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  1. EDIT: I went through the workaround/fix to this problem again this time to refresh my memory. I've gone through and attempted to clarify the cause and the actual solution for the end user. I also have the original Xbox One physical release (disc) from October 2017. I also own the digital game and all the DLC from Xbox Live. I do not have the Slasher Edition physical release disc. Here is what the problem is... If you have the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack installed and then install the Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack off of the disc the console will automatically and without warning UNINSTALL the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack. If you purchased the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack from Xbox Live then it should show up in the Ready to install section under Friday the 13th: the Game in My games & apps on the Xbox One. Since the DLC purchased from Xbox Live does not have any DRM for this specific game you do not have to keep this DLC installed even though it shouldn't be uninstalling itself in the first place. So if this happens to you just keep the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack uninstalled after it automatically uninstalls itself and you should still have the kills available in game to equip in your loadout. Similarly, if you reinstall the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack after it is automatically uninstalled the console will automatically and without warning UNINSTALL the Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack. Those clothing items will then be removed from within the game not only as an equipable selection but for any equipped counselors which will default to the original clothing item. Apparently, the disc exclusive items must remain installed because they have DRM. To reinstall the Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack off the disc go to your Homescreen (dashboard) on the Xbox One and highlight the tile that shows the Cover art for Friday the 13th: the game and has that small disc icon but without the Friday the 13th: the game logo. Press Start on this tile and click on Manage Bundle. The Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack should be in your Ready to install section. Install the DLC. If you own the digital version of the game you do not need to keep the disc in the console in order to keep the exclusive DLC. The Xbox One installs the exclusive DLC to the same folder as the digital game along with any of the DLC that was purchased from Xbox Live. For whatever reason, you cannot keep both of these DLC items installed at the same time on Xbox One when using the original physical release from October 2017. From what I understand, this may also be an issue with the Slasher Edition disc. I have no way to confirm this but I suspect that in the background these two files have some sort of conflicting file name or ID. Additionally, the Halloween Costume Pack automatically renames itself to Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack once installed but that does not appear to cause any in game conflicts. As for the Slasher Edition disc. Since I don't have that disc I can only assume that if all the DLC is loaded off the disc and has DRM then you might need to purchase the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack from Xbox Live and do the previously stated workaround in order to keep it and the Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack from being missing in game. --------------------- This is a known issue that has existed since the October 2017 release of the original disc release on Xbox One. It's also apparently an issue with the Slasher Edition disc. Every time I see someone complain about this issue I repost and/or link to my previous comments on how to resolve the issue. The devs are unlikely to ever fix this problem since it's been ongoing for over 1.5 years and it's probably a low priority given that it requires having the Disc and the Part 7 kill pack. They clearly have more important things to fix like the roof exploit, broken environmental kills and issues with the car. At least there is a workaround for this issue.
  2. I encountered the bug with the kills in the water the other day. It's disappointing that these things keep happening to this game.
  3. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/26269-bug-tapes-locked-not-playing-on-xbox-one-previously-unlocked/
  4. Same issue reported to jasonkillsbugs.com a month ago. Received only the automatic form email response and no request for my account details. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/26269-bug-tapes-locked-not-playing-on-xbox-one-previously-unlocked/
  5. Just loaded into a game with a friend to see if roof was fixed and it worked first try with no effort. On Packanack. Jumped off right after because staying up there would be dumb. I don't understand the issue with QAing this game? Even if they think they fixed it wouldn't they at least attempt to see if it was fixed before saying it way? Nothing has changed, at least for Packanack. You can also get onto Crystal Lake boathouse. Just reported on jasonkillsbugs.com
  6. I wonder if there is any relation to the existing locked tapes issue where any/all tapes unlocked are locked in game except for some instances where they temporarily unlock and then relock for no apparent reason? I checked today and while the tapes were locked, my game progress and levels were still there. On Xbox.
