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  1. pfft Jason's a walk in the park. He's been made more annoying but imo he is stronger. The biggest hits he received imo is the grab range which was painfully deserved but even still its not the conclusion I wanted, spam grab jasons regardless of hitting or missing will still exist and make the look like a comedy. The other hit is the parts being shown on map for counsellors and I have to firmly say this needs to go. If Jason wasn't getting "fixes" (lies for buff imo) then this counsellor buff wouldn't have happened. When the game came out balance felt delicious to me, I loved it as both roles. Only thing was a grab overhaul but they kinda went and slowly ruin balance I think.
  2. Partly. On the lobby it showed the normal amount of players nothing was strange, then inside the match it had actually loaded 9. I had counted whom I had killed based of player and there was 1 more than there had to be that match. One of them was invisible and was lagging across the map, I assumed this was the 9th player but I can't really say if it would have been so. After I killed that player the last one remained which was Kenny that I seemingly couldn't detect till the end of the match, that or the Kenny was just very good of course or just hid, but that was the case. In game the scoreboard has listed that 9 players were in fact in the match and the kill count (since I killed everyone) was also higher than what it could be. I had associated this with a glitch in lobby's that would restrict players from joining when there's a free slot but I'm not sure if its a viable reason for this glitch considering it was a perfectly full lobby till the match had begun and there was an extra player. In case it means anything this occurred on the current Xbox one version of the game, which to be honest probably means quite a bit.
  3. To be clear I'm not sure this is viable, I probably should have made a thread for this but I had experienced this and the game had actually loaded 9 players into the match. It was a strange a match with one player being completely glitch, not sure however if that was the 9th, but the I killed them all regardless and the match couldn't end I assume due to the players it had loaded. It was an occurrence I did not expect.
  4. I don't either, I have issues in particular with her appearance not fitting her trope however, and I'm sure anyone can see something needs to change. I agree, let alone if they changed her hair it would a huge improvement but I seriously think she actually just needs an overall head update entirely. Also don't worry about your obsession, I've had my obsessions from that era as well, I however agree with you. I mean if they gave Jenny her hair it would look a lot more healthy and fitting. Jenny's current hair however really just doesn't work. I don't have any disagreements here. I don't get why Jenny is the only character who looks so different to her concept art. She looks amazing in her concept and they just made her look so off in the final product. It doesn't really feel like she fits in with the cast for her trope that is. She is very wrong at the moment. I mean in a joke sense, Kenny is feels far more like "The girl next door". I agree her body could be worked on of course, but at the end of the day her head is killing her aesthetic, if they rework her head it would be nice if they could get some work done on her body too! I personally feel like her back looks somewhat strange if I had to say.
  5. Truth be told Jenny is a lie in the game. The concept showed promise of a good and fulfilling trope and we just kind of got a throwaway for the trope. I admit that I liked Vera, hell even if they tilted Jenny's her look towards her it'd be better. But Jenny needs to change, I don't understand why literally every character stayed true to their concept except for Jenny. That's plain unfair. I would since on the subject of Vera like an inspired character of her in the game sometime in the future!
  6. That you are right, the hair does all have its minor flaws in this game, but Jenny's hair shape is by far the worst and most importantly in general does not fit her trope. My primary concern however is that Jenny does get a change, be it her head entirely or just the hair (when I say head I mean face+hair). Also I may as well say, hi again! I'm glad you agree, one of the only way to remedy the issues is they give her a new fitting hairstyle or prefferebly they actually just redo her head entirely as overall it doesn't feel right. Particularly for her trope. Deborah looks nice in her red lips but Jenny really doesn't, I agree with you too. I personally hope that we can get some acknowledgement on getting Jenny some type of update visually in general because she is the character most in need of it. The only other that feels that way to me may be Chad and its purely his face.
  7. I don't think I can really come to terms with her hair. Its very clearly an illogical hairstyle, not mention it looks messy and ugly for her trope. It doesn't fit. Chris Higgins is a good example of a more basic hairstyle if that's what they wanted, even if they couldn't copy her they didn't have to give her this absurdly awkwardly shaped hair. That and notably however, you made a good point to the face. I will agree it does feel like that a little. Her face for me feels to mature for what she is, that and she doesn't feel like a charismatic main that she should be, just another woman. She needs to have perky face. Tiffany probably has one of the best faces in the game when it comes to succeeding her trope. Going back to the hair I definitely don't want to sound rude to you or your opinion but can seriously say her hair is okay? I mean it might be nice that it has nice physics but her hair ugly. The only part of hair that looks normal is the complete front. The back and side view look weird and ugly. Its like she just sliced it in random directions and tried carelessly curling the sides. it doesn't work on her. I mean for the trope its a mess. The shape just seems really illogical to me around the back and the sides. It just seems like a really careless hairstyle to put on such a trope, it would work far better for a more edgy trope in terms of style, but certainly not as the girl next door, its a mess for that. As for the body I understand what you mean about the spine curve to be honest. Despite that its the least of my concern, her hair and face is totally killing her trope. However while we are in the subject of perfecting Jenny yes I agree her body does need a few changes.
