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  1. Thanks @JPops, I was under the impression he was referring to actual logs that the game generates. I will send the required info through, thanks
  2. Thank you very much for the response Ben - I will send you my Steam ID URL this evening, can you confirm which logs you need, and where I can find them? Thanks @GunMedia_Ben - Please confirm where I can locate the logs that you require?
  3. I have always been on Steam Platform, and never had this much trouble finding a lobby After the last two major gameplay updates, has anything changed for players from different regions? I am from South Africa, and I have been able to play roughly 2 games out of about 50 quick searches, spanning over a few days Typically, my evening goes like this. Enter game - Quick Match --> Get thrown into my own lobby, one odd player joins, then leaves I repeat the Quick Match search roughly 7-8 times, with the same result I quit the game, re-enter, and try 4-5 more times, same results I quit the game, and go play Dead by Daylight Next evening, I give it another shot, same story, 7-10 attempts, keep ending up in my own lobby, and I sometimes leave it open for up to five minutes, and only one or two odd people join, then quit. I have been playing since launch, and recall having this issue a few times, maybe for a day or two at most, and things would typically revert back to normal after 1-2 days max, and I am able to find lobbies without any problems, but after the last two major content updates, it's been completely broken for me for about 2-3 weeks
  4. I am running a GTX 1080, and a Core i7 6700K, run the game on Ultrawide resolution, and my I have stable frame rate until around my second or third game, then it gets very stuttery, but I am assuming that this is due to the memory leak issue more than anything else.
  5. I absolutely loved the game, and if i have to compare the two, I prefer DbD for several reasons, but F13 has it's Pro's as well The major turning point for me with Dead by Daylight came in the form of progress getting wiped, and finding out that their dev team doesn't keep digital save data, and the only place your saved data is located is on your local machine They rolled out a patch on Steam in December that made it possible for the game to "accidentally" boot up, and not correctly pull your saved data, and I'm sure some of you have seen this in F13 as well, where you show up as level 1, but after restarting the game, your level is fine again, only in Dead by Daylight, when this happens, and baring in mind that the only copy of your saved game is on your local machine, it ends up overriding your progress, and your endless hours of gameplay gets wiped, and you are reset to level 1 I had Prestiged two of my killers, and had 3 others at max level, and logged about 90 hours of gameplay, which included a triple bloodpoint weekend, that I milked, so more like 120+ hours of blood points that got "accidentally" overwritten, reverting me to level 1 Their support forum had several steps to follow, requiring me to send an e-mail with proof of my progress on steam, steam ID, and in game ID to them with screen shots - It has been 23 days, and after multiple resends of the same mail, they have yet to respond to me. If you google Dead by Daylight progress lost, you will find overwhelming amounts of posts about a very large amount of players that have had their progress wiped, and this hasn't been fixed since it started in December. One thing I can say about F13, is that this isn't even possible, since they have your saved data backed up digitally, which every multiplayer game should do by default, given the digital age we are in I haven't touched DbD in 23 days and counting, since I am just quite honestly disgusted that what happened to me, is actually possible in this day and age, and that almost a month later, nothing has been done about it, and I cannot bring myself to starting from level 1 again on all my killers if I think about the amount of grinding that I did to get them prestiged in the first place.
  6. I've been saying that they should implement a leaver penalty that is time based for ages now, but my previous posts around the subject were usually met with overwhelming negativity, mostly by players that enjoy quitting because they hate spectating My suggestion initially was a 30 second timer after you click "leave game" or "Quit" which would stop people leaving mid kill animation, and also stop having an inactive Tommy Jarvis, because 30 seconds is long enough for Jason to kill you, get his kill, or for someone to die, and respawn as Tommy if he's already been called. Force closing the game would also count as an abandon, and would warn the player after the 1st force close, and after the 3rd time it would start a stacking lobby search penalty, which like you have mentioned above, would start at 5 minutes, then 15, then 1 hour, which will discourage players force closing the game, but by also implementing a 30 second exit timer after clicking quit, or leave game, it would allow people who don't want to spectate the option to leave once they die, without taking away a Jason kill, or preventing an active Tommy spawn
  7. This comment made me laugh so much - Imagine being chased by a deformed serial hermit crab slasher, and the ghost of a Confederate general from the 1800's
  8. My last 3 Jason games after the patch went as follows Game 1 - Killed 7/7 - No Tommy called, but got stunned by the lowest strength counselors in the game, with odd weapons like the Machete, or the Fire poker for anywhere between 8-12 seconds, but the team was very scattered, on their own mission, and not interested in working as a team Game 2 - Opened a door, found two counselors inside, proceeded to try and hack them, only to discover that my left click, and all my abilities have been disabled - Still have no comments as to what actually causes this bug to occur. Game 3 - Got ganged by a group of 5 after killing the first 2, they were able to stun me with every single shot, at will, and got my mask off in between stun locks, making it almost impossible to execute any kills, and even hack and slash took waaaaaay longer to kill counselors than it did previously. I recall having to hit the AJ 3 times with my pick Axe before she entered limping state, then a further 5 times before she eventually died. She did have thick skinned though, at 17%, but 8 hits to kill a counselor without med spray with a pick Axe cannot be correct. I ended up killing 5/8 Conclusion - It's definitely easier for counselors this patch, since a few things have indeed been nerfed for Jason, whether intentional or not. It is definitely still possible to kill 8/8 if you use your abilities correctly, but it's definitely easier for experienced counselors to keep you almost infinitely stunned while completing objectives, which can lead to some incredibly frustrating matches.
