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  1. Since todays retro patch I can pick up as many maps/walkies as I want, even if I have the perk. Before if I had the item already it would just close the draw automatically. I can obviously choose just not to pick it up but I can just imagine some dimwit going around just vacuuming all of them on the map so not every councillor gets a fair shake at finding one.
  2. Oh wow so the new skin doesn't even show during the opening video - only after the game has begun. Shockingly lazy work.
  3. Well here's my experience of the patch. Got in a game, and for some reason even though I have them through perks I could still collects maps/walkies. Then I got disconnected from the game for the first time ever where it wasn't the host leaving. Now I get 'user login failure, very internet connectivity' and can't get to the main menu no matter what. I don't even have energy to go troubleshoot this now, just gonna leave the game alone for a while.
  4. Content update 1 ladies and gentlemen. I guess my idea of 'content' being a new map, item, skill, mechanic - and not a new sweater - is going to be FAR too much to ask.
  5. 'Remember; the double XP weekend starts June 23rd and goes to June 25th. You will receive your 13,000CP at the start of that weekend as well.' aww I thought that was with the patch too.
  6. I'm not even sure I want this patched in on Steam. It's probably going to do more harm than good. hashtagcantrustthesedevs
  7. in b4 'we stayed up all night to release this, we've had no sleep, haven't eaten in 3 weeks, shells are dropping all around us, Barry lost his leg, but we pulled through'.
  8. https://www.gamespot.com/videos/friday-the-13th-the-game-retro-jason-livestream/2300-6439533/ Stream disappeared
  9. This was the response I got when I explained my problem of being matched with non English speakers 'We recommend checking out the various private groups and looking for folks around you so that you can play private games! -Gun' Have been trying that, but it's not that quick pulling an 8 man private group together. Especially when you have limited free time to play and want to spend it... you know, actually playing, not matchmaking.
  10. I'd love to see stalk accompanied by heavy, HEAVY fog (which is totally fitting of the FF13th aesthetic). Mechanically it's reduced vision distance, making you not sure of what direction Jason's coming from, and if you're running you might hit a tree, get stuck behind a fence etc. Not a guaranteed kill but certainly would makes things a little more challenging/tense for the councillor.
  11. I've certainly had similar treatment from Americans (as a Brit who only talks to inform about what's happening in the game). It's not an indication that everyone from X country is bad and hates everyone from Y country, don't take it personally. Some people are just pricks, and every country has a bunch of them.
  12. That's an exaggeration as I play the majority of games at 150ms, 200 sometimes too and for how clunky and imprecise the mechanics are in this game to begin with I've never been grabbed from 10 feet away. There's complaints about Jasons grab range from people who are playing on low pings too, it's a mechanical issue. But yeah that extra 100ms you might shave off my putting people into region play isn't worth how many players you'd alienate when a language filter solves the problem. Then also those few guys you see with the crazy 600+ms have issues with their internet that's unrelated to distance like someone using a VPN to play, you'll still get those guys no matter what region you're in.
  13. You're always gonna have that chinese guy who lucked upon the fuse, wandered off somewhere random and died without announcing his position. The reality of how this game plays doesn't line up with this attitude that everyone has to be communicating and announcing their position before they die with something important. I know it's the 'correct' way to play, but outside of private games with friends it's basically a given that at least several people wont have mics, wont speak the right language or simply decide not to talk. I'm not advocating for items to be highlighted at all. Just feel like some people seem to think this game is playing very different from how it really does. Or maybe you guys actually are actually getting consistent full teams of good players in QM, doubt it though!
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