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  1. Speaking by experience on XB1, at least 90% of the time when the host dies they leave the game wasting time and effort! Makes it even worse when u end up escaping!! I can't even enjoy the fking game. This is an absolute joke and what's even funnier that it doesn't even have host migration are u serious??
  2. It's actually amazing they don't have host migration. When the host dies he leaves and leaving anyone else in the game with no exp and a waste of time.
  3. Host migration - When the host dies they tend to leave or even if they get disconnected the whole game quits leaving the rest of the players in game with no Exp. we need host migration ingame it's mind boggling how it's not even there in the first place. Double exp - Why not, at the weekends make a double exp event for players? Lasting only for the weekends. Jason's instant Morph grab - when Jason morphs and stops right beside a player he can instantly grab a player and kill them , it's unfair and should be changed to something like not to be able to grab a second after using the morph skill.
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