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  1. So since the update that "fixed" the crashes i get more game Freezes than ever. My game didn't even crash as much befor, but now its at least 5 times ever 4 hours of playing the game. And it's the same for 2 Friends of mine. And making a double XP weekend to apologize for the start problems in the time were you still have big crash and freeze problems with your game is not realy cool, it's anoying. And befor someone asks: no, i can't tell a specific event were the game did freeze, because it are so many different. From getting killed by jason, over just hunting a counselor, to just being in the Main Menu doing sweet FA.
  2. Because i can't go Service Pack 2. Won't do the driver update without it. But like i said, i could play just fine with this setup for 44 hours.
  3. I can't, because right now i can't activate my windows properly. But that didn't mather 2 Days ago. And it doesn't mather for any other game.
  4. Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Version: But i didn't have a problem with that two days ago, and nothing changed there.
  5. AMD FX 6300 Six-Core Processor. Don't realy know how. But i never activated it in the first place.
  6. Don't know, seems like a problem with the Launcher. I even re-installed Steam 3 times. And no, it doesn't. And yes, i try starting it in Admin Mode. And after every longer try(re-instaling, etc) i restarted my PC. I'll add a pic of the error.
  7. Yesterday everything worked fine. Today it always says "Application load error S:0000065432" after the launcher is finished loading. I didn't change any settings on my PC nore did i install anything else. Tried a steam validation, re-installed the game on my main Drive, even re-installed steam. Nothing Works. Please help. Because like your Twitter Game Support sayd: That is not cool!
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