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  1. Alien_Number_Six

    The sequel!

    This game sold well dispite being developed on a shoestring budget. When the lawsuit ends we could see a sequel. But who knows when that will happen.
  2. Alien_Number_Six

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    If you looking for porn your in the wrong place. That being said the nudity we have is enough.
  3. Alien_Number_Six

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    This guy wants full on nudity not soft core bullshit that's in the single-player challenges.
  4. Killing Jason is too easy. Remove it from the game completely.
  5. Alien_Number_Six

    My Problem with Part V "Jason"

    I dont care. No seriously it's not that big of an issue. Not to mention I feel that they were going to do a whole different game mode around part 5 but Paranoia fell through so they added the Pinehurst map and Roy in a way they could and called it a day.
  6. Alien_Number_Six

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    Kids play this so I'm going to go with bad idea.
  7. Alien_Number_Six

    Jason weapon swapping

    I AM the Fire Axe.
  8. Alien_Number_Six

    Murder or strangle?

  9. Alien_Number_Six

    Who is your main counselor?

    Jenny for solid attack power and stamina regeneration.
  10. Jenny Myers: Epic Thick Skin, Epic Swift Attacker and Epic Nerves of Steel. This build is high in stamina regeneration and attack power due to Jenny's naturally high luck and composure and perks that increase attack speed, overall health and fear resistance. A great build if your looking to fight Jason.
  11. Alien_Number_Six


    So let me get this straight. You are playing Friday The 13th The Game starring Jason Voorhees the legendary antagonist of the classic slasher films of the 1980's. And yet you expect Jason not to slash? It's unfair to slash in a game based on slasher films............. Get Gud scrub.
  12. A few hundred hours. And that is a lot for me.
  13. Alien_Number_Six

    Jason is weak

    Make it so you cant kill Jason. Problem solved.
  14. Alien_Number_Six

    Jason is weak

    Im sorry I can't respond. I'm not good enough to talk to pro Friday the 13th players. They shine brighter then the sun. Their skills are saught after around the world. We should all get on our knees and kiss DEVILS_REJECTS7's ass for even posting here. We are all but humble plebs in the presence of his greatness. Please impart your wisdom opon us. Inform us that Jason is weak. Give us the knowledge that Vanessa is the META character. We already know that shit already but I have to hear it from THE PRO. Give us your your knowledge. Tell us that Jenny has two more stat points then everyone else and Roy's negative Stun Resistance is actually positive. Because we on the fourms don't know anything. Just in case you miss all the sarcasm like you did last time I am being kind of sarcastic. Devils_Rejects7's post is correct. Jason is weak. He is killed too easily. At this point there really isn't too much anyone can do about it. And it's a horse so dead your just smashing bones now. Everyone who is still posting on these fourms has a lot of time on the game. Enough to call themselves Pros easily. So I have to poke fun at anyone who claims to be a professional Friday the 13th player. I can't help myself. Congrats your a Pro at a game so casual it makes mobile garbage look hardcore.
  15. Alien_Number_Six

    Jason is weak

    Holy shit we have a pro player over here! I guess his opinion is supposed to mean something.