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  1. I would just like to see more kill packs for the weapons that don't have them yet. Also the main menu tweaks I mention in my other post.
  2. Since nothing new can be added I thought of a few cool things they could tweak with the main menu. Have a News ticker with listed events (double xp weekends) and latest patch notes. ( I could have swore this was there before but now its gone) 2. Have the menu randomly scroll through the different Jason 3D models or have it be the Jason you have selected to play as. It would be cool to see the other Jason models on the main menu screen other then just Part 3. What do you think?
  3. Yeah the Xbox morph bug has to be fixed. It sucks playing a game as Jason when that happens. Its not every time, but more times then none. Also hoping the texture pop in issues for the intros on Xbox gets fixed one day, sucks seeing chads scared face in potato mode and most of the intro scene. Ive also ran into the issue where you get stuck on one prompt as jason, like window smash or something and you cant do anything else and the prompt just stays there forever.
  4. I still have only found one tape ever, like 2 months ago. Havevtn found any this weekend My wife had found 3 in 3 consecutive matches last night.. I was pissed lol
  5. The new patch is great and a big step in the right direction. Been playing all weekend and loving it. Still kinda bummed that there is still a texture pop-in issue on the intro screens to a match, where the textures take a few seconds to fully load. Sometimes Chad looks like hes made out of play dough. The only other things I noticed where a few audio glitches and a few falling through the map glitches. Still haven't found any tapes this weekend yet, enough my wife has found three in 3 consecutive matches on her playthroughs lol.
  6. Was wondering the same thing....Bummer that weapon swapping with Jason doesn't unlock till level 113...more grinding awayyyyy.... was hopping to test it tomorrow but only level 54
  7. I use Mitch all the time. His repair is one of the bests. I seem him quite regularly though.
  8. ahh yeah your right. it is part 7. 3 just seems like a dumb choice to me for the NES skin.
  9. Anyone else think the NES skin should have been on Part 4, 6 or 8 rather than 3? It just seems like it would fit those jasons better. I think it's even part 8 on the NES cover. Hard to tell.
  10. One thing Jason needs is the ability to break or move furniture in the cabins, I hate the round and round game around the 4 tables in the big cabins or around and around the couches
  11. native 4k on consoles? is that possible with this whole upgrade?
  12. Was maybe hoping with the new engine update we would see at least native 4k. HDR would be a nice little treat on top of that.
  13. Ive found ONE tape overall since playing at launch, and it was actually a Tommy tape. is there any pattern to these tapes...Like certain house on maps where they are commonly found or anything ? I know they are random but wasn't sure if anyone spotted a pattern.
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