  9. So I know that this was mentioned in a few other topics, but has anyone figured out what exactly causes Jason to "break"? Basically, you spawn as Jason, all fine and well, then all of a sudden your left click gets disabled, rendering your normal attack unusable, and all of your abilities cannot be used either, meaning that you are left with nothing apart from right click, but you cannot execute kills since all of your button presses, and left click gets disabled I would like the info diggers to comment if they have discovered how this glitch occurs, and if there are any known triggers that one can potentially avoid? Nothing frustrates me more than waiting 10+ games to play Jason, then having all my killing methods disabled, in which case I might as well quit the game, since there is nothing left for me to do than walk up to counselors, grab them, and watch them wiggle free.
  10. Your job is to murder, not to accommodate their fun. Do what you need to do to kill counselors, don't let their sour grapes make you think that you are doing something wrong. This is a classic Counselor/Survivor mentality where they feel that you should play the game while taking their feelings into consideration, but you are Jason Voorhees, you have no feelings, only murderous intent.
  11. Been a metalhead for 18 years Just to name a few of my favorites In Flames, Soilwork, CoB, Hypocrisy, Trivium, Lamb of God, Coal Chamber, Devil Driver, Dark Tranquility, 36 Crazyfists, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Chevelle, Metallica, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Avatar, Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Metallica, Death Stars Those are off the top of my head, then some more Gothic style bands, such as Emilie Autumn, Scream Silence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Blutengel, Kamelot Music is love, Music is life I have been addicted to the new DT album - Atoma for the last couple of months
  12. Disturbed fan you say. Feast your eyes on my collection :>
  13. Actually quoting myself here, but it seems like someone listened, and I got my wish :> @ Ihatespectate... - Time to pay for your instant-quits son Happy days.
  14. No... just no... Go play Sims if you want intimate interaction lol, and since most people that play female characters are dudes, this would just be weird. Lets stick to getting killed or escaping.
  15. Hard to get bloody when counselors leave the game mid kill Instead, they could make a Jason that grows more emo when each person prematurely quits the game, and listens to The Cure by his lonesome
  16. It's worth the price tag regardless, and if you enjoy the killer aspect, it delivers on all fronts. I have been maining Michael Myers since I got the game, played The Trapper, Nurse, Wraith, and the Hillbilly, it's a blast
  17. Yet again, another alpha level bug that shouldn't even be present in a "final" release
  18. I am one of those Dead by Daylight players, and haven't touched Friday the 13th in a week, simply because I get more enjoyment from DbD currently with little to no bugs, no VOIP toxicity, no exploiting or team killing, since it's not possible.
  19. Yeah, I haven't touched it in nearly a week, been playing DbD since Friday, and cannot get enough of it. The game, if left unfixed for another month or so, will suffer from a severely large drop off in activity, just like the forums, which has been dying down for weeks now. Zero Dev communication will be the death of the game.
  20. I absolutely agree with the exit timer, and I created quite a detailed thread about this issue that seemed to get absolutely zero interest unfortunately, although the ideas would provide great qualify of life changes to the game in my opinion
  21. So this genre has quickly become incredibly popular, and I absolutely love the concept I have found myself somewhat addicted to the Asymmetrical Horror genre lately, and it's all I want to play This is by no means a rant thread, so please don't flame because of personal option, this is just me giving an honest take on the current state of the genre So far we have Dead by Daylight (Quite polished, but it's been out for little over a year) Friday the 13th (In Beta stage) Last Year (Still in development, and unplayable as far as I know) Friday the 13th is a brilliant concept, and this is the game that made me aware that the genre even exists, and with a ton of effort put into the detail to resemble the movies with impeccable detail, and can be amazing if it was out of beta stage on release, but it is becoming very stale to me with the lack of content, beta level bugs that still remain more than two months after the release of their unfinished product, and the ever growing teenage toxicity Dead By Daylight has completely taken all of my attention, although the objectives are much more simplistic, and more limited in how you can "Win", the fact that the game doesn't meet me with an insanely large amount of glitches, bugs, and toxic voip chatters fueled by racial hate, and just general hatred towards humanity makes DbD a wonderful experience in the absence of a "finished" Friday the 13th, features a ton of content, and a wide variety of upgrades that alter gameplay in fun ways. Granted that the games were released a year apart, and I didn't even know what DbD was until discovering F13, but since I crave Asymmetrical Horror, DbD is just delivering on more fronts at the moment, and F13 is simply not, since it's attraction to the franchise can only last so long until the bugs, glitches, exploiters, lack of content, and toxicity becomes too much to bear. Last Year - This game shows massive promise so far, and can only hope that they make an alpha or beta playable on steam sometime in the near future, as it looks great, but can't argue with how much some of these counselors look like F13 characters, and I know there was some dispute with a hockey masked killer, and Crystal Lake infringement if memory serves me correct, as well. These are currently the three titles that I think warrant our attention to the genre, and even though Last Year isn't out yet, it looks to be quite promising. Lets hope that they can learn from Friday the 13th's launch, and give us a more finished product when it's time to pay.
  22. I like this I am from South Africa - I live in a very central town called Centurion Contrary to popular belief, I do not ride a Zebra to work... I use the Lion for that. The Zebra is for weekends Would love to share a photo of my view, but this lovely uploader refuses to let me upload photos from my PC
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