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  1. ? I was quoting what the guy told me about people who can compare as they wish and how if I didn’t like I shouldn’t comment or look at it. Lol this isn’t what I mean but people not paying attention. So thank you for your statements it’s no point to keep having to backtrack for people it was nice convo while it lasted though lol ????
  2. And post like this with the trying to be funny tone doesn’t help your cause. (Buy me a diary,) (see I just used periods) point in case yall try to be funny and smart about stuff this why Some people who feel the same as I do about the game don’t listen to what y’all call “advice” or “feedback” people who post like that make it seem like they are always right or the other person opinion or comment is irrelevant. But then y’all complain about how we somehow do that to y’all.??
  3. Again nobody reads what I said. I stated my opinion I knew people were going to say something. Someone wrote me people will compare as they wish if you don’t like then don’t read. I said well if they compare then I can state my opinion if I want. I also said it seems when I state a opinion or someone with my same thoughts state an opinion people in the comments get angry and refuse to see other point of views and go on raging about how they suck and git gud or the usual about their grammar. I know what grammar is I’m pretty sure if I didn’t I would have been still in high school. I’m on a mobile phone don’t feel like being grammatically correct. Y’all like to be funny petty and childish about a opinion. I stated previously I wasn’t being rude or angry but people like y’all get so pressed and become enraged little kids I never said you couldn’t state an opinion. But when you try to be childish about it I do find your opinion to be null and void . the only one who kinda was respectful was rvsdesing or something like that but then he got childish also. Yall keep talking about having a conversation when y’all can’t even conversate like adults. It always come down to raging and disrespect which I am not a fan of. If you took my opinion out of context I made sure to state i wasn’t being rude or angry just stating something I felt. And when people comment stuff that isn’t respectful I don’t feel like I should care about your opinion. It would have been different if we had a whole convo that went something like. “Well I see what your saying but have you though that maybe Jason’s grab is like that because so and so”. Not “ well his grab is fine maybe you try not to get grabbed”. Like how does that help that’s sarcasm. In real life I hope y’all don’t talk to yalll bosses like that when you don’t agree or your family and friends cause if so then something needs to change.
  4. I could go on and on about how people who are gun ho about something never can see flaws in it or see another person point of view. But I honestly don’t care that much. I just stated an opinion got a lot of childish comments some where somewhat decent. I feel I have the right to speak an opinion like every one here because I paid my money just like every one else like person stated before if you don’t like what I say then don’t comment or even click on the post. Granted wrong place to put this post made a mistake. But y’all get so hyped and childish and start cussing people out and demeaning them ??? I’m over here like did sleep with your man or woman y’all get so pressed over an opinion even after I said I wasnt being angry or rude ???? You can’t change anyone’s mind or try to get them to see real problems for the general player base. it’s all about those few that like it not everyone else who paid their money also, just the ones that praise the game no matter what.
  5. ??‍♂️ Timeout lol ??? your still talking to me.
  6. Wow I still can’t see those exact words smh ??. And the profanity wasn’t needed so I’m guessing your a grown child who can’t talk without spazzing out so no more attention for you your in time out for now until you learn to speak correctly. Thank you and good bye.
  7. Oh ok so I said Jason is op lol hmmm I must be blind I can’t see that you mind highlighting those words for me. Again you don’t really read you must be those people that read the summary on the back of the books and not actually read the books. I said Jason kills around 4 people in under a min that could be because the counselors aren’t that great and they have grouped up in one house and gave Jason free kills but nope I directly and must have meant it’s Jason’s fault. Or maybe that’s what you felt I was saying I never mention any cause to why that happens. But if you would have opened the book and read I said counselors also when on luck so why would I say I’m the best and only lose cause Jason. I don’t remember me specifically saying Jason is op I said people who compare to the movie use that. I don’t think he is OP I just think his mechanics are geared towards a on sided benefit game the only people that truly enjoy a win is Jason when a counselor plays you pray and hope you get bad Jason. Jason isn’t to the point were anyone can pick him up and win but he doesn’t take a lot to learn and it doesn’t take long at all to learn him.
  8. And the Negative comments made reflect exactly what I mean when I say some comments about the game being bad the F13 justice warriors come out and say don’t say that that’s wrong your wrong. ??? I think some of y’all forum members transferred from paragons forums. ????
  9. Lol yep cause that’s exactly what I meant I’m the greatest player and I said I blame it on the game for my losses yep cause those words came out of my mouth or I surely insuinated it. ✌?
  10. You right it’s not that deep but it to me makes no sense how if I want to state a comment on some actually reason of the game not getting such a great look people get mad. I didn’t come on here and says it trash or it sucked I just feel it’s unbalanced and I hate how people bring up DBD and say that games sucks but if I say how it is actually better in balances than F13 everybody is salty. It’s just a lot of hypocrisy and it blows me. Their here to state a opinion so am I but the don’t like when I state my opinion.
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