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  1. Yes I have experienced this frequently even when going down stairs they stutter and then stop and then go again lol it’s weird.
  2. I was wondering because I started back playing but not frequently I usually can only play one game a day or a week depends how I feel. That’s because it’s still very unbalanced in terms of Jason himself everything is ok except his grab radius I hear people say if you take that away then he is useless but he isnt because he can still shift grab right on top of you but it would just actually need skill to do it with out spamming the button. Counselors can’t escape if he shift grabs because his radius is so big he doesn’t have to be accurate also his instakills still are pathetic why have a escape bar? I don’t get it like really I’m trying to think why implement a system that doesnt work at all. I’ve only press escape the first time I started playing the game after that I have never used it once I get grabbed if I don’t have a pocket knife then I just let him kill me. Also what is the point of stealth in this game serious question? Because I noticed no matter how I keep my light on stay in lit house don’t see any dead bodies my character still generates fear and Jason always finds me then on top of that going in a house shows up red so how can you hide once you hide he knows you are hiding plus I’ve have realized when a counselor is hiding they are talking from Jason POV but from counselors they are quite and you are trying to figure out how he found you it’s very broken. By the end of the match everyone has high fear no matter who has avoided things Are they not changing anything I haven’t heard or seen anything on this I would like to know if they have stated that they thinks he is perfect where he is at so I can atleast know. Instead of thinking they just ignore this problem. I have been playing DBD very frequently and the game has its unbalanced but I prefer it over F13 right now and I bought F13 way before I bought DBD it’s slowly becoming another paragon for me and I don’t want that.
  3. So why can jason shift after I stun him he got stunned but then shifted out of it the what since does that make ?? Again another thing that needs to be fixed about Jason. And are they ever going to fix his grab and the his hitbox attacks shouldnt go through him
  4. Ban report system

    It's not the fact of morality it's the fact of what's the point. There is no true benefit to team killing but pissing people off and then when they get banned they want to throw a fit and whine. In terms of morality or survival killing a teammate does nothing life saving or game changing that just cuts the number of counselors down quicker so the next one will be you why single yourself out if you are trying to survive? There's a difference between running towards a group of counselors hoping Jason gets distracted but just plain killing a teammate is just ridiculous. Also i have not seen 1 team killer do it because of survival they just do it to do it. I also don't care how fun it is to a minority of the games audience because the majority bought the game to enjoy the game as Intended whether you lone wolf a game or not the point is to run from Jason not other counselors. And in terms on longevity of the game that's not helping it already had a roughy start from cheaters to game crashes and bugs I think the last thing this game needs is trolls or people who teamkill for fun.
  5. Ban report system

    No and no I play aj or tiffany 99.9% of the time and I always solo I don't go near other counselors unless I have fixed something and try to help them escape and my mic is off. But even so I don't kill every Vanessa or bugsy that runs up to me and follows me even though they are loud. Those aren't execuses to team kill or help Jason. And that has never been the case they just start killing people. there should be no reason you should team kill unless they are team killing.
  6. Ban report system

    Yes it is very annoying I don't know why people do it it's beyond petty and annoying.
  7. By all means before you release retail please implement a ban system i have been in more than one game consecutively with team killers and people helping out Jason it's annoying. I can't enjoy the game it makes me not want to play it at all completely. And nothing to do with cheaters and trolls but also hit register s wayyy off and the fact we have to ready up a swing while Jason can swing quicker than us it blocks our hit and a lot of times the hit goes straight through Jason.
  8. Why does everyone keep wanting a asymetrical multiplayer game to be like The movie. If we are talking about lore when has Jason ever shifted? Or teleported? That's not true to lore the only supernatural power he has is immortality. And a game has to be fun and fair for everyone you will be a counselor. 99.9% of the time so why would it be fun to die every match you play. It doesn't say the counselors job is to die. Also Jason has always successfully kill someone with stealth Jason's don't do that in the game they just chase you around until you out of stamina that takes the fear out of it I get more scared when my character screams about a dead body that is not even in sight. It's a game that is suppose to be fun and enjoying for both parties not for Jason players only. The grab shift needs a major fix. It's no point to run low stam characters unless you have extra stam perk and recharge perks. I see a lot of people run Vanessa's and bugzys and Tiffany but her repair sucks. I can survive a great bit of games unless they have mastered shift grab which a lot of em have now it's just see if I can run Jason around until he finally catches up with me cause most Jasons know now to trap objectives.
  9. Well isn't this game more expensive then DBD with way less content the content that dead by daylight has would add up to this game so we should get a few dlc packs for free I think characters should be free but customization options and maybe some special perks could be paid for. Now after a few packs then we can get paid dlc but I don't know if a lot would pay at the moment because it's still in development im not saying I wouldn't but some probabaly wouldn't. Now maybe paying for Jason's should be allowed but counselors should be free updates since we spend 95% of the game as a counselor. And yea NES Jason was free but it was only a re-skin with different soundtrack so it wasn't a Huge dlc deal I appreciate it don't get me wrong but I only seen that Jason the day it came out now nobody uses him really. And I'm not saying ALL characters and counselors should be free but maybe some here and some there cause like some stated they still of course have to make money but I agree that he is right they made a big profit of this game when they finally comes for other platforms and out of closed beta. But I believe im going to spend some money on it it won't be a destiny were in order to actually enjoy the game you have to buy every dlc that came out just to progress. It won't be any you have to buy this.
  10. Oh yea choose your stats would be great and oh they already have their faces in the game?
  11. How would it effect those people they can still have their faces in the game that can be a special feature for people who paid and only they can have their faces in the game.
  12. It's foul depending on circumstance 1 what counselor they play if it's aj like me it's sucks because she isn't fast nor can she run for a long time 2 what Jason they play if it's a running Jason then yea it's kinda hard to escape him 3 who you spawn next to again if you play stealth like me spawning next to a Vanessa bugsy or any low stealth counselor gets you killed quick while they are sprinting away you are stuck trying to juke him out and ultimately lose 4 if the loud conselor is following you and thinking sticking together is a great plan 5 and last but not least what objective you spawn next to I don't think we should spawn right on top of them I think a good distance should be ok but like bam right there eh it's sketchy and yea console wait times are horrible sometimes I get put in a lobby by myself and when I do find a match it sucks when you die as soon as it starts.
  13. I read a article about things that people would like to see implemented and create your own counselor really caught my attention. I feel it would bring a whole new type of immersion to the game I think it's a great idea and be able to set stats with a set amount of skill points so you of course wouldn't have max everything but be able to customize your character how you like and then clothes and appearanc. What do y'all think is it too much or is it a good idea i for one like it very much.
  14. And not only do just do it for fun they do it as a temper tantrum because they aren't Jason just had a game like this I've ran into this a couple times two people tried to kill me but instead died by Jason but last game a guy ran around killing almost every one Jason only got to kills while the rest was the dummy going around killing his own teammates ruined it for me had to stop playing for the whole day. Threw me off it already takes too long to get in a game and I don't want spend it dealing with some baby who didn't get to play Jason so they go around killing everyone else.