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  1. It isn't wrong. Yeah, a counselor may get frustrated at times if they die at the start of the game because Jason teleports to their location since it's a key area (like the location for the phone box or car), but it isn't the Jason's fault. A Jason player shouldn't have to feel bad necessarily if they teleport to an area at the start where a counselor is. As soon as the round starts, unless Jason doesn't bother to grab his throwing knives, a counselor should have a solid maybe 5-10 seconds to get inside a cabin or structure they spawn near, barricade it, and get any weapons inside of it. It's not like running away from the area Jason teleports to is the worst idea (unless you're maybe a counselor who has bad speed and stamina), as all Jason will have at the start for the first 3-4 minutes is Sense and Teleport, so unless they were to get outplayed with teleportation or caught via bad barricading or low stamina, the counselor would have a pretty decent chance of getting away or with other people. Honestly, a lot of times if I teleport somewhere at the start and a counselor is there, I'll usually be nice and get on the mic and say "Hey I'll leave you be for now if you scram," or "Listen I'm just going to trap [insert objective they are next to here] and leave, no worries," but it isn't necessary, and Jason doesn't HAVE to do that. Don't feel bad about, but don't gloat and say "Oh I knew you'd be here (and totally just didn't get lucky with your RNG spawn)."
  2. The only issue I've ever had similar to this was a WHILE back, but it was with a car. I believe it was on Packanack with the exit with the bridge? Right as the camera started zooming out like it usually does when you escape, our four-seater swerved abruptly to the right and crashed, yet nobody that was in the car could do anything cause they were spectating. Jason walks over, pulls a person out, and kills them, and does the same to everyone but the person in the front passenger seat. However, even though he killed us, we still got our escape experience, so I dunno.
  3. They'll most likely try to implement something like that later on when the game has added more maps and the game is a lot more stable than it currently is. Plus, they are a small team who can't do a whole ton in a small amount of time.
  4. Now I dunno what it's like on PC or Xbox One, but I have never seen people leave right after Jason has been selected on PS4. Yes It's sad when you've unlocked a new Jason and you don't get to play him next game or you go 5-10 games without playing him, but I simply shrug it off and play as a Counselor. As for leaving because you don't like the people in your lobby? Just mute them or attempt to ignore them, and don't retaliate and complain because you're simply more likely to have them treat you worse and continue to "troll" you. I cannot tell you how many times like one person comes and kills someone, and all you hear for the rest of the game is how they died 5 seconds in and that the person who killed them needs to end their life. Just wait out for the match to end, and leave. I found a Friday the 13th Game Group on PS4 and I've met some awesome people who I play with constantly that make playing as both Jason AND the Counselors fun. (Like talking/acting full hard Eric Lachappa, it's amazing) So, should there be a punishment for people who leave games early? After 2 or 3, yes, but they need to implement it later for when their servers on all consoles are steady and ready to go.
  5. Before I start, I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who looked at my recent idea for a map (the town, check it out if you haven't) and enjoyed it. And a big special thanks to Splatterhouse for the idea of both Lakeview High School AND the Hospital. They were both Splatter's idea, I've just decided to add on to them. Introduction It's 12:45 PM at Lakeview High School as it pans in on the lobby. A few counselors cheer quietly as the smart girl turns off the alarms to the school so they can walk the halls freely while drinking alcohol and having good times. But all is not good as Jason is seen outside, approaching the front entrance, before slashing the doors open, along with the smart girl. Confused, drunk, and terrified, the remaining counselors hurry off in different directions of the school trying to get away. Five minutes later, they find themselves separated, scared, and the worst: Sober. Mwhahahaha! The Map Itself The Map will be very large, with most of the action happening inside, there's still an outside area where the counselors can find cars, parts, and the police escapes. The school would have 3 floors and a roof, each floor having distinct and important areas which all contain various items realted to the rooms. It kinda self explainatory: Floor 1: Cafeteria, Lobby, Prinicple's Office. Floor 2: Science room(s), Balcony Access. Floor 3: Library, roof access. Rooftop: Electric boxes On all floors will have side classrooms that have less objects to search because of the large number of rooms. Here are rooms/areas that could change or be switched on the map (as in locations being changed): Nurse's Office, Workshop, Janitor's Closet, Fire Alarm, and the Teacher's Lounge. How to Escape There are only 3 ways to win as a counselor on this map. You can escape by car, call the police and escape through the police exit, or survive for 10 minutes. Calling the police is different since there's no phone on this map. Instead, the