spray. In this game you don't get a bunch of second chances like in Dead by Daylight. You have to learn how to combat Jason when you have to and kite him around with superior stamina management.
  6. Alien_Number_Six

    Rainbow Blood

    I love rainbow blood!
  7. Thank you for the clarity.
  8. Thats good news. Because dispite being dissapointed at the lack of communication about the legal status of the game I am quite happy with it. I have a fondness of it one might have for a three legged one eyed shelter dog. You know there are some fundamental pieces missing but you love it all the same.
  9. Because Jason is still a bit too weak. And many bugs still exist.
  10. Alien_Number_Six


    Which post I am confused. I only made one post on this thread.
  11. 80 percent run. 20 percent fight. I attempt to avoid Jason if I can and fight when I have to. Typically fighting a solid Jason player is a battle of attrition.
  12. Alien_Number_Six

    This game is painfully awful

    Who is this NOONE. If he has played the game as much as you is he any good? Why does he spell his name in all caps? Is he aware that noon isn't spelled with an e?
  13. Alien_Number_Six

    This game is painfully awful

    Shows the op the door. Have fun with dead by daylights weak ass killers.
  14. Look the Reggie thread is back. This thing is as undead as Jason himself!