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  1. I'm with you there. I prefer to imagine that whole scenario was all just in her head (as I also imagine Jason turning into a child after bathing in toxic waste in Part 8 was just another vision the final girl was having.) The fact that Chris woke up in her own bed and her parents never spoke about it... and she hallucinates both Jason and his mom at the end of the movie... I just can't bring myself to believe Jason ever attacked and raped her. To me it was more of a premonition of being attacked by him someday, because that's the only thing that makes sense to me when looking back at the franchise as a whole, regardless of whatever the writers where trying to do with that scene back when it was originally made. So many films have people seeing Jason when he's just not there... a drowned boy at the end of 1, coming through the window at the end of 2, clawing at the window and kicking down the door at the end of 3, Tommy sees him throughout 5, the visions of him in 8... there's clearly more at work going on at the lake than even the writers knew at the time, lol. I mean he comes back as a zombie, Tina can use the Force like a Jedi, and then JGTH and FvJ just confirm what we've already been seeing throughout the franchise, that the supernatural is real, demons exist, and there really is some kind of curse on the lake or evil power at work that not only manifests itself as Jason sometimes, but also as a rotted Pamela that one time jumping outta the water, and as Tina's healthy looking dad who should have been pretty rotted himself considering how many years he would have been in the lake. I think in that case Tina's power tapped into the lake's power and manifested what she imagined her dad would look like... I swear, all the strange happenings throughout the films, I think the lake's water must be flowing directly from Twin Peaks after someone in the Black Lodge dispenses some concentrated evil from their backside and flushes it down the crapper...
  2. No reason though why we couldn't get a unique and artistic skin or full on Jason that is inspired by a made up Freddy v Jason scenario without it actually being pulled from the FvJ movie. Look at Mortal Kombat. One of Jason's alternate skins was a recolor making it look like Jason was wearing Freddy's sweater. Silly, but a nod nonetheless. Or we could have a Springfield map with Robert England's voice in Jason's head telling him to kill people without it being a direct rip from the movies... or comics. Doesn't somebody own the rights to both franchises now? No reason Gun couldn't be given permission to create a what-if scenario that is original to the game and not movie related, right? I mean, look at Savini Jason. An artist's concept of Jason back from hell, inspired by but not directly pulled from a movies. I'm sure creative minds could come up with something fantastic that caters to the fans desires for this kind of content. I mean, somebody owns the rights to the Happy Birthday song but that doesn't stop people getting around that by writing and singing new songs that celebrate birthdays. See, who isn't inspired by this? FvJ. The "V"stands for "versus" right?
  3. Personally, I've preferred to imagine disgruntled bikers siphoned all the gas out of the vehicles... like in Part 3. And that the car batteries are spare batteries, since in the movies most of the getaway vehicles have a tendency die or not start. And Tommy shows up with only one shell because he stole the shotgun from the sheriff's department and in his haste didn't think to grab more shells? I know, sounds like a crazy thing to do, but keep in mind he did spend some time in a mental institution... before he got contacts and plastic surgery...
  4. I don't think I've been to that campsite yet. Good to know.
  5. @gtdjlocker311 I'd say that even though it felt good, leaving as host wasn't warranted because you felt singled out. Not defending "Jerkwad's" playstyle but it sounds like he didn't do anything considered a bannable offense. If he were a glitcher or part of a Jason/helper combo, then yes, nothing wrong, imo, with denying him/them the exp for cheating... especially if you don't have recorded evidence to use against them in a report. If you did, then maybe see the match through, hoping your report will get them reprimanded. I know it sucks for everyone that's innocent in the lobby to lose out on the exp, too, so maybe take a vote of what those victims in spectate hell want you to do. But I wouldn't close the lobby just because I took personal offense to another person's valid but jerkish play-style. The OP's post seems a valid reason though. Just my thoughts.
  6. Idk, could be a good thing; you never know "WHO" could be waiting to get in. Lol. Jk.
  7. It doesn't have to be a super small maze. There could be a hub of buildings in the center, like a barn and a tractor (perhaps even as an escape vehicle, which would also be a useful resource for a future Pinehurst map... Reggie uses one in Part 5 to run over "Jason")... a show tent, snack bars and vending trailers... you know, places to hide. Strategically throughout the maze there could also be outhouses to hide in. The maze could be lit up with string lighting. Jason could smash generators to darken sections of the maze. Different dead ends have various things to see, like a pumpkin patch or scarecrows. Perhaps the phone and fuse box could be at an "office" RV trailer (another useful resource for the Pinehurst map if they include the trailer park Demon was killed at in Part 5). Cops would show up at one of the exits. Perhaps there is a section (reminiscent of the cornfield rave party scene from FvsJ) where we can find an escape vehicle. Idk. Love the maze idea.
