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  1. This could definitely use a change. Stacking traps is annoying as hell and without multiple pocket knifes or med sprays, you're screwed. This would be an easy fix in game coding to only allow one trap per one or two game squares.
  2. Agreed, Jason being stunned beside car door is annoying. He has shift and teleport so he can usually still catch up to the car, or a running counselor. Please don't make Jason block doors and escape routes.
  3. I support this idea, I think it'd be good. There definitely needs to be another way to kill Jason. This would add more of a way for counselors to fight back against a good Jason player.
  4. I like this idea. I think this would allow players to plan more accordingly of when to run or hide when Jason is near. He still would have the upper hand with shift and stealth, so this could be a good change.
  5. I agree, breaking away from Jason, especially if he teleports directly to you at the beginning of the game, is frustrating. You might have no weapons, no pocket knife or firecrackers, what can you do? I think the escape of Jason's grasp should be scaled by the time of the game. No matter what Jason, his grab could still be scaled by the minutes remaining in the game. So that earlier in the game, you could break free easier than you could with 10 minutes remaining.
  6. If people were serious, they could still use Skype or their phones, etc. other ways to communicate. This will be hard to stop, but you do have a point.
  7. I agree with everything the original poster said. A lot of these ideas would be great, because spectacting can be boring when someone hides under a bed for 5 minutes.
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