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  1. This request goes all the way out to Crystal Lake and the senior class of Lakeview High.
  2. I don't see them adding in the option to customize bot loadouts as it would likely be considered "new content" and without a local storage method of game progression and loadouts you won't have access to either. You won't even have access to your unlocked Jasons.
  3. The same thing happened a month ago for PS4. The dev build was pushed out and then later replaced with the proper update.
  4. At this point the release might actually be a good thing for console players because if they use a newer build of the game for this disc then that means it should include content NOT found on the October 2017 disc release. Most notably, Offline Bots, Virtual Cabin 2.0 and Singleplayer Challenges plus a number of maps and counselors. Even with the post engine upgrade bugs it would be nice to have those modes available on a disc as a backup in case the game was ever delisted and unavailable to redownload. If you were to ever lose access to your PSN/XBL account or the harddrive installation of the current build you would at least have a physical backup you could use that wasn't tied to any specific profile. Unfortunately, it does appear that the DLC is likely to still require to be downloaded so you wouldn't have access to that if it were ever to be delisted.
  5. I am in the Alpha Quick Start preview program on Xbox One and have an Xbox One X. This solution may not work for you. For the past week or more I have been having issues where my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 microphone is not registering to where I cannot talk and I sometimes cannot hear others speak. I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION! YMMV When attempting to troubleshoot this problem I found a post online where someone mentioned plugging a wired headset/headphones into an Xbox One controller to get the Audio tab and microphone on/off toggle to show up in the System screen on Xbox One which is hidden by default when using a wireless headset. So I tried it and it works. TUTORIAL: 1. Go into Party Chat so you can easily see if your microphone is detected/working. 2. Turn off your wireless headset. 3. Plug in a wired headset/headphones (mic not required) into the 3.5mm port on the bottom of your controller or chatpad. 4. Wait for the Xbox to recognize the headphones so that the mic not detected warning in Party chat disappears, even if you are using headphones that do not have a mic. 5. Press the Guide button to pull up the menu and tab over to the right to System. 6. Click on Audio. 7. Toggle the Headset mic option On/Off. 8. Disconnect the wired headset/headphones. 9. Turn on your wireless headset. 10. The Mic should now be working and you should be able to hear others speak. YMMV, I don't know if this will solve the problem for anyone else. I was having this microphone issue outside of F13 and it was affecting me overall on Xbox Live. I have had this happen at least half a dozen times in the past week or more and this solution works every time. I was on the Turtle Beach web site and they had a disclaimer talking about people on Xbox having issues with their mic and that they were working on trying to fix the problem. I did update the firmware on the headset last week but that did not resolve the issue. Good luck.
  6. Here is the text of the exact relevant excerpt from that book:
  7. I am on Xbox. The medium is exclusive to the disc but can be transferred to the digital copy on Xbox but not on PS4. The light and heavy require you to level up in game. All bloody skins are working for me but I did uninstall the Part 7 kill pack due to it's ongoing issue where it uninstalls and deletes itself and/or the disc dlc. Fortunately, the dlc that is not on the disc does not require to be installed if loaded into the game at least once. Thus I can use all the dlc at the same time on the digital copy. A bit confusing but it works.
  8. uh... It was more of a rhetorical question but I'll play: "1. Counselor not being able to place traps at the phone box because a Jason is using one of their traps to body block him placing his own traps, Exploit or No?" Just something to consider in the grand scheme of things. I've made my point(s) in the other relevant thread and will let them stand there. I do think the devs should further clarify things just to put this issue to rest. Good luck with the poll.
  9. I voted no. Is there going to be a poll where the words "Jason" and "counselor" are swapped with one another? Let's not forget polls for standing in front of the objective with or without a trap in hand or dare I suggest parking a car there. Just asking.
  10. Ralph Voorhees

    Jason trap exploit

    I thought that was obvious? I wasn't suggesting otherwise. I was making the point that the default thought of only trapping jason at doorways wasn't the only place to consider.
  11. Ralph Voorhees

    Jason trap exploit

    On the subject of Trap "exploits" I would suggest that what is seen in the following video is something that could be addressed by the devs as unlikely you are to see it successfully done in a real game: [Removed]
  12. Ralph Voorhees

