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  1. No, it shouldn't since it takes action on their part to do it, it should be considered suicide.
  2. wow, way to support the game you already released and promised to keep improving and adding more content for.. What hacks.
  3. You don't need power for phones. The phone line provides the minimal amount of electricity for the phones to operate. Ever had a power outage at your house and used your landline phone to call the power company and report it?
  4. It's just my experience that whenever I call I immediately have Jason morph to me and since I play Deb.. that's not good, especially at the spawn I'm talking about, there's nowhere to hide or regen stamina from that spawn.
  5. Too many counselors leaving match right at the beginning makes a match pretty much impossible for counselors to play, and Jason quitting right at the start of the match ends the match, so it's just a waste of time.
  6. I just said I was keeping track using the badge. But go ahead and sling around accusations of lying, or better yet, GTFO. You think the game is perfect, you shouldn't even be in the suggestions forum, you should be fucking right the hell off, because this forum has nothing of any use to you.
  7. That sounds like hosts ragequitting on you. If you're on console it's more prevalent on PC (and on PC it doesn't always crash the match, I've seen hosts ragequit and everyone gets dropped and I've seen hosts ragequit and things continued as normal on PC, I don't understand it myself.) because of the peer to peer matchmaking that consoles use rather than dedicated servers, in fact on console because they know how much power the host has, hosts will threaten Jason with crashing the match and basically hold Jason hostage.
  8. I get that devs and publishers love streamers because it's free marketing for their game but damn, for people actually playing the game with them, they can really ruin the fun with their willingness to exploit and cheat in order to attract new subscribers. They'll give some stupid "disclaimer" that this recorded video from their stream is "for the devs" and "so they can fix it" but they sure are looking for likes and subscribes at the end of the video aren't they? I've also noticed that twitch viewership for the game nosedived after the new bannable offenses policy came out. Coincidence? Perhaps not.
  9. Haven't heard of this before but I guess that could be a factor, I just know that sometimes I see the person selected as Jason and they immediately leave the match before it even starts.
  10. Something like that, I didn't get to see it done but it was definitely a combo of the boat and sweater and Jason fell out of the map due to the sweater stun while he was under water.
  11. I've only seen it done once, by a pretty famous streamer for this game, the Jason involved was not a willing participant it was done in a public game, when I threatened to report him he took down his stream and deleted the videos for his last session. It was truly classy. anyway I'm not entirely sure how it works but when it happened I fixed the boat and one of the streamer orbiters stole it from right under me and headed BACK up the map towards the graveyard (on higgins), he then picked up his famous streamer buddy, who had picked up the sweater, they were talking on walkie talkie about how they were going to kill Jason using the boat, so they lured him out, in the middle of the water and suddenly the match ended and the streamer and his orbiters were all laughing while the Jason was pissed as fuck for being exploited on. That really struck a sour note with me because #1, they stole my escape, and #2, they ended the game with an exploit that they did on purpose just to get more "likes and subscribes" god streamers are fucking cancer.
  12. I don't know if it's the MOST important but it'd be in the top 3 along with homerun and host migration. The boat+sweater glitch is bad too but because that one has to be done deliberately you can pretty much ban every streamer who does that one in public games.
  13. No host migration for a commercially released online multiplayer only game in 2017 is pretty much unforgivable, and like I said in other threads, I know it's 100x worse on console where the host can basically hold Jason hostage.
  14. that and you know friends won't deliberately abuse glitches or leave game on you whether mid kill, or at the start of the match, and even if you spawn at the phone cabin, because it's a friend they'll probably not tunnel you at the start, they might screw with you a bit but ultimately you'll actually get to play, I mean I get it, but Quick matches/public games still need to be a viable option and some of the most glaring things that ruin the game in public matches should be addressed.
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