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  1. Well it depends on what platform you're playing the game. On PC the game is not broken. I rarely crash and the patches have come at a decent pace. I have had a ton of fun with the game and easily got my $40s worth. Yeah more maps would be nice but I have yet to be bored with the game and have put a lot of hours into it, currently level 57. I regret not backing the game and missing out on the Savini Jason. Great game.
  2. Yeah I know about those. Just don't spawn enough near a map post. I'm horrible remembering the map layouts too. If I could remember the layout a bit better it wouldn't be so bad.
  3. I see going to try with my nephew. These glitches suck but never underestimate the players desire to find glitches.
  4. Are you on PC? I see on PS4, I don't think they patched this set of glitches in PS4 yet.
  5. I love my Preparedness perk (map one). Yeah it does seem like I'm finding more maps now but it's nice to know where I am right off the bat since the first minutes are crucial. I also use thick skinned and alternate the last one.
  6. I doubt there's a consensus on this. I've never played her as matter of fact. I'd argue that AJ is one of the most popular. Personally I like Adam. But I'd imagine the Marathon for extra stamina, and the faster recharge are good for her. Perhaps the less stumbling one as well. I'd play to her strenghts personally. It would be nice to test the perks benefits like the repair ones on her to see if they make any noticeable difference.
  7. I don't know where you're located but it started 12p eastern/9a Pacific and ended at the same time on a Monday. Send like a full weekend to me. Now granted the server stability definitely ruined the full weekend experience for the consoles. It was pretty smooth on Steam.
  8. I never double trap anything. I will only re-trap after one has gone off. It seems cheesy and I'm not a fan. I don't know what the devs thoughts are on this, seems like an oversight. I usually don't have a problem with the police being called.
  9. Level 58 and no tapes to be seen. There needs to be a better way to get the tapes. We will never collect them all at this rate.
  10. Kills should register at the beginning of the kill animation. No idea why the devs made it at the end of the animation. It's not like they can be saved once the death animation starts.
  11. Not according to your thread about getting the snot kicked out of you by the counselors. What kind of example would that set for Jason? ?
  12. Haha better you than me. "Jason they're coming for my bloomers. Don't let them take them, I've yet to wash them."
  13. Those can be faked. I will never believe. I know they exists, but really something needs to change because at this rate I'll be forced to hear them on YouTube because I'll never find them all.
  14. I saw someone mention about making the tapes unlockable, thought that would be a great idea. I have no desire to rummage through Pamela's crusty undies.
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