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  1. EDIT: Apparently backers on PC got a code for the skin. The medium bloody skin is the only one for Savini and is exclusive to the console disc releases and since there was no disc release for PC it is not "legit".
  2. I would buy another licensed game or even an original idea if it had multiplayer similar to this game.
  3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/friday-the-13th-killer-puzzle/9n7rnbfw5pmj?cid=msft_web_chart&activetab=pivot:overviewtab * Reminder, ports are not affected by the lawsuit as noted by the previous Switch releases.
  4. Do a hard reboot to see if it fixes things. It's a known issue and unlikely to ever be resolved.
  5. The seller literally instructed you to log into their Xbox account to then download the DLC from the Manage Game "ready to install" section of their purchases.
  6. If you legitimately thought it was going to be a redemption code before you purchased then you should have filed a dispute with ebay and paypal as soon as the seller told you what you needed to do to get this DLC after you had paid and realized it wasn't going to be a code. Pretty much all those sellers also specifically state that it is not a code in their listings and that you have to follow their instructions which you clearly did by admitting that you have the DLC still installed on your Xbox.
  7. Unlikely. As a legitimate backer and owner of all the paid DLC for this game I just tested this out again today and all the DLC remains unlocked in game while it is uninstalled on my Xbox. Testing it this way is essentially the same thing as how the OP and many others have been able to have access to this content without actually owning it whether or not they left it installed on their Xbox.
  8. The Xbox One does not distinguish between disc and digital and it doesn't matter which version of the system (OG, S, SAD, X1X) you are playing on. If you own the game digitally then you don't need the disc in the console. There is no X1X enhancement patch for this game and Xbox Live will automatically download the latest build of the game. The game will also likely be backwards compatible on the next generation Xbox Series X / S. If you have switched consoles you may need to reinstall the disc DLC since the DLC from the disc isn't assigned (licensed) to your profile because you didn't purchase it through Xbox Live and won't appear in Ready to Install. If you have the disc in the console you will see the game icon on the Home screen with a disc logo, press the Menu button on that and it will give you an option to install just the DLC after clicking on Manage bundle. Alternatively you could use an external harddrive or the network transfer option to transfer installed games and DLC from one Xbox console to another. The DLC from the disc isn't assigned to any profile so it cannot be installed through My Home Xbox (gamesharing) but you can use the disc to install it locally on any Xbox an unlimited number of times. ____ If you are having issues with the Part 7 Kill Pack and/or Disc Exclusive Counselor Clothing Pack:
  9. They are NOT considered two separate games on Xbox. The Xbox One does not distinguish between disc and digital. ___ The DLC loaded from the disc works with the digital version of the game without needing the disc in the console. There is also a disc exclusive medium bloody skin pack for Jason that has the only available bloody skin for Savini. The DLC from the disc can also be installed by anyone an unlimited number of times as there are no redemption codes for the Xbox releases. There is a conflict with the part 7 kill pack and the disc exclusive counselor clothing pack. You can find out more information on that conflict including a workaround here:
  10. mattshotchaposted Yesterday at 11:08 AM on Discord: @Brigadius While we are willing to confirm that Gun is not going anywhere any time soon, and we'll be continuing to focus on Horror Games, we are not ready to announce the next project at this time. Stay tuned.
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