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  1. so i heard that some of the perks are bugged and dont work is this true?? anyone know??
  2. On higgens haven under the bridge there is an exploit where u can hide under the bridge and u cant get hit from jason from anywhere https://clips.twitch.tv/TiredEnticingMilkVoteNay
  3. in my opinion they aren't overpowered because it somewhat balances against jason an OP perk would be a perk that would make it really easy for counselors and hard for jason to do anything against that perk
  4. Alright so i feel some of the perks even on epic are useless and need buffing and right now i feel like most perks are weak and nothing is "overpowered" BEFORE I START i want to say in no way im bashing the game these are just suggestions because right now i feel most perks are really weak and dont feel like they are doing anything for an advantage i have 120+ hours so far and i love the game a lot so this is just some suggestions i hope the devs take into consideration because right now i feel there isn't any advantages or pros for most perks they feel like there is litte to no diffences being made for example adrenaline rush- on epic 18-20% honestly doesnt feel that good i feel that should be the rare or common level and the epic should be around 50% to make it feel like its an epic perk because with 20% it feels like it gives u an extra step or two ( probably not the case but it FEELS like it ) aqanaunt i have never used because it seems useless imo no one really swims that much in this game so imo there should be a perk that makes it so if u get knocked off the boat that u dont have to restart the boat or something??? but if this perk stays i say make it like 50% faster and no stamina reduction controlled breathing never used it but could use a slight buff to 25% easy listening- probably one of the most useless perks makes 0 sense imo and i think it should be removed idk how many ppl use it but no one i know uses it and scraps it apon getting it escape artist -on epic it was like 3-4 TENTHS of a second faster that is so little that it is almost pointless with epic i have a 14% on imo it should probably be 25%-30% to make it somewhat of a useful perk evasion the perk should include less use of stamina while using it to make it seem like a worthy perk maybe make epic use 0 -1% stamina so u can dodge more making it harder to get grabbed/ hit firecrackers is a good perks but again the pros are heavily out weighed by the negatives so i think epic should be buffed to 15%-20% and scale down accordingly friendship needs a big buff imo 5% doesnt seem like its a good enough incentive to use i think if u have friendship it should be 20-30% attack increase and it will be an incentive for public matches for people to work together Grease monkey on epic feels like less than a second faster when starting a car imo i feel on epic it should be moved upto 50%- 60% make it so epic FEELS like its an epic perk to use grinder imo should get a buff big time 5% feels like u get 3xp more which for lower levels is fine but higher levels feels like it doesnt do anything imo epic should be 20-25% xp bonus heavy hitter- perfect the way it is no chances needed imo heavy mover - imo pointless there should be something else attached to it like faster barricading and more sneaky less noise or less fear etc to be honest i scrap instanly heavy sleeper is another pointless one needs to have more incentive to use the perk idk what it could be but on paper seems like a good idea but not really useful unless u go straight to a bag off spawn homebody - on paper seems really good but once jason finds u and you get fear it makes the perk useless imo it should be if you are indoors jason cant tell u are inside a house regaurdless of fear ( for the epic version this is) making it really useful for stealthy situations hypochondriac- on paper is good but the healing increase doesnt seem that good imo it should make it so if u use it health becomes double or 50% increase so 100hp to 150hp for example after u use that can u started with ice cold - imo its a good perk but only having 3 perk slots i tend not to use it for other perks i dont think it needs changing or buffing lead foot - increase the top speed mayne by 25% make it hard for jason to catch the car making the perk useful lone wolf - needs an increase bu not a big increase maybe like a 5-10% increase low profile - maybe a 5% increase on each tier and then maybe make it so it gives stamina regen a boost as well while crouch? man at arms - seems good all around but maybe make it so stun times are increased slightly by 1-2% with it marathon should get a 10-15% increase imo its a good perk recently started using it and helps a lot with low stamina players could use a little buff medic perfect love it but i dont use it much but its a good perk no chances needed imo motorboating - I feel this perk NEEDS to be a counter to the fast water jason imo should be a perk that is same speed as the faster in water jason so make epic as fast if not faster than all jasons in water to make it a good counter ( for the epic and scale down accordingly ) My Dads a cop actually a perk that doenst need changing the epic is perfect maybe make it start at 3 mins exact but if not its fine the way it is Nerves of steel 10% increase for the epic is too small should be 25-30% fear reduction and no loss of mini map is a great feature night owl actually on paper looks like its fine but ive never gotten it nor have i used it so i can't say if its a good perk or not potent ranger i feel like in order to make it a good perk it needs to have maybe an increased stun time with tommy preparedness good perk starting with a map and less fear no real changes needed psychic good perk but u can easily find a talkie and with the last perk u can find a map as well so idk if they should be in the game pyro imo the stun on the flare is actually pretty good but i dont see people using this perk a whole lot maybe a slight boost but i think its fine the way it is quiet swimmer maybe a 5% boost on all tiers and also maybe add on less stamina use while swimming Restful now this is a perk i use a lot and i actually like the idea only issue i have with it 13% on epic WAY TO SMALL imo 45% increase would make the perk worthy of the epic tag with negative being 0-5% sprint speed maybe a little bit more scout i feel this needs a boost too but maybe by 5-10% more i dont use it but if its anything like other perks with faster stats 15% would be like 1 sec faster which isnt that much faster slugger this perk is actually a handy perk and i feel like it doenst need buffing because its suppose to spawn with baseball bat not much too it and the attack bonus is a nice extra sneaky again this is a good perk on paper but needs something else to make it feel worth being a perk maybe add crouch movement speeds or quiet jogging? spacial awareness epic should be 90% because otherwise it feels pointless speed demon while escaping lone speed demon should be a 50% increase in order to make it feel like its an epic perk and make it more balanced when jason is chasing the car sucker punch should get a 5-10% increase of stun chances but penalty should be weapon durability decreased instead of speed decrease swift attacker this would be more useful if the hit registration was better there are times i hit the jason weapon goes through the body and no hit was registered again 5-10% increase would make the epic more useful teamwork 5% for an epic seemed low but if its 5% per teammate so if 5 teammates around its 25% then thats acceptable but if its 5% overall then it needs changing thick skinned PERFECT PLEASE DONT CHANGE IT thrasher this perk on paper looks good 20-25% honestly dont see enough axes on the map for this perk to be useful maybe instead of changing the perk increase axe spawns tinker the epic version of this perk feels like there is no difference to someone who isnt even using this so imo this perk needs to be 50%+ in order to feel like the repair times are noticeable maybe with the increase also make the negative 0-10% stamina decrease with it again these are just suggestions and i don't expect all the perks to be changed but right now all the epic perks feel really weak and i feel with these suggestions it could help balance the game out a little bit more i understand if the devs want to make it hard for the counselors to escape but these perks honestly don't feel like they do much and have more cons than pros
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