  8. I can understand, but its still perfectly doable, that and she doesn't need to have hair physics, there are too very easy choices, her large long on shoulder her or her alternate seemingly neat short hair, both of which are vastly more fitting than her current. I would applaud them in doing her large hair, despite her face not being a huge problem she is one of the characters who also look weirder than most, I would appreciate them also changing it. But for sure, the hair needs to go. I think one thing in general that's killing her trope is that she seems more lady like than girl like, which by saying I am implying a younger appearance is needed for her. The current Jenny's appearance is seems a little too womanly on the face. A good justification is the big difference she has to literally all counsellors. All counsellors seem like they have their age and mind set somewhat in common based on their looks. Jenny however its ruined by her trope ironically to an extent. Her current face and hair mixed with her intended trope makes her a mess. The girl next door is likeable, relatable etc. Jenny while perfectly imaginable doesn't fit the game. Her face makes her look like a vastly more mature woman than she should be, I mean she definitely looks like she's been alive longer than she's meant to have been. Its not her make up either, Deborah rocks red lips, but not Jenny, her current appearance does not appreciate her trope, considering the outfit is casual styled it makes her look more like a basic woman rather than "The girl next door". There's only one other counsellor with this problem and that's Chad, he looks rugged in game rather than young and handsome with a side of pretentious.
  9. Hmm in regards to this looking more polished I somewhat have to disagree to an extent. This video shows me one thing that I long for and its that it looks so much slower pace. The game begins instantly but in the Alpha (despite us not knowing if that's how it was) it feels lot more movie like and as though it has build up. The game is very fast paced as it currently is, I would personally kill for an alternative long pacing mode for people who want a long exaggerated match, very likely with unique and even larger maps however and more players. A slower pace match possibly a "Marathon" mode I would love so strongly. If it had more detailed individual intros, Jason preforming behind the scenes sabotage and some limitations as to counsellor actions earlier on I would be very hyped. I'd imagine however that Marathon matches would last a while if they were to ever exist, saying it now however, I sincerely hope they come someday. But other than that the Alpha doesn't seem that much better to me? Its simply the more mysterious vibe, judging by the difference in abilities the game was definitely somewhat slower paced. Visually its very average for me. It looks better and it also really doesn't. One thing that doesn't do it for me is that despite looking more detailed it also looks vastly less vibrant. A problem I have in cases of the game is still lighting/colour I personally feel. I would have liked harsher shadows and higher saturation along with slightly more colour tint in the environments. Not a lot but certainly a tiny bit. I definitely crave the music system difference, as soon as the music plays its just a it doesn't feel like a true horror atmosphere. Currently I guess the way to best say it is that I don't like how fast paced the game is. But the better way to fix that would certainly perhaps be a split of three modes to be honest. Fast, medium, long. However I'd imagine gameplay would differ. I simply say however this is a very personal opinion, its not exactly like I think its definite. But I definitely think something to do with pacing and mystery factor could be done to the game. Definitely would say though, I do want a movie like mode for online. Only thing is it probably wouldn't be possible as the maps would have to be far more unique and larger. Wishes die hard.