counselors must reactive the alarm system that they disabled to get inside, and set it off somehow. (Like maybe a fire alarm lever..? *wink wink nudge nudge*) Jason gets a sound queue for whenever the alarm system is re-activated and can damage them if he can get to the controls in time. As usual if successful, the counselors have to survive 5 minutes for the police to arrive to investigate the scene, to where they then can leave through the police exit. Calling for "Help" (Playable Character) I've been thinking on how this would work and one idea is all I have at the moment. To call for help, you must locate the schools flag pole located outside, and must find a rope and a banner with the words "HELP US". A counselor must then add those parts onto it through two minigames (one for the banner, the other for the rope), and then interact with it. It will take several seconds (the same amount of time to use the CB-Radio) to raise the banner, and from there an outside character (maybe Tommy, or someone else, I dunno) arrives armed and ready to help with whatever horrors are going on inside the school. I have one problem with this though that I will explain. What This Adds to the Game New Map: Lakeview High (of course) New Weapons for Counselors: Mop, Broom, Shovel, and a Cricket Bat. New Environmental Objects for Jason to use: Flag Pole to hang counselors (so rescue call via flag may be a no go), large American flag to impale counselors, throwing them off the rooftop, face smashed with a copy machine, counselors crushed by bookshelves, and much more! Possible new rescuer..? (I dunno) New counselor..? (Once again, I dunno) Balconies: These are areas that counselors can jump off of and on to. Jumping onto balconies will do a small bit of damage to counselors, is loud, but can get them off rooftops quickly. Jumping off of them can result in a way to the ground floor outside quickly, but will put counselors into critical state. If they are already injured, they will die. Hopefully you all like this idea. Once again big thanks for all the support and ideas on the last post! Have a good day!
  6. I'm saying that Tommy would re-enter town through somewhere else after leaving the Police Station. So he (like an AI or something) is temporarily invincible till the model has left the map. He returns after a certain number of counselors have died but through one of the entrances or a random spot on the map like the other 3 current ones. This is so Jason can't sit at the Police Station expecting him to re-teleport to the station. I know, this idea is very strange and would most likely be VERY buggy. Honestly, I feel like the Hospital and the High School should be separate maps. The High School could have 3 floors with a roof, along with a large outside area. I think to call the cops, they should re-enable the alarm, and then set it off somehow. With calling Tommy... I honestly dunno how it would work. Maybe have someone else besides Tommy be able to called somehow..? I have no idea. With the Hospital... I have no idea with it, though there's plenty they can do with the idea. Maybe make it almost entirely just inside, but still offer a smallish to medium sized grounds that are where the police exits are along with the phone box to contact them. I have no idea who they would call in the situation as a rescue character, or how to contact them. Great ideas though, love these!
  7. Nice to see that you like the whole idea of the law enforcement being dead in town and it's just the counselors. Just thinking about this map got me excited before I even started writing about it, as I constantly thought more and more until I found out about the forums. I wanted to bring up a map that referenced quite a few things from various movies without it fitting the whole "camp" theme, and to also add a twist to both Tommy and calling the Police. (Though once again with this map, it's the National Guard since the Police are well.. very dead.) Adding more of these iconic locations would be great! I would freak if the devs used a idea similar to this, or even used the whole different ways for Tommy and calling for help out of town.
  8. Usually what happens is that the counselor dies and drops all items they are carrying. From there the corpse can still add fear to anyone who comes across it and the items will be with the body.
  9. Maybe make it to where Jason cannot put traps inside the station itself, or have a boundary in which traps can be placed infront of doorways and windows, similar to the bear traps that players can put down for Jason? Also, when Tommy leaves the station, he cannot be killed, even if there's already dead players, he still must leave the map to get his shotgun. This is to prevent camping Jasons from killing him if he were to start inside the cell and just go on from there.
  10. All these ideas are so... beautiful... *sniff* *sniff* They brought happy joyful tears to my eyes.
  11. As in they release him before anyone has been killed? In that case, it usually takes 1 or 2 people dying before he comes back, so sadly if they want his help whether it's needing a good bodyguard and repairman, or just having him to kill Jason, one or two people must die before he returns because game mechanics :/. I may of read your question wrong, but I'm very new to the forums and still kinda new to the game itself. Yes I'm a level 30 but I still have plenty.. and I mean plenty to learn. (Like the fact that you can kill someone with one of the folding chairs, I had NO idea.)
