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  1. I'd still make a pretty strong argument for Part 9 though, like damn. Maybe it takes 6 hits to break down a door but that's the only bad thing I can see about him lol
  2. You know Gun isn't changing their stance, regardless of how many times you post on this, right?
  3. I did not consider weapon length. Interesting. It does sound a bit like an edge, because you could easily throwing knife someone over furniture, but I'll have to pay more attention to that next time. The weapon range was never super obvious to me.
  4. Zoo, he might have been looking for a rise from you lol. He sounded pretty troll.
  5. Hey everyone, OP here... First of all thank you for all the replies, you've all collectively clarified a lot of my suspicions and concerns about Savini Jason. A quick recap of what we have decided to far: *Savini Jason grip strength doesn't matter much because he can just environmental kill if he doesn't get knifed. *Savini Jason destruction is more desirable than rage busting a door down to avoid being vulnerable during the animation for a stun. *Savini Jason appears to be stunned for longer periods of time than the average Jason (I've seen nothing official, but I can attest that this is true.) *Savini Jason weapon strength buff isn't working (I have seen nothing official on this either, but I don't personally notice any difference in my ability to weapon kill someone.) *Savini Jason stat exclusivity is undesirable. I can see where the issue may lie with this. *Savini Jason doesn't unbalance the game even if he is overpowered because of his rarity. I guess that logic works. *Savini Jason skills become available to him faster than other Jasons (This has not been officially confirmed and I'm the most suspicious of this, however a few people have said it.) *Savini Jason swim speed ability doesn't matter too much because you only enter water half of games and can just morph/stalk the boat exit. I can see value in that except for if your morph is on cooldown because you just used it to get to the boat. Great feedback once again, please be sure to let me know if any of these are false statements, but these are the key points I've taken from the response posts. Thanks, -Nubcakes-
  6. I do get that, but also its pretty obvious hearing loud bangs on the door to get away from it. I guess there are alot of angles to consider.
  7. destruction becomes obsolete after rage, also, idk. i just feel like its a little over-glorified lol If I could see something official on that, then I would stand corrected.
  8. You're expected to be constantly recording your gameplay to get someone banned. If you miss it, tough luck.
  9. Alright, listen -- More recently, I've been getting complaints when I play as Savini Jason that he is overpowered, too strong, and that no skill is required to kill 7-8 players in a match. Why is this the conclusion? Because of his different music and his cool appearance? So, to educate myself, I've made an effort to play every Jason, even the ones deemed "bad jasons", and I can see why some are preferable over others, but I don't find the Jasons THAT much lacking. But why is Savini framed as a god-tier Jason? Let's do a quick run down on Savini Jason: Strengths: 1. Increased Shift Regeneration Speed, 2. Weapon Deals More Damage, 3. Increased Speed While Breaking Down Doors and Walls Weaknesses: 1. Slower Movement Underwater, 2. Cannot Run, Slightly Lower Top-End Speed, 3. Decreased Grip Strength So, I analyzed the strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, the shift regen is pretty significant. Part 6 and Part 9 Jasons also have increased shift regen though, and Part 6 has a reduced cooldown on his sense ability and it lasts longer, which Savini lacks. I'm more inclined to think that Part 9 Jason is the OP one, with Stun Resistance and Increased Stalking as well. Part 8 Jason can break down doors and walls faster too, like Savini Jason, but has MASSIVELY increased water speed. I can tell you firsthand as Savini Jason that I cannot catch a boat that is already in motion if I can't morph near it. As for weapon dealing more damage, Part 3 Jason has that as well, AS WELL AS increased Grip Strength, something Savini is severely lacking. I agree that Savini Jason is definitely not a "terrible" Jason, but each of the Jasons are tailored to different gameplay styles. One person might be REALLY good at Part 2 Jason because they know how to trap well, and would prefer to run instead of relying on shift and possibly getting juked. Sorry for the sort-of-long post, but I guess I just want to know why exactly Savini is OP, rarity or anything aside, I just mean solely based on stats. I have found that when I play a certain Jason, I have to change my mindset because I have different utility at my disposal and different resources to draw from, based on the Jason's strengths. Thanks for reading, - Nubcakes -
  10. Pretty sure it's just flair.
  11. I like that you're being creative, but let's fix the problems with F13 before going too willy nilly with new projects. Sounds cool, though.
  12. Lol yeah because my idiot self chose the wrong side and the police were on the other side of Packanack. So I did the Packanack marathon xD
  13. Yeah that's fair. Watch out for that Chad with a shotgun that decides to shoot you before the boat takes off.
  14. I just wanted to cherish having 3 knives because I had never had 3 before lol. The satisfaction from pissing off the grabbing Jason was priceless. The police were there anyway, many people had already escaped.
  15. Hey everyone. I've had a couple games in the last few days where every house was thoroughly checked and items like gas, battery, keys, or propeller were not anywhere to be found. Has anyone had experience with trolls possibly hiding these on the map so that people cannot find and use them? It's an interesting dynamic to the game but these parts could simply just be hiding in plain sight.
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