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  1. I think theyre better than they were but still pretty stupid. Opening and closing doors, in an out of windows until they suicide sometimes. Be smarter than the computer. Smash all windows except for the one nearest the door youll break down. All "hard" basically is involves them being preloaded with a knife, med spray, and firecrackers. Slash em a couple times til they one arm. Grab. Burn knife, use spray while youre yankin knife out, that toon is dead next engagement. Only twice in maybe 30 or so matches have they started a car. About 4 times they called the cops. Idk what you guys are doing where this is "hard". If you chase one into a cabin, wait 5 seconds and theyll pop out a window. Theyre scripted. At least it makes you understand why theres no AI Jason yet.
  2. Grip strength is fairly useless in online. If you caught someone and they don't have a knife, look around quick for an environmental, then pop. I'd rather the weapon strength they're swapping it to. If you need the xp that bad, run a couple offline. His ability to tear down a door is second only to destruction Jasons IMO. So hammer down door, swing for the fences til they're hurt, finish 'em. Pro water speed is meh until we get some more water over more of the map. I'd even take a river down the middle. He's a cool lookin' Jason and the machete is classic so I dabble on occasion. Once the weapon swap tho? Hmm.
  3. Ty Ahab. Yeah i had bought it on pc around august after its May release so I was there for all the actual horror ? I just recently bought it on PS4 and checkin out what you guys have goin. Jason should have the upper hand in every match as it is 1 on 7. He should be feared and you should say, "Oh f**k" when he's near ya. Not, "pffft I got this foo". I mean with the sprays, you can obviously get the guaranteed 2 out of the bathroom in CL; 2 out of Packasnack big house; and generally 2 out of the big Higgins house. This clearly doesn't take into account hypochondriac and the other scattered ones. I think there's a good balance of knives right now it's just that the majority sprint around looking for em and not revealing gas/battery/fuse. I'd like to have one to get an escape option open for people rather than some "hero" try and kill Jason or troll him. The car just needs one more ability to be stopped I feel and I'd be happier. Shift is a lot clunkier on the consoles than PC for sure. Anyway, keep the criticism flowin guys, ill come up with stuff. Later.
  4. I could definitely see Roy keeping his jacket in the ambulance and like the male counselor wearing Joey's jacket idea, but I doubt it'd cut down on the abundance of females, unless the majority in the lobby are playin 5. I don't really think you'd have to swap out Tommy as everyone just assumes it's Jason anyway at that time (the jury will forget that they know how the movie ends). It'd be too hard to set up a specific death for a single Jason. Anyone playing him would just avoid those barns. At least the Brute Squads now can kill him anywhere. Maybe Roys' Ambulance can show at the exit opposite of the police like they were called to the scene?
  5. Yeah sorry dudes I meant only being able to pick up one spray/knife/firecrackers. Give the animation like when you already have a walkie or map. Can tell another counselor where it is. This just bugs me mainly when one person has 4 or 6 heals as it only exascerbates the gang up scenario. Jason SHOULD be overpowered. The fear of him is seemingly non existant. Everyone takes a crack at him, when maybe all but Buggzy and Adam should take a swing (consider the movies). I don't even mind if there's a scaling modifier for counselors in the capacity of "the more counselors dead, the higher chance to stun by those remaining". While I understand the fact I shouldn't let a car get going in the first place, thats hard with a Jason with 3 traps. Perhaps allow him to pick up the ones for counselor use too? I just know some epic drivers and my priority is the phone. Therefore: one on phone, one at four seater battery. That leaves me one preventor for the next 18 minutes? I can't run. I have 7 people to chase. A car is probably getting going. Again, I'm just taking into account horror movies. I think it'd add an element of tension if you're hauling in the car to feel the power quit, the lights dim, and it rolling to a halt eventually if you don't focus on getting it running. Despite the movies where people magically know how to run machines (watch a few "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe") I can tell you it's nerve wracking getting into someone else's vehicle to move it at a party quick. Much less being chased by a killer. Add into the fact that it always seems to be a standard trans. Lmk how your first few attempts in a car with a clutch goes. Thank you guys for the feedback and welcomes. Just brainstorming here for some balance. Regardless of decisions made, you're always going to piss off someone.
  6. Feel honored as if it's Rick behind the mask. I tunnel Vanessa's cuz I'm tired of her runnin' ass. Last thing I want is her getting that stamina back.
  7. How about their face smeared with chocolate and carrying a snickers? Instead of the shack it's a broken down ambulance? Moreover, I'd like to hear the 1970's Incredible Hulk theme as he's walkin away at the end.
  8. Yeah I hear you guys. The main thing that'd cut down the group shenanigans is either a faster grab and execute animation or a small invincibility window to pull off a kill and scatter them. They mock you regardless of your actions. Belittling if you Morph out to snag some knives and come back with a Stalk Shift; or if you take it and get knocked down, you're danced by and enjoy a quick game of balls on chin. In either case, this horses**t and aggression will not stand, man. Go into my house and take my dead mom's sweater and pee on my f***in' rug? And why can't I smash their face off the car or toss em thru a window/windshield to occupy a spot? Generate a sh**load of fear. How about the cliche droppage of keys? This car is an impervious fortress unless it's at a dead stop. Give us a shoulder ram or some modifier where you can hack at it and blow a tire or eject an occupant. There's no "click it or ticket" in 1984. Atleast those backseaters are goin for a ride. Brings a new meaning to, "Ooooo ahhh... I just died in your arms toniiiight..." I'm a clever idea man whenever the devs need some input ?
  9. - Real time xp added, bigger bonus for completing map. - Each counselor can only use an item once. Would cut down on rushing camp sites and drawers. - Smaller but continual xp for barricading doors and setting bear traps or up to 10x. - Jason shrugs off more blows rather than needing to block in combat stance/ add ability to grab in combat stance. - Ability to move or hop over this damn furniture as Jason. Ask Kane if he'd stand for that crap. He'd say, "I'll flip that f***er over if some b*tch is makin me run". - Need more ways to disable cars rather than hoping to shift in front or behind. Maybe having it stall randomly or able to grab on temporarily to snag out a counselor or jerk wheel. Hate these trolling Mario Andretti's (as Jason or passenger). - More ranged weapons for Jason. Even one-time use spear guns or throwable hatchets. - Better lock-on capability in CS with toggle option if these counselor gank squads aren't dealt with. - Random map option for offline play.
  10. As it seems to stand, fixers attempt to do their jobs while Vanessa, Bugzy, and Tiffany's sprint around looting all the knives and sprays. Therefore, we get to a car and maybe install one part. Then, have to trap ourselves as we have no other option as those fools arent helping. Then we die since those dickwads leave the doors open as they can outrun Jason. So if we make it to a cabin, we're boned anyway. Then watch our work go to waste as they try and teabag Jason at the cops. Every match you'll ever play right there. Love Mitch and Chappa but you're better off learning to hit the repair wheel with one of the aforementioned. Fix that shit and let Jason be unaffected by 7/10 blows. Cut down on this item whoring. I'll only play Mitch if I have a buddy with me.
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