    Jason trap exploit

    How is it unintended to trap an objective as a counselor? Why should a doorway that Jason might never go through or shift through be the go to place to put a counselor trap? A lot of Jason's trap the phone box. A lot of Jason's trap the car. They might even trap a generator after smashing it. Why shouldn't a counselor be able to do the same? As for bigger issues, a counselor can only hold one trap at a time and it becomes their primary item so they cannot hold a weapon or vehicle part. A counselor also has to go out and find a trap in the first place whereas Jason spawns with his inventory of traps and an instant morph. A counselor would also have to go back to rearm the trap or move it. Jason stepping on a counselor trap doesn't injure him other than to possibly cause him to lose his mask or go into rage faster. I feel like there is plenty of balance between the two trap types. EDIT: I went back and tested this and a counselor can drop a trap directly on top of a Jason trap whether it has been triggered or not. This may be considered to be unbalanced since Jason cannot do that against a counselor trap but I'm not sure there is an instance where this would be a practical strategy other than to slightly camouflage the counselor trap. I reported it to jasonkillsbugs.com. I'll leave that up to the devs to figure out. They patched the door stun entirely and that was their prerogative and it made the most sense. Was it ever an argument that a weapon or character shouldn't clip through a solid door? Being able to hit someone through a partially smashed open door isn't exactly unrealistic. They just got rid of it altogether due to the way weapons are swung. If you wanted to be realistic you could imagine a scenario where you poke the weapon through the opening in the door that Jason was smashing and hit him. They chose the easier method of just blocking the ability of being able to stun Jason through a door. You still see Jason clipping through doors, particularly if you shut it in his face. As for realistic physicals regarding traps I am pretty sure any human could easily pick up one of Jason's traps and toss it aside after setting it off with any available object including weapons let alone jump or lean over it. Jason cannot even set off his own traps when walking over them. Where is Jason storing all these traps that he has in his inventory, especially part 2? Is that realistic?
  13. Ralph Voorhees

    Jason trap exploit

    The counselor trap does NOT prevent Jason from smashing an active generator or the phone box. As I stated in my previous post, they fixed the floating trap glitch that could be exploited to block Jason's interaction with these objects. The OP is complaining about the counselor trap blocking their ability to put their own trap down on the ground in the exact same location. Put the trap to the side or use it somewhere else. If you want to beat a counselor to trapping an objective then use your morphs more wisely. A counselor trap is no more a factor than Jason's despite being able to pick it up and rearm. If it's armed and in front of an active phone box or generator or seat in the car then step in it. If you want to put a trap down, put it down just not in the exact same location. Put it to the side. This has been in the game since the beginning. There is no luck other than getting to an objective first. Is that luck? If they wanted traps to be stackable then they wouldn't have further changed it so Jason cannot stack traps directly on top of one another. The exploit of putting floating traps in front of an objective has been patched so that is a non issue. I don't consider it spectacular but the reactions I see and hear from players is pretty funny. Most don't even realize why they cannot place a trap and spend way too much time fussing around over it in game. Which is the point.
  14. Ralph Voorhees

    Jason trap exploit

    Is it any more of an exploit than Jason putting down a trap on an objective and thus preventing a counselor from doing so in the exact same location? This has been in the game since the beginning. Is this really an exploit? Why would you expect to be able to place a trap onto another trap just because it belongs to a counselor? Why should Jason be the only one to put a trap over an objective or anywhere for that matter? Be thankful the latest patch apparently fixed it so you can no longer place a floating trap in front of the phone box, generator or car and thus preventing Jason from interacting with the object. That was most certainly an exploit that needed to be patched despite how few people knew about it. I would put dropping armed/unarmed counselor traps in front of objectives into the category of advanced strategy. I still see people asking why a counselor trap is next to the car (gas/battery/driverseat), generator and the phone box. The reaction I see and hear of the person playing Jason is priceless. It is unfortunate that people don't grasp the reason behind doing so. So many times I've seen counselors pick it up and take it somewhere else or arm it. Makes no sense whatso ever. If they were ever going to STOP this they probably would have done it in the last update where they patched floating traps as previously mentioned. If Jason can put a trap on an objective then so should counselors. I would also point out that they purposely made it so Jason can no longer stack traps as closely as you use to be able to. I'm sure the devs have their own opinions on this issue.