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  1. Oh apologies, I got the impression you were actually trying to tell me to shut up basically. I apologise, my knickers get on quite the rant.
  2. Your point being? Illfonic still wasted time giving us an engine update rather than making sure we got a last content update which would be patched fine and legally safe later. Doesn't matter who's on it now, my point was how much they "loved" this game so I really don't get what that has do with what I said. I wasn't attacking Black Tower, it was clearly directed at the fact that Ilffonic and gun could have just made sure we had more to play with but opted not to and didn't inform us of the inpending doom the game was coming to either. (To my knowledge?) Black Tower hasn't done anything yet as far as any of us should be concerned. On a separate note I wonder when we'll actually get a update from Gun, not that I expect big news but I do at least want to hear it.
  3. But we all know illfonic and gun love this game. amirite To be honest with Two Worlds 2 pulling that stunt it really wasn't a good time for them to be saying they can't return to it when the game isn't even half as old.
  4. Whenever they say they can't return to this game I get PTSD thinking of how Two Worlds 2 has been getting recent DLC and that game should probably have been decapitated a long time ago.
  5. I'm trying my hardest to keep myself soul destroyed because I really don't want to get it again. What does have me confused though is why are they going to make us wait for a statement reiterating what they already said? Can't they just freely say the same exact thing to us? Not that I think they're hinting at the game coming back but maybe some sort of promise for the future? Just seems a bit silly now that I think about it. Point is they must have something else new at least worthwhile hearing surely? Not very excited to hear it but I hoping its something interesting at least, if we're waiting to hear an exact repeat worded differently I'll be annoyed to at least not some different news. I'm assuming they may talk more in depth regarding the lawsuit? Maybe then fill the fans in a little bit on it but then clarify yet again that content is over.
  6. I pray for the sequel and some final content updates to the current game to keep people stimulated.
  7. I'm beginning to think this game's development may not be as dead they are saying anymore quite frankly. Too much opportunity for easy money and DLC, a business works on wanting money so I'll have to say bye to "that's not how development works". Well obviously not for these developers if they're doing a whole different project, point is this game can be pretty easily picked up especially with how its model is and the state its been left in. Obvious opportunities: DLC and DLC If the lawsuit settles before a ridiculous amount of time passes then we'll have the game resume development hopefully. Frankly even though to me this news sounds pretty epic since I love and adore Jarvis House I do wonder does this mean x2 bugs from patches or actual fixes from the new devs? More importantly has there been any actual updates on the lawsuit? I still have hope for some reason.
  8. I never really had the chance to hang around a lot on the forums but seeing what I've heard as of late i may have been better that way, Pity I never managed to talk with people a lot on here, but I'll take this as an opportunity to just see last few things going on, I'm probably on my way too, probably from the game as well I don't even trust them to keep the game up, especially on Xbox which I mainly use.
  9. I think its pretty terrible they expect us to buy this. I mean the case is they can continue to put out content, its been done before and in much odder ways this is just them outright also wanting to toss this game to the side. If the case went on for a very long time then yes I'd understand but it seems far too early take such a blunt stance on this all. I'd forgive it if we got a refined sequel in the future (and maybe discount all the fans a little who were ripped off with this game). Pity because I love this game but its just painfully obvious how badly they want to run away from it. I really wouldn't blame them if the case lasted very long from this point onward, but its just far too early to throw it all away especially when the content updates for this game took a while anyway, for the fans it wouldn't really hurt having a little wait but this new alone has made the player base smaller on the platforms I've played this on so far. To me it looks as though they actively want to discourage players so they really can abandon the game. I mean it seems senseless that they'd also bring "dedicated servers" if the game is going to die now, I mean it even makes sense since they've been delayed so much, it'd be much better to not waste this money on a dead game that they want it to. I'm probably going to avoid these companies for a while because its clearly apparent this is done with ill intent. I think I hold more hope for valve to count to 3 than these devs to try and compensate.
  10. pfft Jason's a walk in the park. He's been made more annoying but imo he is stronger. The biggest hits he received imo is the grab range which was painfully deserved but even still its not the conclusion I wanted, spam grab jasons regardless of hitting or missing will still exist and make the look like a comedy. The other hit is the parts being shown on map for counsellors and I have to firmly say this needs to go. If Jason wasn't getting "fixes" (lies for buff imo) then this counsellor buff wouldn't have happened. When the game came out balance felt delicious to me, I loved it as both roles. Only thing was a grab overhaul but they kinda went and slowly ruin balance I think.
  11. Partly. On the lobby it showed the normal amount of players nothing was strange, then inside the match it had actually loaded 9. I had counted whom I had killed based of player and there was 1 more than there had to be that match. One of them was invisible and was lagging across the map, I assumed this was the 9th player but I can't really say if it would have been so. After I killed that player the last one remained which was Kenny that I seemingly couldn't detect till the end of the match, that or the Kenny was just very good of course or just hid, but that was the case. In game the scoreboard has listed that 9 players were in fact in the match and the kill count (since I killed everyone) was also higher than what it could be. I had associated this with a glitch in lobby's that would restrict players from joining when there's a free slot but I'm not sure if its a viable reason for this glitch considering it was a perfectly full lobby till the match had begun and there was an extra player. In case it means anything this occurred on the current Xbox one version of the game, which to be honest probably means quite a bit.
  12. To be clear I'm not sure this is viable, I probably should have made a thread for this but I had experienced this and the game had actually loaded 9 players into the match. It was a strange a match with one player being completely glitch, not sure however if that was the 9th, but the I killed them all regardless and the match couldn't end I assume due to the players it had loaded. It was an occurrence I did not expect.
  13. I don't either, I have issues in particular with her appearance not fitting her trope however, and I'm sure anyone can see something needs to change. I agree, let alone if they changed her hair it would a huge improvement but I seriously think she actually just needs an overall head update entirely. Also don't worry about your obsession, I've had my obsessions from that era as well, I however agree with you. I mean if they gave Jenny her hair it would look a lot more healthy and fitting. Jenny's current hair however really just doesn't work. I don't have any disagreements here. I don't get why Jenny is the only character who looks so different to her concept art. She looks amazing in her concept and they just made her look so off in the final product. It doesn't really feel like she fits in with the cast for her trope that is. She is very wrong at the moment. I mean in a joke sense, Kenny is feels far more like "The girl next door". I agree her body could be worked on of course, but at the end of the day her head is killing her aesthetic, if they rework her head it would be nice if they could get some work done on her body too! I personally feel like her back looks somewhat strange if I had to say.
  14. Truth be told Jenny is a lie in the game. The concept showed promise of a good and fulfilling trope and we just kind of got a throwaway for the trope. I admit that I liked Vera, hell even if they tilted Jenny's her look towards her it'd be better. But Jenny needs to change, I don't understand why literally every character stayed true to their concept except for Jenny. That's plain unfair. I would since on the subject of Vera like an inspired character of her in the game sometime in the future!
  15. That you are right, the hair does all have its minor flaws in this game, but Jenny's hair shape is by far the worst and most importantly in general does not fit her trope. My primary concern however is that Jenny does get a change, be it her head entirely or just the hair (when I say head I mean face+hair). Also I may as well say, hi again! I'm glad you agree, one of the only way to remedy the issues is they give her a new fitting hairstyle or prefferebly they actually just redo her head entirely as overall it doesn't feel right. Particularly for her trope. Deborah looks nice in her red lips but Jenny really doesn't, I agree with you too. I personally hope that we can get some acknowledgement on getting Jenny some type of update visually in general because she is the character most in need of it. The only other that feels that way to me may be Chad and its purely his face.
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