  10. Its funny you mention Hilary Duff, when I think girl next door she comes to mind constantly for me personally! Anyhow, I think Hilary Duff is very beautiful! Love her music personally. Back on to the main topic I do agree that I don't think Jenny's problem lies in her body. I think Her body is fine I don't mind them changing it but yeah, its definitely not my problem with Jenny. Her hair is her biggest issue, she should have her hair changed completely, the short hairstyle I showed would be fine if they can not use Chris Higgins hair. The two concepts of Jenny don't look like Chris Higgins however, the problem is that the in game variant looks nothing like either concept or like Chris Higgins. She doesn't have to be like Chris, but my point being Chris' head fits the trope, Jenny does not I think personally I mean... She should like either two of her concepts (the ones I showed) because the one in game looks very strange. Her face and hair need to change or just her hair. She currently looks very strange with a very questionable hairstyle. I'm not going lie, I for one was most excited to play Jenny, originally. When I thought she was going to look like her concept. However they gave her a really unbelievable hairstyle. I've never seen anyone with strange style like that, especially in an attempt to seem like a "girl next door". I want like Jenny, but her head needs to be fixed. Her hair is the deal breaker and I think when you look at it long enough compared to other girls she really does have the most questionable hair style in about every way and not just for her trope. I want them to give her some justice because for the final she literally to me looks the most unfitting in the game and her hairstyle absolutely needs to change at least. I would hope them to change her entire head most of all, but a reasonable hair change would make me happy. I personally can survive with Jenny's repair however, 1/10 repair is usually my deal breaker, I work with 2! I definitely do not believe Jenny has been justice in anyway not even in that of her trope. She doesn't deserve to be the only character of the cast who looks so off compared to her concept.
  11. Perks changed bug?

    I'll probably be doing that then it would seem. I'm somewhat hoping its an issue or that there can at least be a compensation made, I'll try and keep updated with this issue I suppose. Thanks for telling of the other thread however! I suppose I'll post anything new I find out.
  12. Perks changed bug?

    Hmm pardon me I seemed to have glanced over, I saw this thread but believed it was instead about its drop rate, not literally the perk being changed in people's inventories, a second glance I see they mention it twice in later posts. I still question why its called an "issue" by the support twitter however.
  13. So its been bothering me now for a while and even if its not addressed immediately I would prefer its something for the future at least. Jenny looks so off. Chris Higgins in the movie looked fine and Jenny's concept for the game looked perfect, what happened to her actual in game model however? All the characters feel about right except for Jenny, I'd say Chad is probably a little off but nowhere as bad as Jenny. Jenny doesn't look like a final girl on the head at all. She seems a little to tame/boring for it unlike Chris or her concept. Her hair looks awful in the game with such a weird style and her face looks strange other than the expressions and it just doesn't fit her. The makeup also seems unfitting for her trope, especially with the hair to me at least. Is there any chance that in the future Jenny could be remade on the upper body because she is the only character in this game that just looks horrid. When I first saw her and her move counterpart I was so excited but Jenny in the game looks awful and definitely the worst of the cast. For me to the point I just don't want to play her. Which saddens me because I love Tiffany and Deborah and Jenny was going to be a part of my favourites but she just looks so weird. I particularly just cant get over how strange her hair looks. Its not a matter of quality etc, its simply that her look doesn't fit or work together in the slightest. In Jenny's main look she should be much more like this: But she doesn't look half as vibrant or anywhere as good at all. Its a completely different aesthetic. On the other hand assuming they wouldn't change her face how about fixing her alone? Jenny's current hair just doesn't fit and they wish to keep the current look on her face then would this hair just not fit much better? "Girl Next Door" has the hair I indicate of course, as is Jenny's trope. One thing is for sure, either her face and hair need to change or just her hair. Jenny looks very awkward to me and is the only character who seems so wrongly done. I would like them to give her the appearance she has in the concept but if they don't wish to the hair change would suffice. Of course this is personal and is minor and should be addressed later, but I cant help but notice how much Jenny sticks out looking off in almost everyway with the most questionable hairstyle too.
  14. So today I got on the game today to see my thick skinned perk specifically had been altered. I could be wrong but I haven't seen an announcement anywhere for this, and I admit I'm not satisfied as it was completely unexpected. But more importantly my thick skinned was 43% and its been reduced to 18% now. I would just like to know if there is any news on this? I asked on twitter and I was told it was a bug they are looking into seemingly. Despite that, I find it very hard to believe. So is there any news? I'm not looking for an opinion of it being OP or something like that but genuine news as I don't know what's going on, I plan to stop playing this game if developers cant compensate with CP or be consistent. I spent lots of CP that I wouldn't have trying to get specific perks to fit a style and if that combo now becomes useless I would at least like CP to help me pick myself up in a new style. I definitely wont be sticking if this isn't resolved properly somehow or it happens again. I don't mind them having to balance things out if that's what they feel but take into consideration the game has far bigger issues and at least try to compensate players who wasted CP potentially when they could have bought fun Jason kills. Well I will come back, but I am incredibly dissatisfied to say the least. Once again on the twitter they seemed to have implied its an issue that they are looking into. So any news?
  15. Okay I think the above .gif just showed why we need Pamela. But seriously, we need Pamela, not to bash Jason, but her entire character is so good and an amazing killer she would be in the game!