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  1. I like part 2 Jason the best. His extra traps are good to trap the fuse box and each car. If i'm feeling sweaty I'll trap a generator or window of a small house. Also, with his quick morph regen i can get around the map faster. His shift may be slow but when it comes to catching cars I morph ahead of their path and wait or shift to it. Part 2 Jason is as oppressive as it gets objective wise.
  2. like someone said earlier these smaller maps are separating the above average Jasons with the elite. taking more time to break a window isn't game breaking. im still killing 8/8 people without trudging around the map. its constant action now as jason
  3. this a classic case of git gud. any Jason with a brain should trap the fuse house when the game starts. if he doesn't trap the house and allows the councilors to find a trap, find the fuse house and trap it themselves then chances are those cops were as good as called
  4. seriously. theyre only more common because only like 5 knives spawn on the map which isn't much. and i don't think med sprays need nerfing considering they don't heal you 100% and have no effect on Jason. plus too many of the houses on each map are empty as it is don't make it worse. you cant keep taking from the councilors and not Jason
  5. this isn't going to work out very well. Jason on a large map was hard enough to get away from, now he's going to clean house. I'm willing to bet these smaller variants will still spawn the fuse house and 4 seater car at the same house. that was a big problem on the normal maps considering the amount of houses that were deemed worthless and a smart Jason patrolling that 1 house. it doesn't help that nothing ever spawns at campsites. the lack of randomization on key items and objectives is the main issue, not game length or map size. if they want to cut the map size then they have to do a better job at randomization or it wont be fun
  6. getting killed by another councilor, players being in party chat and not game chat, as well as learning that someone is working with Jason is the reality of online gaming, you cant knock this game for that. play with friends not randoms. if you don't have friends then make some. the last update made it so that I don't crash anymore which I like. the only thing I can ask for now is more Jasons, maps and executions
  7. in my opinion Vanessa is the best character to use considering her speed and stamina, something most characters lack. give her a tinkerer perk to help with the repair minigames or you can just restart the minigame until you get an easy roll. being able to escape Jason is the most valuable thing in this game and she can do it with ease compared to the other characters. people love to talk about her lack of stealth and how noisy she is as if you can go an entire match without encountering Jason. stealth might be worthwhile if JAson was a CPU, not a player who knows the objectives and where other characters tend to be on the map.
  8. always looking for something new to complain about. Jason has ample time to prevent escape via car considering the time it takes for the counselors to put it together, start it up and drive. he even gets the chime when it starts no matter where he is on the map. not to mention he can still stop the car from the back. if you cant stop the car then prevent the councilors from putting it together in the first place. if you cant do that either then that's a personal problem not a game breaking problem. gamebreaking is more like the fuse/keys not dropping when the person who has them dies.
  9. each councilor has stats that tailor to different preferences. i only play Vanessa jones simply because i can always escape and outsmart Jason, something that i think is more valuable than fixing a car super quickly. i don't value the stealth or composure stats at all because you will have a close encounter with Jason at some point in the game and you cant escape his grab, being able to outrun him is vital in my opinion.
  10. i agree with the suggestion of having dead bodies appear on the map. me and my buddies talk about this frequently because we have played games where 5mins in vital escape items such as the keys and police fuse are nowhere to be found. we assume that a random mustve had both and either died or quit/disconnected leaving the rest of the councilors to die. if bodies were marked the councilors would still have a chance. its not about making the game easier if things like this occur early enough in the game whereas no one will have any idea where the suspect was at the time or speak to them IF he had a mic, its about giving the councilors a chance. and yeah keys and a police fuse can spawn in the same house
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