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  1. mattshotchaposted Yesterday at 11:08 AM on Discord: @Brigadius While we are willing to confirm that Gun is not going anywhere any time soon, and we'll be continuing to focus on Horror Games, we are not ready to announce the next project at this time. Stay tuned.
  2. One is for rentals and purchases and the other is for Prime Subscribers to view for free.
  3. The consoles are suppose to be backwards compatible by default. I would be more concerned about the servers for matchmaking and game progression for this game being up and running by the time these new consoles are released and going into 2021+.
  4. The oral arguments for Sean's appeal to his loss of his lawsuit against Victor is being held in February 2020. Larry has suggested that a verdict would likely be in June 2020. If appealed again, that would go to the Supreme Court that would either accept the case to be heard later in the year with a verdict in 2021 or reject it back down the to the lower court's ruling. http://www.twitter.com/zernerlaw Here are a few examples:
  5. When it comes to Xbox One games there is no difference between Disc and Digital other than the disc being out of date when there are post release title updates. If you already own the digital version of the game there is no reason to install the game from the disc. The Xbox One uses the same gamesave and the game itself uses the same serverside stored game progression when using the same account (gamertag). You will have the same progression and unlocks when using the same gamertag account. The disc itself is already out of date and would automatically download the latest version of the game from Xbox Live which requires a full download of the game since this game is not optimized for smaller sized and more focused patches. If you installed the disc when disconnected from Xbox Live then you would then need to update the game to the current available build. The license for the digital game overrules the disc anyway so there is no need to even keep the disc in the console. Th The DLC loaded from the disc works with the digital version of the game without needing the disc in the console but there is an issue with some of the DLC but there is a workaround to fix that problem. There is a conflict with the part 7 kill pack and the disc exclusive counselor clothing pack. You can find out more information on that here:
  6. This is all that I have seen on his feed and it's not much of anything. There is no doubt that Gun Media will have other project(s) in the works as a business but this doesn't appear to be any sort of "hint of an announcement". When they have something to say they will do so.
  7. I am not going to comment on the video but it is apparently possible to modify the PS4 and still play online. A while back I did a search and apparently the PS4 encryption on games/saves was defeated and there are ways to edit saves just like last gen to perform exploits and whatnot.
  8. As for PC, I am going to assume it's one of the various methods available to PC users and would likely result in detection and a ban by Steam and it's anticheat partners. As for Xbox, there is the possibility that Microsoft could detect the multiple users accessing an account and ban the accounts/consoles that logged into that ebay purchased account. If Gun decided to buy these auctions to get the account(s) information they could pass it onto Microsoft to take action or Gun could potentially ban the accounts from accessing the F13thegame servers. I really don't see it happening given that it's been 2 years and nothing has been done about it. Years ago Microsoft took action for something similar on the Xbox 360 when people were using a variety of "dummy" accounts to share games and DLC on online forums. A bunch of Xbox 360 accounts that logged into those "Silver" profiles to do the "Second Profile Glitch" to get "free" games were banned from Xbox Live. I am unaware of this occurring on Xbox One and technically speaking the issue with the DLC for this game is an entirely different issue that is not necessarily caused by intentional manipulation of the Xbox store purchases like was done with the "Second Profile Glitch" on Xbox 360. It would probably still be a Code of Conduct or Terms of Use violation but it technically may not be different than going to a friends house that owns the DLC and signing into your Xbox account. Just as it may no different than your friend going to your house, signing into their account and then installing the DLC for you. I think the concern is the number of people doing this with a singular account or a handful of accounts as opposed to finding a friend who was a backer or downloaded the DLC when it was accidently listed for free on the xbox.com store page. I still don't think anything is going to be done about it for this game. Most other games have DRM or the DLC is unlocked and tied to the MSID and there is nothing available to download in "ready to install". ___ The reason the instructions are for this on Xbox is because for this specific game, no DRM was placed on the paid DLC purchased from a redemption code or from DLC purchased on xbox.com or through the Xbox One console itself. Savini and the Counselor Clothing pack were also temporarily free on xbox.com. There was also someone selling codes for these items that had access to a database available at a 3rd party vender Gun was using. These ebay seller(s) likely have the foresight and were aware that there was no DRM on DLC for this game and setup multiple Xbox accounts so they could make thousands of dollars doing this for as long as the game is played and people were willing to buy it. These sellers likely change the passwords on these profiles once the buyers confirm the DLC was attached to their account so they can keep selling access to the same account(s) over and over again. ___ These seller(s) are likely selling access to a "dummy" account that has purchased these DLC items from any of the various methods that have been available (kickstarter, backerkit, xbox.com or a code reseller). When you log into that account and go into "ready to install" under Friday the 13th: the game you will see the Savini and/or Counselor Clothing Pack as available to install. Once installed, you then load into the game on your actual account and not the one you purchased access to. Since Illfonic, Gun and/or Microsoft forgot or chose not to put DRM on paid DLC for this game it becomes attached or stuck to any account that logs into the game where the DLC is installed on that Xbox. There may also be some sort of backend issue that is causing the Online Progression system to permanently keep this DLC unlocked to your account even when it's uninstalled but the lack of DRM is causing it to occur in the first place. Once you do this, you don't need to have access to that other account and you don't even need to keep the DLC installed on your Xbox. Anyone can test this for themselves by uninstalling any DLC purchased from a redemption code, xbox.com or the Xbox One. The funny thing is that the DLC loaded off the original disc and the Slasher Edition disc does have DRM on it and has to remain installed. It's NOT even limited to the backer DLC. It's any DLC purchased on the Xbox One or xbox.com including the ones they still charge for in the