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  1. So, I was playing a private match with people from a psn community. all 18+ age and with mics. Played a few games then rolled Jason. I grab knives, port to phone. Sounds like someone is inside. I'm like whatever...I go find the box, lay a trap. Move to nearest door and start pounding on it. Sackhead jason so it takes 4-5 swings. As soon as I bust the door down there's a (Todd? leather jacket guy) next doorway in...I take a few steps while he complains about being Spawn-killed. Grab him. And slam his head in the door several times. I feel no pity. He had plenty of time to flee and I didn't have shift. Dude proceeds to complain in deadchat about me spawnkilling. Comes back as Jarvis. Complains there...gets everyone to leave as they die. (And they all died.) Except one guy who exploits a new glitch I've never seen and gets himself morphed into the barn above the hiding spot to the right of the doorway. Who proceeds to lecture me about how no one wants to spectate for 20 mins. I get this. This is why I don't super-pursue anyone at the beginning. I sorta do my own setup. But. I showed up...my music is clearly going. I trap...which is loud. I start knocking on the door. Which is loud and time consuming. I give plenty of time to pop out a window and run away. I can't catch you, I don't have shift. I feel no pity if you stay in that house. Not gonna let you sit there and find the fuse while you expect me to leave you alone and go bother other people. But he says, rule of thumb, don't kill anyone within the first 1-2 mins of game to keep people happy. I, and my friends say, if you spawn near the phone or car at the begging...get away or be prepared to dodge jason if he shows. 90% of jasons check those spots early to disrupt progress...as they should. Plus it's very easy to avoid jason pre-shift. I'd love to hear your opinions. What do you think?
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