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  1. While I wouldn't mind them increasing the radius for the trap placement, as in allowing Jason to not basically stack them on top of each other. I also think it's a needed mechanic. Nothing worse than starting a match laying down a single trap, rng occurs and a person finds the fuse, and a pocket knife, and before Jason even gets shift they've got the police called. Top that off with My dads a perk and Jason could be potentially be forced to try and kill everyone in only 5 minutes start time. And It really isn't his fault as he can't just camp the fuse box house the entire time. To make matters worse for Jason it's possible for the counselors to know exactly where the fuse box is when they spawn. Now I can think of a few things to help with it. Create a specific item designed solely around disarming traps. You can even keep the pocket knives as an option to disarm them. But buff Jason's map awareness of the traps in response. Once a trap has been disarmed it should immediately be shown as gone from Jason's map. And too make it easier for Jason to see which trap went off.
  2. He did burn down a boat...because a body he threw got electrocuted and started a fire. I don't believe that he intentionally did it on purpose lol
  3. I like the way Jenny looks I just wish she had better repair lol
  4. This comment doesn't add anything to the issue of balance. If I really wanted to challenge myself, I'd pick Part 7 Jason, never lay a single trap, and only use melee attacks and see if I could actually kill everyone or not before they called the police/fixed the cars in less than 5 minutes after the game started.
  5. I think shift + grab is a skill move. Peoples suggestions to zig-zag and move like a chicken with it's head cut off isn't a horrible idea. But more advanced Jason's can deal with it. Half the time if you just aim for somewhere in the middle of their crazy movements, or just ahead of them. Jason will suddenly have an instant controllable 360 degree grab, with insane range coming out of shift. What I mean by controllable is you'll have the same instant turning ability of a counselor, so if they ran backwards a tap backward and grab will catch. Also the longer this game goes on the more control people have over shift, they'll know just the right time to make tight turns inside of buildings, and to avoid running into large rocks and fences as well as trees. My personal favorite favorite versions of Jason is part 6, and part 8. Part 8 for his destruction, and for how unprepared most people are for the shift inside of buildings. And Part 6 for his shift, and throwing knives, and...admittedly I got used to him to kill glitchers in the original packanack glitch spot. Before they could get on the roof, as his weapon could actually reach. It also helps when glitchers get to high locations like the main house on higgens.
  6. I don't see the points you've made as valid as kicking should be done in lobby only. You'll get at least one full game as Jason before getting kicked if they decide on doing that. And they can't kick you for being the last survivor without the game actually finishing. And I can't see people kicking you for surviving a full game unless you were being toxic in game.
  7. You can search 6 houses and not find a pocket knife. And you should use Stalk, Shift + Grab. Or any tools the developers give you to catch your prey as Jason. Also a pocket knife doesn't stop him from just shift grabbing again after like 8 seconds of down time, and then killing that same person. I do it all the time to people who were lucky enough to get 2 pocket knives. It's not like it kills Jason or throws him off your characters trail.
  8. Easy they fix the glitches. If people can't get to a spot they can't be killed at to be a cheap asshole, there is no reason to kill them. And if they add a kick option, and host migration. Then if you got toxic people in the group, or people who are just being horrible to other players in public lobbies, you could remove, or leave without dismantling the entire lobby.
  9. I know this is to help get this fixed and solved...but I can't help but feel like people are bringing more and more exposure to these glitches, and because of this more people will use them in games until they finally do get patched out lol
  10. I think shift grabbing is pretty ridiculously op as it is right now. I can go against a horde of Vanessa's and they will just drop like flies. Their speed means very little when I just zoom up to them anyways, generally the crazy sporadic running in response to shift does little to help. There is usually a pattern to it, or a sweet spot that you can angle to grab at them. And for some reason people don't seem to defend themselves properly at all when you shift inside of a house. I don't think they expect it, but an experienced Jason player will attempt it. Only newer players can't control shift very well, or know what will clip Jason's massive speed boost. The last 20 games I've played as Jason, I've killed everyone. Mostly due to shift grab, I didn't really care if they had a pocket knife. Because I was confident I could just grab them again. And usually if they didn't immediately run into a building another shift + grab was all I'd really need to seal the deal. In return this makes the game boring for me, frustrating for my prey. And frustrating to play against Jason. There really needs to be some sort of balance change around this mechanic. I realize that without shift+grab in the current game you'd never catch Vanessa, Tommy, or Bugzy. But for me they might as well be as slow as Lachappa when I'm shifting. I know not everyone is proficient with shift + grab. It legit is a skill that you level up the more you play but once you master it, it is game over for anyone who dares to set foot in Jason's camp grounds. Currently I'm level 69 with a lot of hours under my belt and counting. I'd love to see a change to the mechanic that is fair to the counselors, and to Jason.
  11. I don't usually mind spectating, unless I get unlucky and get killed 2 minutes into the game. For the most part I just surf the interwebs/do something else. Heck I watched an entire Friday the 13th movie, while playing Friday the 13th lol Mostly during spectate. I guess if I had zero options to do other things in the house besides just spectating it would drive me insane if I was watching someone hide under a bed or something for a good portion. But as long as something is happening. Like someones being chased, or if they are getting objectives together etc. I'm okay with it. I do think they could add extras to spectating. Like searching through perks, or as I've suggested have a way to practice the repair minigame with varying difficulties to match characters repair skills.
  12. I think a more realistic addition would be the SS Lazarus from Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhatten. It was a giant ship with tons of rooms, and even a few party locations for the students on board. Life boats could be a way to escape. Or fixing the ships piloting system as you've said to get to the shore, and the escaping to an exit similar to how calling the cops now works.
  13. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDSQ9j4WsAElQZh.jpg Okay maybe I exaggerated a little bit when I said I have 20 epics, I actually only have 15. But I was just guessing. Regardless I still believe it is luck based. I've also spent a lot of cp. But here is what I currently have, and the only epics I've sold have been worse off duplicates.
  14. I also agree that melee attacking Jason's are incredibly easy to deal with. If they are not in combat stance it's an easy block and swing for a stun. It is difficult to do when there is lag however. And if they go into combat stance...they can probably block right after the swing so use that time to run as they can't grab you. With Thick skin it will take forever. Jason's like myself who are proficient at shift + grab are way more frightening. Because you could have 3 pocket knives and you'll probably still end up dying fairly quickly.
  15. I don't believe this for a second being factual I got like 20 epics right now. It's just chance...and epics are on the lower end.
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