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  1. Shelly Finkelstein

    Is the Game over now?

    Uber Jason files are in the game right now, not finished but there, right ? So technically this is not "new" content... it's actual hidden content... it should be released as it stands at least.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if we could use this topic to put screenshots of cheaters using Jason X in multiplayer matches like this one : In order to make a list for ban. And he was such a cancer too...
  3. You must play wrong... I've played multiple matches with bots on Hard yesterday and today... and they never escaped, none of them. You have to use traps and knives more efficiently. They called cops 2 times because I forgot my trap was triggered, but they all died before the cops arrival. But yes, it's not harder, it's just more painful in the ass to get stabbed so many times like 2 patches ago when Jason was bullied in multi player.
  4. Shelly Finkelstein

    Is counselors knife animation bugged now ?

    Oh, I've read the patch note again and I had mistaken, it's "Weapon pickup preferences" not "Item pickup" ... and yes it state "Starting Items and Perks" ... so they have knives from the start. I though they'll have your own counselors perks (and skins)... but it seems not, it's special bot perks. Too bad.
  5. They still run for age into rocks on multiple places... they are not that smart. But at least the infinite drawers loops seems to be fixed. I still had a one time not moving Tommy on Cristal Lake map.
  6. Shelly Finkelstein

    Wth is going on with the salt mines?

    Last night, first time I was Jason since the update... every single one of the counselor leaved the game under 3 min ... the salt mine doesn't seem to scare people.
  7. Shelly Finkelstein

    Is counselors knife animation bugged now ?

    Hope the animation will be fixed soon, that's not the kind of bug they should have left in before the release. I'm glad this update came in May, but a June release without those kind of bugs (missing sounds and Jason texture issues in multi for ex.) would have been better.
  8. Shelly Finkelstein

    Is counselors knife animation bugged now ?

    I don't want easy kill bots I just noticed than before patch they used like 3 knives instead of 5. So I was wandering if it is due to the fact they use the items better (said in patch note) or if they just boost the knives number (like 2 patch ago when Jason was bullied in multi and they had to drop the number)
  9. On Steam. Since the update, every time I got stabbed in the neck (offline and online), the animation seems totally broken, counselors are breaking free with the "no knife break free" animation and I can see the knife flying from them to the neck... like flying a 3 feet distance. The stabbing animation isn't triggered anymore. That kinda break the ambiance. And by the way, have knives number being increased for bots or what ? Now 5/7 of theme got knives each match.
  10. Shelly Finkelstein

    Strange issue with Challenge #7 intro

    Also had an issue in Challenge #5 where Buggzy kept getting up from his wheelchair when he stop, then sit back and move... and man he is such a speedster when he flee in this ride.
  11. On Steam. The intro video from Challenge #7 is oddly broken for me, it always shows a second A.J. in the cabin with Chad : And some times the poker players are overlapping with there double from another dimension : I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, A.J. twin is still there every time. I've watched some lets play on YT, and never seen this bug in those.
  12. Shelly Finkelstein

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Wise man you are
  13. Shelly Finkelstein

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Nice... but only 10 challenges ? Is there a chance to see more coming in the future month/years ?
  14. Shelly Finkelstein

    Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    I don't remember where I read it, but yes they said the intro should reflect weapon swap and skins.
  15. Shelly Finkelstein

    Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    well... he already is mate.