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  1. i was Deb i ate said trap to put phone fuse in taking no damage prior and then crippled ive eating traps to put gas and battery in not had this issue before
  2. I dislike that 1 Jason bear Trap can put me into a crippled no run state that is just wrong i know he was getting a buff but holy fuck
  3. anyone else having issues here since lastest patch dropped i uninstalled reinstalled still don't work now what
  4. are these broken i've collected 4 tapes in the last 8 hours nice to see they exist XD
  5. im standing in combat stance ready to 1v1 if the potato would follow the rules and not grabbed to do an execution kill maybe the pocket knife wouldn't have triggered just saying
  6. Why is it when ur on ur last legs and u call the killer out to 1v1 they get scared. I offer them a fair deal 1v1 if i lose your getting the kill. If i win I get to complete my Objective, Ex.battery,fuse,gas, Prop. but then they get all hands up on you and you pocket knife them and the rage comes. With Childish name calling or they hack you down like your standard Walmart edition Jason All I want is to 1v1 Me why are you so scared ?
  7. i have video recording off a girls twitch of a girl openly admitting she was watching her bf's screen and live at the time sad this didnt count as evidence twitch doesn't have a good setup eaither to deal with cheaters
  8. I wish when i play killer more players would atleast to 1v1 me i can grab kill and run u down but sometimes i just want to tryout my 1v1 skills
  9. Real easy to abuse that system to be honest if u were in priv. matches but i agree its annoying as all hell
  10. so i have a brand new Ibuypower PC and i noticed when turning the game on if i want to swap my game sound from speakers back to headset, I get nothing if i swap it back then i still get no sound. And my headsets a hyper cloud x-2 anyone else having this issue ? I don't want restart my game just to have sound
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