  7. There has been an ongoing issue on Xbox with tapes being locked and then temporarily being unlocked despite having them all earned previously. I only noticed it a few days ago as some other players mentioned it an issue during the tape event. Already reported to jasonkillsbugs.com
  8. If I or anyone else was NOT online we would NOT even be able to click on Progression to view the Tapes tab or any of the other Online features of this game as all of that requires a connection to the platform service (Xbox Live) and a connection to the Gun Database (Login). You can see for yourself by manually disconnecting yourself from the Network on your platform. As a backer, I have been playing this game since May 2017. I am well aware of the serverside storage of game progress (which has been an ongoing concern given the uncertainty of the future of this game). There was no database login failure and no issues with Xbox Live when this was first noticed and it's still ongoing. I have also confirmed with others on Xbox that they too are seeing the same issue and they too previously had all tapes unlocked. In fact we unlocked them together in previous tape events in 2018. There is no confusion on our end. It's also apparently an issue on PS4 based on some comments I've seen elsewhere. I don't know when this first started as I haven't tried playing the tapes since I originally unlocked them in 2018. This is more of a concern for newer players looking to unlock the tapes and listen to them without going to a YouTube video. If this stuff gets screwed up, then what is next? Rank? Unlocked Counselors? Clothing? Unlocked Jason, Blood Skins? Challenges? Virtual Cabin 2.0? It's disturbing.
  9. My tapes are all locked on Xbox. They were previously all unlocked from way back in 2018. I still have my badges and other game progress.
  10. EDIT: For a brief moment my Tommy Tapes were just unlocked and then when I switched to Pamela those were still locked and when I went back to Tommy those were locked again? What gives? EDIT 2: April 14, 2019. My tapes were unlocked again. Then I restarted the game and checked but they were locked again. This is bizarre. EDIT 3 April 17, 2019: Tapes locked but all other game progress and rank still available and correct. Could this tape issue be related to the backend problems with game progress and level reset? EDIT: 4 May 9, 2019: I downloaded the patch and my tapes are still missing. Same for a friend. ----- I am connected to Xbox Live and Logged into the game (Gun Database) with all my other progress visible (badges, rank, unlockables, challenges). It's only the tapes that are missing/locked. I previously had all the tapes (tommy and pamela) on Xbox One and they no longer play and I cannot scroll through the tapes. I know for a fact that I unlocked them all and listened to them in game when I originally unlocked them all. I've seen some other posts about this problem on the subreddit. Does anyone else have this problem? I unlocked all my tapes a year ago and can't pick up any in game since I have them all. I'm not sure if the game is showing them unlocked or if that progress was now lost and they are appearing locked? I remember it wasn't easy to tell with the color the borders on the tapes. I submitted a jasonkillsbugs.com report already but I don't know if that will get lost in the weeds.
  11. There was never any ticket and only an automatic thank you for your submission email(s). Granted, those who would have originally received those reports in 2017 and 2018 are no longer involved with the game. The troubleshooting and workaround was already done by myself and a few others over a year ago. As for an "official response" I would assume that to be acknowledging the problem and fixing it or at least putting the workaround somewhere for people to see it and directing people to it. I pretty much gave up on bugging Illfonic and Gun about this problem after a lack of response. I even submitted the workaround to jasonkillsbugs.com over a year ago after I by chance figured out how to get the DLC to work again. From what I understand, this missing DLC problem keeps getting brought even after almost 2 years because the new Slasher Disc apparently has the same problem. I just submitted another text report to jasonkillsbugs.com. One of the problems is the explanation of the issue and the workaround are convoluted and if you don't have experience using an Xbox you might not even understand what the problem is or why the solution even works. My best guess is that Illfonic screwed up the DLC's and have them labeled behind the scenes incorrectly which causes internal conflicts when booting up the game. The only reason the workaround even works is because Illfonic also forgot to or chose not to put any DRM on the DLC for this game.
  12. It's been reported to jasonkillsbugs.com multiple times going back to October 2017 as well as documented on the reddit forum and this forum. No official response ever given.
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