  8. As long as none of it really breaks immersion... SNES Jason is the exception so far, but it definitely isn't the rule. I don't think it'd be necessary to "keep" the holiday clothes, but being allowed to wear them during the appropriate seasons would be acceptable. I wouldn't want to see a gingerbread man sweater for seasons other than Winter. However, something like Tiffany's devil top example fits with Halloween but could also pass as non-season attire, so wouldn't mind keeping stuff like that. But if it were a like a Pumpkin or Jack-'o-lantern, nah, not after a Fall season was over. Fun to wear for the event, but not a permanent unlock. The game would look ridiculous after a while in the off-seasons. Would love season specific "context kills" like pumpkin carver kill or strangled with Xmas lights. Season specific Jason skins could be ok, again if they're not permanent. A cool Xmas look for him could be a variant of Freddy's sweater. Otherwise, if they're gonna be permanent skins for Jason, then subtle things please, like maybe some light touches of orange and black in Jason's outfit for Halloween, but nothing over the top unless it's temporary for the duration of the event. IMO. Lol.
  9. Just watched Skull Island yesterday. Great movie! And Kong is "still growing"...! Can't wait to see how big he's gotten when he is facing off against Godzilla. So, the 2014 film is a part of the monster-verse Legendary is making right? That would make Kong a prequel? Anyone know where on the timeline King of Monsters and KvsG are going to be?
  10. IMO, seems canceling a knockdown with a knife throw stance is like negating a trap, fireworks or flare with combat stance. It's an unintended bug that got overlooked, not an advanced skill adding depth to the game. Thus, I think it belongs in your "Bugs" section. Jason was knocked down multiple times throughout the movies... he never canceled it with a knife throw. I'm all for skill depth... but not when it breaks immersion. Edit: not to mention, the expense of a knife is no real counter-play for the counselor if it results with said knife in the counselor's back. By all rights, the counselor took a risk landing a successful blow that put Jason on his back and deserves the full reward of time to escape for doing so. That is, if I'm completely understanding how the scenario plays out... personally I have yet to see this in game. I tentatively see the merit behind your other examples of "Advanced Techniques" but this one in particular doesn't sit right with me.
  11. My understanding of it is some kind of hack letting them use the first aid spray perk to get multiple uses out of a pocket knife. But perhaps there's a duping glitch I'm unaware of, too. Haven't seen this on PS4 yet.
  12. Regardless of what people think Gun did right or wrong or what opinionated people assume Gun could have done better, what IS NOT an opinion is that Gun's statement on Savini is the final word about the issue; their obvious stance is the end of the conversation. If it were up for debate, the topic would have been posted in the Suggestions/Feedback section. IMO, this thread should of been locked after Gun's statement. But I suppose it's an open door for Backers to be afforded the opportunity to express their gratitude and support for Gun's decision on the matter. Also, I guess it's a suitable place where people can vent their selfish or more altruistic frustrations. So, go ahead, get it out of your systems and I hope it will help you to better accept the reality of the situation.
  13. How about an Open Virtual World skirmish mode where all the maps are connected, at least by load screens, where the cars and boats act as transportation between the maps... maps are populated by npcs... players can drop in and out as they wait for a match and take control of an npc or spectate ... there are mini games scattered around the map, like archery, boating, bird watching, having sex in various places, lol. There would be usable canoes, bicycles, etc. Interactable objects for "context upkeep" of the camp, like sweeping, painting, various repairs. Vehicles and items respawn after a while, for when you flip the car and what not. There is a day/night cycle. Players can find a hidden Jason mask that lets them become Jason and gives them a limited amount of time to kill players and npcs before the timer runs out and the mask respawns. One mask per camp. Very unlikely but would be a nice hub for the game. Edit: an SNES map/mode would be cool too. Protecting the kids. Fighting off zombies and wolves, etc. lol. Searching the cave for the sweater and a pitchfork. Lighting fireplaces. Finding a torch. No grab kills or context kills. Just combat mode vs Jason until either he kills you or you do enough damage he's forced to morph away. Maybe if he lowers your health to an injured state then he can grab kill, but all counselors get thick skin and other useful perks automatically. That'd be a heck of a map/mode using our current graphics and SNES Jason skin.
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