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  1. Running Over Counselors

    Ah yeah...that was a great ol blunder that half of us called the same day the patch and its notes were released. I do not remember it fondly.
  2. Naaahhhh when you give people a taste of what they cant have, they just want it more.
  3. Running Over Counselors

    This is a non issue in my opinion. Theres no way to make everyone behave completely without damaging whats "fair" further.
  4. 100% Standstill

    Woooow is this all platforms?
  5. Realistically you cld step over every bear trap in the game. They've got what? A foot maybe in radius? But its the simple fact that the counselors arent supposed to be able to see them. Realistically why cant we just slap the bear traps with our bats or planks of wood an sticks? Because this is a "perfect world" were the people we play as are very unaware people. The entire aspect of the bear traps in the game is unrealistic so we're definitely not going to argue wether or not we can step over them lol. An while this may promote more trap tanking maybe it will push more changes to better the game. Like devaluing pocket knifes as lifesavers or making med spray a little less common. What a jason does with his traps is his own business i say lol.
  6. What perks do you use?

    Ive ran no perks at all lately. Its nice in an odd way.
  7. Yeah i wld have just left for a new lobby. I cant take annoying sounds for long before my mental state becomes unstable.
  8. Whoops.

    You may have lost some xp for that, but you gained the self fulfillment only vehicular manslaughter can provide. Just the warm fuzzies all over, am i right?
  9. Indeed i do. One of the highest praises one can receive from ignorant noobs.
  10. Well then good dupe! Ya got me mate lmao
  11. The long awaited trap by car door fix. Bout time
  12. Shit ill drink to that, amen sister.
  13. I haven't had anyone try to play this game right in over 3 months, after a while you just give up an play however you want.
  14. Ive learned from the best An please, this is the internet, rudeness is implied lol
  15. I agree entirely, yet when i see jasons grabbing or swinging in rapid succession whilst i and/or others easily leave them behind a few necessities go a long way for some people. You shld see the blokes i meet on QP, its like a middle school playground with a angry kangaroo involved.