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  1. Game still crashing for me, too. Also experiencing intermittent framerate issues since the patch, as well as audio stuttering. Seems to happen after phoning Jarvis or police, or being in vicinity of working vehicle. Car is also extremely buggy now. Obstructed view while driving, unable to interact according to onscreen prompt, etc.
  2. This wouldn't have been on Xbox Live by someone with my username, by chance? This is a trick I use often on extremely mouthy and overconfident Jason players. I always use AJ, too. Anyway, this isn't a bug, but more of a testament to the lack of skill or strategy a Jason player has. It only works against the grab happy tunnel vision players. You can tell these players by whether or not they continuously chase you or not. Instead of ambushing you from ahead, by using morph or shift, they continue to try to get behind you. Thus, you are able to train them in circles for a long period of time. A well placed melee strike or even moving the OPPOSITE direction abruptly puts an end to this tactic. The grab area is cone shaped, meaning the area closest to Jason is the smallest trigger area. By running close to him, you can run out of that small area faster.
  3. So many lost badges, CP, XP, and chances at playing as Jason. How much longer before the crashes, freezes, and timeouts are fixed? Are we going to be compensated for any of this?
  4. There are two major issues: combat in general and the large area in which a grab can be successful, which requires little to no accuracy at all. The combat system is just flat out clumsy. For a counselor to hit Jason with a weapon they need to be pretty damn accurate. The same is not true for the grabs. I recorded a vid the other day in which I swing a weapon THROUGH Jason several times at point blank range, and didn't register a hit at all. Jason's grab, however, with its forgiving trigger area, doesn't miss, even when well out of range. That is a problem that needs addressed. Cut the range of the grab and tighten up the wonky combat system and the rest falls into place. Jason would have to actually strategize. As powerful as he needs to be, the player still needs to be challenged. As it stands now, this game is no more than a glorified Pac Man with actual players playing the power pellets.
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