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  1. That would be up to gun. I honestly don't care if people have a slight chance of playing "Savini Jason" without owning him. After all, you wouldn't be able to customize his kills and they could make it more rare than just choosing one of the existing Jasons at random. Maybe it's a 1% chance to play him if you don't have him. That's beside the point though. I don't understand why "Savini Jason" isn't in the 'Random' Jason pool for those who have him. It's not game-changing if he's not in the pool, but you can't say it's not strange he's not a pick for those who have him. That's all I'm saying.
  2. *This change would only affect people who own "Savini Jason"* I play primarily random Counselor/Jason to always have to adapt to what the game provides, for extra challenge, to keep the game fresh and to be surprised by being my favorite character and would like to see "Savini Jason" added to the "Random" Jason selection for those with the corresponding DLC. It would be a small tweak and really nice to people who supported the game and like the random aspect of the game (like me).
  3. Same here. 1 game worth of XP into Level 85. I've played around 10 games and it hasn't moved an inch. I'm on PS4 as well. Online ID: dylandavid
  4. Whenever the generator is broken in the area the CB radio is at, it says he has been called but hasn't arrived. If you repair said generator it reverts back to saying he isn't called.
  5. How about Savini Jason gets added to 'Random Jason' if you own the DLC (I don't know why that's not a thing already), retro Jason's music plays when you're him and are chasing someone (Again, don't know why that's not in already, especially since the music is already in the game, but only when you are the one being chased/you are not Jason) and retro Jason's recolor affects the selected Jason picture and intro/outro cutscene. To me, these seem like a no-brainer and would be easy to change.
  6. I've noticed this as well. I think they accidentally reversed the percentage values from minus to plus. I've also noticed with the "Heavy Mover" perk that allows you to barricade doors faster. The animation goes faster, but it forces you to stand looking at the door for the same amount of time it takes to barricade the door without the perk on.
  7. No problem. The attributes you suggested just make sense for part 4 Jason according to the movie. Plus I love playing Jasons with +sense and +stalk. A +run added in with the other 2 would make for an extremely fun to play stealth Jason.
  8. Please, Gun Media, I don't care if you make part IV cost $6 like the Savini Jason, but please make it a new Jason with a completely different weapon, different grab kills, different attributes (like the ones suggested by VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow), different looks and NOT in any way, a reskin.
  9. The other items get glitched too. You just can't see them because they're not as tall as the fuse or first aid and don't stick out of the ground. If they're on a slant, you can see them.
  10. I'm a little late but you should add, 'Locked glass/screen doors take 2 hits to brake instead of 1' or 'Disable locking mechanism on screen doors'. At this point in time, locking screen doors is pointless and only hurts counselors. It takes the same amount of time to brake a screen door than it does to open it as Jason; only difference, counselors can't unlock a screen door from the outside. Effectively blocking counselors out, without the added benefits of stopping Jason for a bit. The only reason I can think of for locking screen doors is for a sound-trap telling you he's coming, and THAT'S only helpful if he already has stalk because the music tells you he's near anyway.
  11. As many have said, trolls don't care about the xp loss for team-killing. Therefore they should lower the xp penalty down to around -500xp per counselor, so non-griefers will still have incentive to avoid killing other counselors. They should however disable melee weapon friendly-fire in public matches. I have been killed numerous times by being accidentally shot or accidentally ran over but I've NEVER once seen anybody accidentally team-kill with melee. It has always been intentional.
  12. I've had this problem, but only with inventory items (such as pocket knives and med-sprays, but more importantly, the fuse and car keys) and any kill could trigger the bug to happen. I know it happens because whenever I die (or spectate other players) with inventory items, they aren't there when I look around the corpse or if they had a first aid spray, it sticks half-way out of the ground but is unable to be picked up.
  13. This happened to me when I hit one of the destructable interior walls at an angle without the correct animation playing. Same thing happened. I couldn't hit, throw knives, shift, morph or kill counselors I grabbed. The only way I fixed it was by going in and out of the water. I also had a different one where as soon as I grabbed someone, I got hit by a different counselor. Jason had his left hand up like he was holding someone but I couldn't do anything but walk.
  14. Same happens with the boat too. My friend does this a lot because he's new and needs to know where he's going, but somehow he can fix it without getting grabbed or exiting the vehicle. I think after awhile, it fixes itself, but it takes a minute and a lot of spamming buttons.
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