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  1. Wow both your guy's list is awesome. Sadly I have not been able to go to anything like this yet but its on my bucket list!!!
  2. Yes Indeed I really dug Stay Alive...I thought it was ahead of it's time really with good FX work and the characters actually had a pulse. Also have the Dvd but would like to pick up the Blu-ray as well!!
  3. Yeah The Village was a real stinker and most of his recent work...I thought Devil was really good and The Visit was maybe a half a step forward.
  4. Plot twist I thought was a good one... at least it was different...I guess I didn't see it coming as easy as you did IH8YH. Yeah the Village and his recent work has left a lot to be desired but I did enjoy Devil and of course The Visit
  5. Hello all...just watched The Visit from M Night Shyamalan last night and I thought it was good not great. I think the story is well done and different and it looks great but didn't have enough scares and creepy moments for me. What did you all think of the film??
  6. Thank you all for the welcome's....This game is going to be epic!!!
  7. Nothing wrong with that...I'm ready to hunt and kill....Welcome!!!
  8. Hello there....welcome to the forums....let the hunting and killing begin!!!
  9. Hello there...welcome to the forums...this is going to be epic!!!
  10. Here is my mask that I bought from Neca. It's a cast took directly from the mask used by Kane Hodder!! Also has a certificate of authenticity with Kane's autograph. This run from Neca was limited to 1,000. Pretty cool!!!
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