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  1. Does that mean that items like gas, battery, fuse could be at the capmfire as well?
  2. Yea I have no idea why as a counselor are we still able to auto target other counselors.
  3. Like I have to hit the mouse button 5 times to melee as jason or counselors after being hit by someoneand its causing me to die as a counselors or cause the counselors to leave when im Jason after they stun me. Please fix this.
  4. Everytime im standing in combat, my counselor or Jason auto target someone and it really hurts this game a little. It is really a turn off when I get a target that I really dont want to target.Why in quickplay am I targeting a counselor when im a counselor in combat stance?Will there be a update on being able to disable auto target?Also for some weird reason as Jason i Can target someone inside of a cabin when im chopping doors... Why is that?
  5. No it didnt. The key stayed in the lake on my map.
  6. How am I suppose to get the key when some Jackass was so selfish that he got the key and went on the boat and died in the water and the key sink to the bottom? Is there a way the dev can fix this? Thankfully i was able to see it on my map.
  7. I see players leave game after they escape and wanted to know do you retain any of the xp when you leave game after you escape or dead before the game has ended?
  8. lol hmmmm? I dont know if I can trust a face that I cant see.
  9. Its good for counselors like A.j,Adam,Mitch or higher up repair counselors.
  10. Sadly there is no way of getting around it when its lock and telling Jason that its in there so he can chop the door is to risky and it just throws the whole game mood off because he is the killer and you shouldn't ask for his help.
  11. damn.... smh trolls these days
  12. Why is there no windows!? Please fix this. We need more than one way to get in.
  13. Yea but with someone that knows the maps well and where jason house spawn at which is 2 spots,I really dont have a use for it with there being so many maps for you and the board thats out there for you to get a map. Its not really a game changer with 9% fear resistance bonus epic perk when you have so much other perks that are way better.
  14. Do anyone really Preparedness perk(that lets you have a map at the start of the match)? Do anyone besides me that has this epic version of this perk and use it?Because I really dont see the point of putting it in a slot for counselors when maps are not hard to find.