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  1. Here are my ideas that I think could help improve on Jason being better than what he is right now. 1.Make a new rule to the game where the only way to kill Jason is that,1 there MUST be only 3 alive counselors on the map, 2Jason mask can not be demask unless there are two or Three counselors on map.3 (Option) No one can enter Jason house unless there are only 2 players on the map.This makes it more fair so Jason doesn't get team up, damask, and kill in the first 15min of game. Making this rule happen, would force counselors to try and repair than rather try and kill Jason since Killing Jason should be a last resort, just like the movies. 2.Give Jason a new trap utility or any new utility that could help him do some kind of damage to slow the counselor down from running all over the map or repairing. Doing this would help With Jason not having to heavenly rely on throwing knife all the time since its kind of limited when dealing with runners. Especially the runners that have medic and thick skin perk. 3. Give Jason more knife then what he has right now. Giving him more knife will help slow down the counselors from escaping or trying to kill him.Having more knives doesn't guarantee him a kill since it does take skills to throw and hit the target but however if use right it can be very useful depending how you use it. 4.reduce the space to place next to the traps. think it would be better if it was reduce just a little to help with trapping objective but doesn't have to be right on top of each other 5.(option) take out double medic from the game since there is another perk call Hypochondriac that lets you start off with a medical spray and it healing increase. Since most counselors try and kill Jason from the start by having thick skin, double medic, and hypochondriac it could make it a bit fair if double medic gets taking out of game since its not hard to get a medic spray to begin with in this game. Taking some of these idea could help make it a little bit more fair for Jason when players trying to kill Jason from the start of the game, change the counselors mind about repairing the objective first rather trying to kill Jason,plus it help Jason have a better chance at getting kills. These are idea that could help make Jason more of a beast rather than counselors not fearing him when they see him.
  2. Just because it doesnt happen to you or you havent seen it happen doesnt mean it should not be fix.
  3. My question is why cant this also be solve along with those problems at the sametime? Purposely Suicide screw Jason over.
  4. I agree as well that this may not seem important to some but this is still a problem that does happen and will continue to happen until devs figure out a way that helps Jason out with this suicide problem. I really don't see why this problem cant be solve at the same time as the other problems going on in this game, because this is just important as others when it comes to cheaping Jason?
  5. Still how is that fair? You dont want Jason to get the xp kill unless he do it with his hands but how can that be, if people avoid being kill by him if they suicide? If everyone or most players do this then Jason get little xp or hardly any fun being Jason. There need to be something that makes players think twice about trying to keep Jason from killing them, just like when players want to leave in matches.
  6. I hear that the game is having a update on fixing players from leaving matches but what about player suiciding on purpose. There are lots of time when I'm Jason and counselors want to suicide on purpose because they dont want me to get the kill and xp.This is really unfair for Jason player.
  7. Yea I have no idea why as a counselor are we still able to auto target other counselors.
  8. Like I have to hit the mouse button 5 times to melee as jason or counselors after being hit by someoneand its causing me to die as a counselors or cause the counselors to leave when im Jason after they stun me. Please fix this.
  9. Everytime im standing in combat, my counselor or Jason auto target someone and it really hurts this game a little. It is really a turn off when I get a target that I really dont want to target.Why in quickplay am I targeting a counselor when im a counselor in combat stance?Will there be a update on being able to disable auto target?Also for some weird reason as Jason i Can target someone inside of a cabin when im chopping doors... Why is that?
  10. How am I suppose to get the key when some Jackass was so selfish that he got the key and went on the boat and died in the water and the key sink to the bottom? Is there a way the dev can fix this? Thankfully i was able to see it on my map.
  11. I see players leave game after they escape and wanted to know do you retain any of the xp when you leave game after you escape or dead before the game has ended?
  12. lol hmmmm? I dont know if I can trust a face that I cant see.
  13. Its good for counselors like A.j,Adam,Mitch or higher up repair counselors.
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