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  1. Shit man I have done it with AJ. Jenny was my go to survive the night before the Rage update. That weapon strength was good to have.
  2. Are you using the left perk slot? Because in some matches the other two are buggy.
  3. Sometimes I quit after I'm killed. Especially if I am not coming back as Tommy. I do it because I don't need experience points and I work 50 hours a week and I want to play the game with the time I have. But the Jason player gets his points. But I don't think that punishment should be implemented for leaving a match.
  4. Not to mention the people who were turning Brandon into the killer of the game.
  5. I actually like it when they bring the taunts as Jason. Makes catching them very satisfying. Glitching outside the map is lame. If a player wants to fight me and he gets a few good shots in that's ok. Deciding not to play the game is lame. It makes you look like a loser. I just leave when I see this stuff after I kill everyone else. They didn't want to play anyway.
  6. The spear is longer then other weapons but has a slower wind up. The Fire Axe seems at least to me to have a wider arc than the other Axes. The machete attacks the quickest and makes short work of doors but doesn't have the best reach. Weapon swapping is great. Especially if you're playing a Jason that has a weapon that isn't very ideal like Part 5. Some weapons receive more love then others. I recommend experimenting with the bots once you unlocked weapon swapping to see what your favorite is with your best Jason.
  7. I just ignore that player. I kill everyone else who is playing ligit. Then I leave. I literally don't have the time to kill an exploiting asshole. I work 50 to 60 hours a week. That person didn't want to play Friday the 13th anyway. They were just looking for someone to piss off.
  8. As a player who plays a Jason his grab is more balanced now. It requires skill to aim properly and you get a baseball bat in the old hockey mask if you're careless with it. The launch "Darth Vader" grab was over powered dispite being fun to use. The stubby nerfed version of the original grab was terrible especially when they gave enough firepower to the counselors to make the U.S. Marines jealous. Those were dark days for Jason. Getting stun locked repeatedly by shotguns and flare guns while everyone danced around. It was pretty bad and slashing was your best offensive option. Then the Pinehurst update came and the grab's range was extended a bit and Jason gained a slight speed increase. That version of grab wasn't bad. But it had a pretty short animation. It wasn't a problem when you had enough weapons hold back a squad size element. But with the weapon nerf it could be annoying to try to land a positive hit on Jason especially if the Jason player knew what he was doing. The final form of grab is acceptable to me for two reasons. When Jason could just spam grab and score 8/8 as much as I had fun with it I felt it took no real skill. Since the post-engine grab was implemented it feels more satisfying to land a well timed grab. I missed several grabs on a solid Chad player today. He womped me good a few times. He even threw up a victory pose. I laughed and kept hunting. I eventually caught Chad and his Vanessa partner. They died screaming in my grasp. At the end of the day grab is perfectly balanced. You could bring back shielding and I would be ok with it. I think Tommy hitting Jason during Rage is a cool edition to Private that I wouldn't mind carrying over to Quick but that is a whole different balance issue entirely. Overall since the Rage update I think things are pretty well balanced. Especially if Jason isn't receiving any outside help.
  9. This game is too broken for competitive play. I don't see the point of it really. Its not like there are sponsors or anything. Seems like a waste of time.
  10. Slash em. Jason Voorhees is the king of slasher films. Put the "slash" in slasher. Those people are bitching because they didn't get to use their pocket knife.
  11. I love to dance! Burn! Baby! Burn! Disco inferno! Burn! Baby! Burn!
  12. Part 6 because his weapon is similar and he has + shift.
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