Xbox Store. People keep asking about this and @mattshotcha still asks if they are referring to "gamesharing" which is My Home Xbox and is not what is going on here. ___ The other thing with the DLC from either of the disc releases is that it can be shared an unlimited number of times by passing the disc around or renting the disc from a video game store. The Xbox One doesn't distinguish between disc and digital so you don't even need the disc in the console once the DLC is installed if you own the game digitally. While the disc DLC does have DRM there are no redemption codes and the DLC installation is initiated off the disc from the Xbox menu settings. ___ On a side note, there being no DRM on paid DLC for this game is the ONLY reason the conflict with the Part 7 Kill pack and the Disc Exclusive Clothing Pack has a workaround. When you load up the game with both of these DLC items installed, the kill pack will automatically uninstall itself. If you try to reinstall the kill pack the clothing pack uninstalls itself. Whatever the reason, this issue prevents the DLC from showing up in game since the disc DLC has DRM so you have to purchase the Part 7 Kill Pack separately in the Xbox Store and then keep it uninstalled otherwise it and the Disc Clothing Pack will uninstall and disappear in game. The reason the DLC uninstalls by itself is probably a backend issue with these files having duplicate information like the same fileID. The other thing that happens is the Halloween pack renames itself to the same name as the disc exclusive clothing pack but that doesn't cause any problems in game. More information about that issue can be found here: _____ Please Note: I AM NOT ONE OF THESE SELLERS AND I HAVE NOT PURCHASED ANYTHING FROM THEM. I have this DLC because I was a backer and own the digital game and the first disc release for Xbox. I have come to these findings and conclusions based upon my own attempts to figure out a workaround to the existing issue with the Part 7 Kill Pack and the Disc Exclusive Counselor Clothing pack. The answers I have provided are based upon this information some of which has been provided by others in various posts asking or talking about how and why people are able to sell DLC for this game without a code on Xbox. If the devs/mods feel this information is not something they want posted on their forum then they may delete/edit this post. If they would at least acknowledge the issue and do something about people might stop asking about it. I don't think the DRM issue will ever be addressed. /ENDRANT
  9. What platform are you on? Xbox or PlayStation? The Xbox uses the same folder for the digital and physical release if you are using the same external or internal harddrive. I don't have a PS4 but from what I understand the digital and physical release are installed in separate folders and run separately. If you are on Xbox you may have to uninstall the game and reinstall it through the disc even though you will have to download the latest build. It may be that the refund is causing an issue with the DRM and not registering that you are attempting to load the game from the disc. You technically don't even need the disc when you own the game digitally but since you refunded the digital version it's causing problems. There is a patch that is suppose to be coming out on Friday August 9th so if you don't want to have to redownload the game again you might as well wait for that to be released.
  10. The changes to interaction are also affecting the arming of traps. If you arm a trap at the same time you are putting it on the ground it will set itself off and you will have to rearm it. This is on Xbox and happens every time.
  11. It's been 3+ months and it doesn't look like @GunMediaSupport read the ticket because they are still giving out troubleshooting steps that won't resolve the issue as linked to in the Tweets below this post. They are giving out the same steps to uninstall and reinstall the game that any Agent at Microsoft / Xbox Support will provide because no one appears to understand the underlying issue. There is some sort or conflict with these DLC files that is causing them to uninstall on their own. Unless you have an Xbox and the disc in front of you to see first hand what is going on with this DLC conflict it may very hard to understand the problem people are asking about or even the workaround that I have been trying to explain for almost 2 years. I have not experienced anything like this with any other Xbox game. I submitted another ticket today to jasonkillsbugs.com with a link to the workaround from my previous post. It's been almost 2 years and despite all my efforts I don't think it will ever be acknowledged let alone resolved. At the very least I think @GunMediaSupport should be telling people to purchase the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack from Xbox Live and to keep it uninstalled because that is the only thing that works from the user end. I realize telling customers to spend another $2.99 to fix this issue is not something you would want to be doing but it's the only solution that works. The workaround makes even less sense and the only reason it works is because Ilfonic didn't put any DRM on the paid DLC purchased or redeemed through a code on Xbox Live. This also means that the backer exclusive Clothing Pack #1 and Savini Jason have no DRM which is why people are still selling or giving access to that content without an actual code or xbox.com link. Since the disc DLC is loaded off the disc instead of a redemption code on Xbox even that can be shared an unlimited number of times by letting someone borrow the disc. ___ The other issue is in @GunMediaSupport telling this person to use the disc to install the game even though they also appear to own the game digitally. The disc will trigger a download of the latest build from Xbox Live and it is installed in the same folder that would be used for the digital game. The digital/physical game don't overlap so all you are doing is uninstalling and reinstall the same game to the same folder. There is no difference if you own the game digitally and on disc for Xbox. If someone only owns the game through the disc then uninstalling and reinstalling the game isn't going to resolve the underlying DLC conflict either. The only solution is to purchase the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack on Xbox Live and to keep it uninstalled. _____ Update July 22, 2019: I haven't received a response to the July 16th jasonkillsbugs.com report. I've sent several over the past 1.5 years and only ever received the auto generated "nobody likes bugs" email in regards to this particular issue. @GunMediaSupport made another followup Tweet on July 17th, 2019 suggesting that you shouldn't have to purchase the DLC again. They do not understand the problem or why the workaround is the only solution. None of their troubleshooting steps will solve the problem and the workaround I have described in my previous post(s) is the only current solution. At this point in time I do not expect the underling issue to ever be resolved. The only thing I can suggest is to point people to the workaround post when it is inevitably brought up again because @GunMediaSupport doesn't understand the problem and is unlikely to ever fix it.
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