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  1. For those of you who are unhappy with your experience on Xbox, I figured I would give the heads up that Microsoft is being pretty generous with refunds for this game. I just finished up on their support chat and they allowed me to get a full refund, even though I had 50 hours of playtime and made my purchase in the first week of the game launch. Supposedly many Xbox users are pretty frustrated having waited this long for the game to be consistently playable. I was one of the unlucky bunch who stuck around with expectations that the game issues would be fixed relatively quickly after launch. This is by no means a hate post, just wanted to give the FYI that if you are as unsatisfied as I have been with this game on Xbox(it is the only game I have ever got a refund on), then contact Microsoft support and see what they can do for you. Who knows, maybe I will repurchase way down the road if I hear that they fixed all the issues, but for the time being I am pretty damn happy I got my money back. Good luck everyone!
  2. I know right, if I had the chance I would just get a refund since I am playing way more Dead By Daylight, but I stuck around with good faith that the game would be fixed within a couple weeks. Last time I ever do that with a game. Live and learn...
  3. Yeah my tip to fellow Xb1 users: Play another game until a patch is confirmed to have worked for the console. I've been exclusively on DBD while waiting for an update. Tried playing F13 twice on the weekend. First game had a host quit, 2nd game crashed to my dashboard. Don't pay any attention to people calling you whiners, etc. 90% of them don't play on the same system and have no idea what we deal with when we try to play. It is a fun game, but I'd wait until it hits a "consistently playable" status unless of course you can deal with the crashing. To each their own.
  4. Just got DBD on the weekend after experiencing crash to dashboard #623 on Xb1. Honestly, I had a great time playing. The 2 games are totally different in terms of gameplay and both worth owning(other than f13 on xbox until they fix crashing). My replays on F13 are usually funny moments(getting hit by cars, stunlocking jason, etc), while replays on DBD involve me getting out of intense situations, juking the killer, etc. DBD rounds are quicker, far more intense, and the killers all have different abilities(you also don't know what character the killer has chosen until you actually see them in game). On the other hand, F13 has a more relaxed vibe since the maps are bigger, and there are more players, which means more time that Jason is chasing somebody else while you have some relief gathering items. Another difference is that if Jason finds you and tunnels you in F13, it is almost certain death, while in DBD you can actually escape the chase if you play your cards right, and even if you get downed, one of your 3 other teammates can revive you. But best of all? I haven't crashed to dashboard playing DBD since I purchased it :). Bottom line though, if you like the CONCEPT of Friday the 13th(escape the killer/kill the survivors), do yourself a favor and try Dead By Daylight. Both games do a great job with that style of game, in very different ways.
  5. Played a few rounds on the weekend. Crashed on 3/4 of them. The final crash occurred when we were in the car, 3 seconds away from the exit. Turned the game off, bought Dead By Daylight, and had a blast playing it for the rest of the weekend.
  6. He can still smash the windows, but I still open them as well in case I need to make a leap.
  7. As many people are aware, there are certain(most) times where you should be running as opposed to attacking Jason due to his animation providing him with invincibility. For example, if you fail to attack him on time while he is raising a counselor up in the air with one of his grabs, he cannot be struck during the execution animation that takes place. A lot of players fail to realize this and will waste time taking swings at air until he finishes up and kills them as well. When are other times that he is invincible? Can I strike him if he gets stuck in one of my bear traps? Or would he be invincible while trying to get out? Can I strike him while he is in the middle of breaking down a door? I have heard somewhere that he is invincible here as well. Any other times that a hit won't register on him? PS - I realize that counselors should rarely fight him, and it is a last resort. That being said, it would be helpful to know that when I run up to take a lucky swing, I won't be swinging at the mystical protective aura that surrounds him!
  8. I give up on this game. I was waiting to see what the patch did and clearly they still can't figure it out. Dedicated servers are also a sham since they ignore these posts. Good luck guys!
  9. Somebody who has tested the patch please give us the heads up: 1) How is the crashing/disconnects now? 2) Is quickplay P2P? Or dedicated like on steam?
  10. Nobody on my xb1 friends list even plays this anymore. 3 of my buddies got refunds after the first failed patch unfortunately. If nothing is fixed after this week, I'm out as well. This is getting out of hand. The launch feels like Sim City on PC all over again.
  11. I had to create an account for this exact post. On a side note, what brilliant mind came up with the questions to create a forum account here? "Who played Jason in the Game", "Who is the final girl" WTF? I have never had to do research to create an account lol. Anyways, back on topic... I have been checking pretty much daily for any information on dedicated servers on console. I have seen countless facebook posts and tweets from others asking about it, and those posts get ignored. However, any post that contains the words "Host Migration" get a response. You shouldn't advertise that quickplay will be on dedicated servers, then say you are working on "host migration". Did anybody see the heat that Ubisoft got for making For Honor P2P? Ubisoft got ripped a new one by the community and reviewers for P2P. Anyways, I found this post through your reddit post which is catching some attention right now on the f13 sub.
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