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  1. Buged Steam Achievement "Gotta Kill Em All"

    "more than" not "more then"... but yeah.
  2. Buged Steam Achievement "Gotta Kill Em All"

    Killed 8/8 today... got +1 in the achievement, yeah!
  3. Offline mode is fun and is meant to be improved with further patch. Personally I never have issue with pocket knives from bots like we have in online mode... maybe because I finish offline match under 10min or less... but yes the "loop" or almost identical decisions the bots takes each match get quickly boring. For now I'll only play offline to farm XP during x2 XP events, around 15K xp per hour is a good thing instead of wasting time in online lobby.
  4. What generation are you?

    Born on the same year as Part 3 was released : 1982
  5. Buged Steam Achievement "Gotta Kill Em All"

    So it's not only this particular achievement... I've already completed those so I couldn't check. The date issue reflect the old achievement glitch, back then only the achievement with counter worked, not the single ones, they fixed it later, that's why the single achievement are unlocked after.
  6. Buged Steam Achievement "Gotta Kill Em All"

    I already did the report. Have you noticed this with online matches too ? And what about the badges on your game ?
  7. Just to know if I'm the only one with this issue ? : the "Gotta Kill Em All" counter is working pretty randomly with my game (I already have the "Jason Goes To Hell" one)... Some times it just doesn't work, like tonight, I killed 7 counselors and my counter is still at the same point as before. And some times it just give me 1 or 4 kills even if I kill 18+ during my game session. Same with offline bots which should increase this achievement too... but just randomly from mostly 0 to whatever the game wants in some rare occasion. I found out about this issue after the offline bots was available because I was around 600/666 when I started farming X2 XP in offline mod, and my counter got stuck at 665/666 ... never giving me the "Jason Goes To Hell" achievement... even with online kills... so I checked the game files integrity... steam replaced 136 files (duno what happened there)... and I finally had my achievement during the next online game as Jason... but since then total randomness during offline and online... but most of the time 0 kill counted. I'm currently at 716/1000 and it doesn't increased since a long time... I'm really disappointed because it feels even more useless for me to play as Jason now. Others achievements like "Head Counselor" or "The Sequel" are working fine. I also noticed that ingame badge like the one for "perform a weapon kill on counselor" are also goddamn random (I performed 5 weapon kills tonight but only got 2 in the badge count).
  8. Custom Jason skins make all offline maps crash but 3 : Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake Small and Jarvis House.
  9. they programed the bots on troll mode...
  10. Yeah this game likes to tease me... but I still love it.
  11. Well just got a double car glitch in one game on Higgins Haven (Steam) : - The rubber band one : as Adam I was driving the car, Jason stop it in front of the big house, I get out and start running away ... I was tp back to the driver's door when Jason hit the car and then manage to butcher me. - The magical long distance hit : I came back as Jarvis, got back to the car, get in, get out when Jason was near, stunned him... and as soon as I activate the car door again I was tp far away of the car (behind the barn), and then started to get damaged by invisible hits until I died (I asumed Jason was slashing around the car and I got hit every time he hit the car) As for now I'll avoid trying escaping with the car.
  12. Too hard to level up

    The first thing to keep in mind if you want to level up fast is to NEVER leave a match even if you die, so you always have the 500 points for completing the match, and you can learn stuff by watching other play. Second thing, always do as much different action as you can at least one time (barricade a door, grab a car/boat part, successfully put that part in, repair a powerbox, hit jason, set a trap, etc.)... and if you manage to have the grinder perk you can have max +5% xp on your counselor, so all this little actions will pay more. Or you can farm xp in Offline mod (especially when there is double xp event), by letting the bot call tommy and kill everyone with ENVIRONMENTAL kill (for 50 extra points), destroy at least on powerbox and trap at least one counselor, giving you around 1300 point every 10-15min (8 x 100p+50p for the kills + 50p for trapping a counselor + 50 for destroying a powerbox). On double xp event it's 2600/10-15min so you should gather around 10000xp by hour.
  13. Offline Mode and PS Trophies?

    no files check on ps4 ? maybe try to uninstall then reinstall the game.
  14. Offline Mode and PS Trophies?

    Does multiplayer works ? if not try checking game files integrity via steam.
  15. What about a functional power box kill ?

    ...with nice electric bolts n sparkles while pushing their face inside the box... mmmmh