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  1. I believe it's on Higgins Haven. That small island out in the lake that has a chance to be home to Jason's Shack considering how impossible it is to escape Jason in the water, unless you have very good co-ordination (or Jason is completely wit-less) taking a step into that cabin spot is almost certain death. im curious as to why it was made as a location in the first place
  2. Just a prompt in the spectator mode. "You have been selected to play Tommy Jarvis!; X to confirm, hold B to pass" If i die, sure, ill take it. but there are times where i escape and dont want to play tommy, sometimes im forced to at random. and if the car(s)/boat are gone then it feels like the only reason i came back was to just die
  3. I'm sure it's happened to you. It's happened to me. and i've done it to many a people. Game starts, you spawn next to the Car, and then Jason appears next to you and you die in the first 15 seconds of the game The/A car and the main Lodge (sometimes the same location) are arguably the best place to moprh as Jason for the first time. I think that Jason having a lucky first teleport right into a lone counselor who hasn't had any time to find any items happens often enough that it should be addressed. Jason needs a grace period before he can morph for the first time. A delayed spawn where Jason watches a 12 second cutscene after the counselors spawn,or even just make his morph meter empty when the game starts so it has to fill up first. While it's a hoot if you're playing Jason, being killed off in 10 seconds before you've had a chance to open a door is very frustrating and i see people just quit when it happens
  4. Playing with a friend earlier today. During the game, he (Jason) was shot with a gun and KO'd Friend mashed A and revived, but then, as he was getting back up, his repeated A presses prompted him to pick up a throwing knife that just happened to be next to him, and as a result he completely skipped over the 'getting up' animation and recovery time. After the short animation of picking up the knife he was free to move around normally much faster than he should have i'm working on chopping a replay of the game to post and will include it here in a future edit
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