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  1. Eh but be careful because combat stance is broken currently. Was Tommy yesterday and knocked Jason down with the Axe > interaction locked so I couldn't start the kill.
  2. Combat Stance is completely broken for Counselors in this patch. ? You constantly get interaction locked. Happened to me three times in a row yesterday. You have to avoid using it or you pretty much kill yourself.
  3. It is a joke.... Killing bots now is just tedious and stupid. Every time I grab one I just alt tab because of the mandatory pocket knife. This is NOTHING like the normal MP. Nobody wants to play like this. Obviously.
  5. You can also very often just destroy the other door(s) by getting there before the counselor can with shift/morph. Or break a window and throw knives at the counselor that is standing at the door. You can walk into the door and go back quickly to bait attacks. Multiple options with combat stance too: Long range hits, feinting hits, chaining hits into blocks, attacks from the side or when the door is visibly cracked you can do fake reverse spin hits (but those are mostly for styling points).
  6. Interesting seeing as the problem is omnipresent on PC too. About the patch: Negative: "This allowed counselors to time their swings and safely interrupt/damage Jason during his process of breaking down the door. Because of the way that combat works, there was little counterplay to these occurrences." Blatantly wrong. The changes make logically sense. Base the reasoning on that, not on a lie. Infraction system is a bad idea JUST because the game doesn't have a great Report system. Trolls, Teamers and Cheaters can do whatever the fuck they want. If you try to avoid them you get punished for it. Additionally the game had dozens of game breaking bugs that led to frustrations or situations where leaving was the only option. I hope those are gone because I can't see them in the patch notes. Positive: Everything else
  7. It will completely F'CK the game. People just don't understand how bad this is and how it will influence the game. Let's remember the last time they gutted grab last year. From there it was nonstop Jason bullying. 24/7 dance spamming because you knew Jasons broken grab would never hit you. There was zero challenge to play as a counselor. The game became a boring joke. It was nothing like Friday anymore. Yes at first the majority of players will be cool with it. 7 players are counselors so they won't mind surviving almost every match at first. Then maybe after they have to play Pinata themselves or have made Jason leave the game for the 4th time in a row will they realize that the game is broken. Statistically half the players left the game (on PC) after that patch. (Of course there are other big problems that added to that like the newly introduced car rubberbanding) If they don't add something else that will balance out this massive nerf it will probably cripple the game again. Maybe this is what they want so players can use all the 30 new emotes while Jason is on the ground. The current state is great. Jason is currently punishable if he makes a bad grab by good counselors. Good Jasons can feint grabs and punish bad counselors. It is A SKILL match-up and fun for both sides.
  8. I just had a game on PC where Jason used Shift non stop. He did 4 in a row...
  9. Premade groups getting Jason and helping him. The other problems can be expected. I know the car is glitchy. I know Jason is weak against groups. I know the Perk system is a joke. There is no way to know if counselors are helping Jason or not until it is often too late.
  10. No. You see that is the thing with RNG. I am at 130 with 0 CP saved up and I have exactly one Epic usable Perk in Marathon. No Swift Attacker, No Map, No lightfoot, No Medic and No My Dad Is Crap etc. None of the good ones. I don't even have an orange Thick Skin. It NEVER FUCKING ROLLED. Pure RNG is a terrible system. The upgrade one would really be a billion times better and fairer. Adding even more RNG to it is just bad. Like appallingly bad. I really don't care about the stats if I never ever gonna get the Perk anyway.
  11. Unfortunately Throwing Knives are still BROKEN. There used to be a time when they were great. You aimed > threw and it actually counted. A couple of patches something got fucked up. Every 4th or 5th Knife evaporates in thin air. Fuck even on stationary target it just """Misses""" (just like the "fixed" grab that now has like 10 times as many hitbox bugs than it had before on PC). Not a lag issue. Nothing in between Jason or target that could block the hit. The other massive change to the knives was the aiming that happened back then. You used to be able to target a counselor before you with just the center/camera while walking and then instantly throw the knife without having to aim for any time. An instant knife that was unavoidable. Only a small fraction of skilled players knew about this. The mechanic was gutted harder than even his traps. Now if you try it more than half the time the cross hair will be off target. The other times when it is correctly at where you actually aimed the hitbox is extremely bad. Id say more than half the knives thrown this way don't register in the game at all. I actually understand why they would get rid of that mechanic. Counselors couldn't juke those knives. Then again almost nobody used it. It was a neat thing that separated skilled from normal players. A crippling blow though for great Jasons against great counselors that can reliable dodge normally thrown long distance knives. The patch didn't fix either of these. Throwing Knifes hit detection is still AWFUL. (No wonder many people asked for not having to play as Jason in this Friday the fucking 13th game, seeing the state of traps, grab and knives.)
  12. Game is broken. I've seen dozens of point blank grabs not register as a hit both from counselor and Jasons POV. Objective control for the Killer is pretty much impossible. Most matches at least 2 of 3 objectives and Jarvis gets completed. He was already easily ridiculed by good players that were coordinated. That happened rarely but it was possible. Now you have that every 2nd match where Jason gets completely humiliated by randoms and more than half escape. I mean using my bought emotes to dance half the match around a Jason is fun but not what I expect from a Friday game. Gonna wait for them to fix this mess.
  13. I can assure you that I played the best possible Jason and got 2/8 kills. Double trap telephone/car, break doors in advance, hit shift grabs/throwing knives etc. They did not have luck with a really good quick item spawn. They won based on the game mechanics that offered no counter. The problem is that with time most good people will get these perks that are absurdly strong. They will know the telephone spawn and the shotgun spawn. Rage mode giving a chance to ignore pocket knifes, be more resistant to dmg/stun or giving more hit damage would certainly be useful. Maybe a short sprint ? It would make him closer to the movies. Currently you are too reliant on the shift grab to hit. On the PC at least its not easy to hit against people that zig-zag.
  14. Nerfing Jason isn't a good idea considering currently he is weak in the late game. With late game I mean against counselors who have leveld up a bit and know about the game. Jason does not get better stats no matter how long you play. Its really difficult to kill someone with Dmg Resistance, Health Spray and Pocket Knives who uses environment (tables, stairs, windowlooping) to his advantage. If there is just 3 of them and they also know about the shotgun & telephone spawns then its gg no re. People can easily disarm even double traps with their knives or just take the dmg and heal it. Slashing at them does almost nothing. Grabbing is only possible with Shift even then you have to pretty much always hit it twice. If you nerf Jason instead of getting a lot fewer kills you will get practically none in those scenarios. I don't have a problem with good counselors being REALLY strong. Its a good reward for the players who put in time. Problematic is just that Jason can't fight that properly, yet. He gets reduced to a doormat. Changing grab is still an interesting idea. Make it feel fairer to play against for beginners. (Maybe composure button mashing actually works) A Jason reward system that lets him scale would be good. Make his grab weaker than it currently is when not modified (so Jason's can't faceroll normal players like good high level counselors can facereoll Jason). Give him a way though to increase his power.
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