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  1. Loving the NES Jason! Yep PS4. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Lol! Well then I'm in the right place. Thanks for the welcome.
  3. Hello all I'm a 30 something horror/80s fanatic and self proclaimed F13 expert (Ha!). Been a horror fan for most my life and still have many frustrating memories playing the game on NES as a young girl. Friday the 13th really started for me with the USA UP ALL Night marathons they use to have on tv. My husband is also a fan. We're loving the game and just nerding out big time! Big thank you to Gun Media! Never thought this game would become a reality and the attention to detail is amazing! Thanks guys! Love, Hugs & Hockey masks
  4. Yep that's exactly what I'm saying. I watched some YouTube videos (Laphin) as well and the music does seem to change depending on the Jason. Hopefully this gets fixed for PS4!
  5. I got stuck inside one of the tents and absolutely couldn't leave. The player view was third person just like in cabins and I could see other players entering and leaving the tent. Jason even tried to grab me out of the tent but nothing worked. It also appeared that I was halfway in the ground. So only half my body was visible.
  6. I've noticed on other platforms that there is different music depending on what Jason is chosen during gameplay. PS4 seems slightly limited with music themes. Music from part 7 never plays unlike what I've witnessed on Steam.
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