  12. I guess this is where I should post this idea. Now before I start I'd like to mention I'm not a die hard Friday the 13th fan, but I still really enjoy the series and the game that was made, so don't be surprised if I get any info wrong or if any part of this map seems off or weird. Alright, now with that out of the way let me explain the ideas for this map regarding escaping, the introduction, Jason's shack, etc.. Introduction The cut-scene opens up on a bus full of horrified counselors speeding down the road who had just narrowly escaped Camp Crystal Lake, as they near the town of, well... Crystal Lake. Suddenly, Jason walks onto the road, causing the teens to panic and the bus to swerve off the road to avoid hitting him, causing it to crash into the forest side. The group quickly gets off and all rushes into town, getting separated. The screen fades to black, and then to the player's counselor where it's 10 minutes later, the town's law enforcement is dead, and they must escape... Sounds cool, right? The Town/Escapes Anyways, the town is kinda small, though it has many typical key places like a government building, police station, docking area, and other "town" stuff. (Stop judging, I know you are.) So with that the escapes are still via calling the Police (though in this case it's National guard, will explain later), cars, boat, or just surviving the whole twenty minutes. Cars and the boat are still the same but the National Guard is a bit different. Instead of a phone, you're using a radio, pretty much the one you would use to contact Tommy Jarvis. To get it working you must turn on the power which is just a lever at the generators nearby, and than a notebook which contains frequencies which must be in the counselor's inventory for whoever contacts the National Guard. (So you can't interact with it unless you have the frequencies in your inventory) Jason will be notified with a sound queue if the generators are activated, and can be switched off by him at any time. To counter this, the small building the lever is in has doors which can be barricaded and will usually contain a weapon. If the counselors successfully get in contact with the National Guard, they will have a countdown of five minutes (unless of course, perks) till they arrive at one of the town's exits. Now, the reason I have the National Guard and not the town's police coming to rescue them from the place is well once again.. A: They're already in town, and B: The town's law enforcement is dead from ten minutes earlier. "Calling" Tommy Jarvis Getting Tommy to join the game will be different than it is in the current maps. Right now all you do is find the location of the Radio and call him there. Once a certain number of counselors have died, he arrives with a shotgun. To have Tommy come support them in this map, they must locate the police station. Upon entering they will see Tommy himself locked in a cell. This here is referencing to 'Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives' when he is locked in a cell by the town's sheriff to keep him from spreading what he thinks are 'rumors' of Jason being alive once more. Tommy will constantly ask for someone to let him out, and that Jason is alive. To free him, you must find the keys to the cell, which will look much more different than the car keys. It would be cool if maybe you find them on a corpse of a deceased Police Officer or in a building, I don't know. From there the counselor with the cell keys returns to Tommy and unlocks his cell, from which he then hurries out of the map, stating that he must grab his equipment if he plans of killing Jason. He returns after a certain number of counselors have died with his trusty shotgun. If this idea were to be implemented in the game, the devs would need to find a way to where it doesn't get guarded or exploited the whole time by Jason himself, though you don't usually see Jasons guarding the radio. (So I doubt anyone would guard the cell too much) Key Locations Police Station: Location of Tommy, will usually have weapons such as the Shotgun and a new melee weapon.. the Baton! Generators: Small building will lever to switch on power, will contain common items and at least one weapon Government Building: Large building with a parking lot in the back that a car can spawn at Dockyard: Medium-ish open area with various crates in which items can spawn on top of. Also where the boat can spawn. Shack-boat-thing: I honestly don't know if you'd just copy and paste a shed somewhere, but I have an idea. Somewhere along the shoreline, a medium sized, old, rusted and beached boat is where Jason has his last second temporary shelter till he gets back home. This is where his mother's sweater will be, along with a Machete. Apartment Building: Large building with a parking lot in the front, another location for a car. Various houses and businesses: These are to simply replace cabins. ..And that's it so far. I dunno what else to add and obviously this map doesn't necessarily fit the whole "camp" theme for the current three maps, but I feel like this would be a cool concept. Let me know with any other suggestions for this. Thanks!
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