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  1. I just got kicked from a lobby because I killed Tommy (who had a shotgun) using throwing knifes. People (yes, more than one) were crying about it, saying Jason doesn't kill like that. Now, I've been a fan of Jason for over 20 years, when I brought up part 6, they kicked me. It doesn't matter how Jason kills you, he is going to kill you. So what do you guys think, is it cheap to kill people using throwing knifes?
  2. The scene where the jaw is being ripped off in the original Hatchet was an awesome scene. It inspired a kill in MKX (Jax) and now has made its way into the F13th video game. I think it would be cool if there would be a future character added in Victor Crowley. Since Kane played him as well a lot of the movements would be the same. I know I would be willing to pay 20 dollars for a swamp map and Victor Crowley.
  3. I love how Tommy is spawned into the game and it got me thinking. How cool would it be if after everyone is killed if a final girl would be spawned in. My wish would for it to be Tina or someone like Tina from part 7. She could have her own set of skills like Jason and it would be awesome to see someone stand toe to toe with Jason and have a chance at killing Jason.
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