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  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Yes but right now, we have 3 NEW GAME MODE, 1 MAP and at least 2 COUNSELORS !
  2. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

  3. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Normally, we're supposed to have 5 update before December 25th. Otherwise, developers will be behind the road map. Because you thought that the PUMPKIN OF HALLOWEEN meant Thanksgiving ? The PUMPKIN OF HALLOWEEN means HALLOWEEN !!!!!! Halloween is OCTOBER 31th.
  4. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I don't know Kitcat .....
  5. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    SNOWFLAKE means CHRISTMAS and NO WINTER because winter ends in MARCH 2018 and I doubt they would have put only 5 UPDATE in 6 MONTHS !
  6. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    CHRISTMAS is coming and we still have NO UPDATE .......
  7. I still haven't find Jarvis Tapes but I find all Pamela Tapes.
  8. Pamela's Mode ! (Requires the 20 Pamela's Tapes to be unlocked) Each game will last 20 minutes. The player will only play as PAMELA VOORHEES. This game mode exists in bots version (10 bots VS. Pamela Voorhees) and in multiplayer version (4 survivors VS. Pamela Voorhees). There is only ONE EXIT, whether for cars, the boat, or the arrival of the police. Story Game : Ten campers (BOTS) do not suspect that Pamela Voorhees came back to avenge her son's death years ago. Bots enjoy themselves, swim, dance, smoke, drink, wander, and do not suspect for one second that they are being watched. Campers will only be notified of their presence if the safety/danger gauge of a bots changes from GREEN to RED. At this points, the campers will do everything to protect themselves from Pamela and pick up weapons and by idiocy, will disperse. • There will be THREE levels of difficulty + ONE bonus level : 1 - EASY 2 - ADVANCED 3 - EXPERT BONUS - SURVIVAL (This level requires the success of the "Expert" level to be unlocked. • Strenghts & Weaknesses : + A perfect discretion + Can hide in the forest + May cause uncontrolled fear - Do not swim fast - Any sense - No shift & no teleportation • Stats : Strenghts : 8/10 Stamina : 6/10 Speed : 5/10 Discretion : 10/10 Sabotage (Battery, Propeller, etc...) : 10/10 • Ruse : Pamela can hide in closets and pop up on a camper to kill him but she can also pass through a window discreetly if ever the door has been barricated. She can open and close windows. • Skills : R1 + Round (PS4) : Pamela can blend into the background when surrounded by a tree. This skill only lasts a few seconds. R1 + Cross (PS4) : The strength of Pamela is doubled. This skill lasts 15 seconds. R1 + Square (PS4) : Pamela can cause uncontrolled fear in the campers that will make them confuses. This skill lasts 20-30 seconds. R1 + Triangle (PS4) : Pamela enters a black rage and can explode the doors in just 2 shots, can kill a counselor more quickly, can launch a knife remotely with unparalleled accuracy. This skill lasts 30 seconds and takes 5 minutes to complete. • Grab : When Pamela catches a counselor by the neck, the counselor can struggle and stop him by pressing the touch "X" (as if to escape a Jason grab). The player controlling Pamela must press "X" and complete his progress bar before the counselor to kill him. • Kill Pamela : To kill Pamela, the counselor will have to go to the old Voorhees House and pick up Pamela's machete. To enter the Voorhees House, the counselor will have to find the key of the house in one of the drawers of the map. Pamela can only be killed on the beach. • No Tommy radio : Tommy Jarvis can NOT be called in this game mode. I HAVE NO OTHER IDEA, ADD IT IF YOU LIKE MINE.
  9. Is this possible ?

    Yes ! Your remark is relevant EXCEPT that we are talking about the Hallowwen PUMPKIN, not the SNOWFLAKE :')
  10. Is this possible ?

    So they're stupid to the point of assiociating a PUMPKIN in the FALL ? It doesn't ask you no problem if I put a CHRISTMAS TREE to associate it with any of the WINTER SEASON ?
  11. Is this possible ?

    Autumn beginning SEPTEMBRE 22TH and we are October 1ST, so either they are behind the outputs or content will come out before Halloween, so no later than OCTOBER 31TH
  12. Is this possible ?

    So they took 4 months to send 5 news and now they will take only 1 month to send 5 news ? WTF Pumpkin means HALLOWEEN and the snowflake means CHRISTMAS ^^
  13. Will they really make out the "Jarvis House map", "Jason Part IV", "New counselors", "New kills" & "New clothing" before HALLOWEEN ????? You honestly believe that ?
  14. Jason grabs kilometers advisors, it's even more Jason is Mister Fantastic, it gets boring, you have to work around a house to make a u-turn just for not that Jason launches its extendable arm !!!! You too ????
  15. Ce mot n'est pas beaucoup utilisé, c'est sûrement pour ça... Sinon, y'a aussi les stats des personnages, ils ont mis "réparer" au lieu de mettre "réparation". Dans le menu principal, ils ont mis "comment jouer" mais ils auraient dû mettre "Règles du jeu" Dans le menu principal également, à la place de "Personnaliser", ils auraient dû mettre "Personnalisation".