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  1. Oh and urbt (right above you) feels like you moderators and self loving...."guys"...putting it nicely, are not the least bit concerned about the fanbase. Look at his profile picture. It says more than you could ever say. Not just me. Check twitter even. Do research before singleing me out
  2. LMAO!! This is a forum. We can say how we feel. And I feel that you especially definitely singled me out, when I was just new and was excited to start a thread. Because it jeopordized your "virtual fame", it got locked. From that point on, i knew what kind of moderators were on this forum. So dont get all self righteous. Are you a psychiatrist? No. So do NOT even think about telling me how i should feel or act. I am free to speak as I please on these threads, and you know that is a fact. And how do you know there wasnt anything I could add or say that was different? Everyone has different experiences so do NOT talk down to anyone. Ever. In fact, people liked the thread before it was locked. And the moderators AND the dev team should be frustrated, they singled out an ENTIRE console community of players that love their game, and yet they talk shit and call people assholes? Come on. Be real here. And I honestly could not care less about my first impressions. Who cares? Well, apparently you lol. Everyone else i have talked to on these forums agrees with me and they have even requested my GT so they can play THIS game with me. So stop with all this, im sick of it, and stop being self righteous. We can say and express however we feel on this forum. End of story. Oh and if you dont believe I contribute or that I made a bad impression, ask the user who followed me and saved MY ARTWORK I POSTED FOR YOU GUYS as his desktop pocture. Think and do your research before posting about what (YOU THINK) other people are doing wrong.Other than having a pinned thread, what makes you special? Nothing. So get off my ass. Im done
  3. Why? I shouldnt have to get a refund. Ive already made myself very clear in my posts that I LOVE this game. But the moderators and the Devs arent treating Their LOYAL fanbase like they PROMISED they would. I dont want my money back, i want compensation for the 5 levels that I could have earned today if EVERY MATCH hadnt froze or kicked me out
  4. THANK YOU! JPops, take our advice and pass it along. We are all getting extremely fucking mad about your unprofessionalism on these forums. And you already deleted my thread when I FIRST JOINED. Fucking dick man. All we want is to play the game. Tell whoever you need to tell. We are over this shit
  5. Yes it is a reality. Step by step. It is possible. Fact. We ALL (not just me), want a solid UPDATE/PATCH, that addresses all of the issues we have seen so far. Thats all! Not that hard!! We want a nice team of developers who fulfills their promises. And so far, none of our expectations have been met except for the core gameplay.
  6. Again, avoiding the main issue. Everyone on this thread can agree that we are playing cat and mouse. We cant speak freely about our opinions, if we do, we get a warning. And called an asshole. What kind of customer service is that? And a small team is no excuse for not having round the clock updates on servers and patches. I am SO GLAD multiple people agree that (wont name any names here, but you know who you are), you have a god complex. If Gun keeps treating customers like this, who cares about the source material anymore? Im never buying a game from Gun again if this is how the customer appreciation and updates are going to be. And dont come back with some more "Do you know what God Complex is?" Bullshit, I know exactly what it is, and every single match i played today crashed. EVERY SINGLE ONE. So yes. We NEED round the clock updates on servers and patches. No questions, no excuses. It can be done, that is a fact. Case closed. The ONLY reason, and i repeat, the ONLY REASON i am still playing is because I absolutely love the source material. But your customer service alone is destroying that. Ive said my piece. Everyone have fun playing if you still are, and if you arent, i dont blame you. Oh and P.S.... i can feel a warning coming my way, so go ahead. If I cant speak freely on your customer service, than I wouldnt like to be a part of it anyways.
  7. Id love to! I love the entire franchise and source material! My GT on XB1 is TehCrow62790
  8. I would love to roleplay a few matches with ya! My gamertag is TehCrow62790
  9. I agree 100%. I just dont understand how people can get drawn into DBD over this...i mean yea it has bugs and glitches...but so what??? Isnt it a testament to the good people who made this masterpiece, that even with crashing and bugs, I still played this game nonstop, ALL DAY today? Lol and yesterday!!! I just dont get it. I got bored of DBD after about a dozen matches
  10. I agree...I loved DBD as well. But the only actual mechanic besides hiding is fixing breakers. No fun after a dozen matches. This game has way more to offer. Especially if you are a fan of the source material! There will be single player soon as well, which DBD does not have to my knowledge
  11. Definitely have a mic. Always use one lol. Hopefully I will be able to play tonight...depends on my wife's mood haha ? Sad but true ? I will let you know! Or you will see me on there ??
  12. Yes thats very true...and I added you on XB1 by the way! My gamertag is TehCrow62790 ??
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