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  1. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    It's just going to be weird that everyone will experience a different Internet with different access to different websites and at different speeds. And it's true that maybe this will allow some of the big players to move into regions currently monopolized by their big-name competitor. For example, if AT&T denies access to Netflix for its consumers, or charges a higher fee (since they want to encourage their free DirecTV service instead), then maybe Comcast will come in to the area and serve the people who want Netflix, since they have a deal with Netflix. Oh, but now your access to TMobile's websites are throttled heavily (or denied entirely), because Comcast has a deal with Verizon. And while Facebook is free to join, you can bet there will be some sort of package to be able to access the site from everyone. Same with YouTube. "You want to be able to log on to Facebook? No problem! Buy your Social Media package for only $4.99 a month!" And then, to your point, there will be competition, as other companies might be like, "Get Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat for only $4.99 a month!" Or specials, "No charge for the first 30 days!" Etc. And then on top of that, they'll charge a lot more for fast lanes. But at the end of the day, everyone's Internet is going to be different. It's going to depend on who you choose as your provider, and which plans you get. But investors will definitely start pumping money into all these companies, because they're all about to make a fortune.
  2. Justice League is bombing

    Final tally: A 95-million-dollar loss for WB. It's officially a bomb, and the lowest DECU film to date. This article (www.businessinsider.com/how-much-warner-bros-could-lose-on-justice-league-50-to-100-million-2017-11) crunches the numbers, and mentions merchandising at the end. I work in the branded licensing business, and one of my coworkers used to work at WB for their licensed goods, and even if licensing did well, it has no bearing on the film (positive or negative) because those are completely different revenue streams and completely different budgets. (Though I do know that the people working at WB licensing WANT more DECU films, because it's good for THEIR business--but not vice versa.) But will DECU soldier on? No doubt.
  3. Paranoid

    That would be unfortunate. Especially since we saw that they've made the mask in the Virtual Cabin.
  4. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    It's pretty astounding, but not at all unpredicted that our policies and culture would take this shift after last year's election. Rise of the alt-right. The abandonment of regulated international trade agreements. Degradation of China relations. A tax reform that will add trillions to debt while absolutely devastating people who live paycheck to paycheck (a majority of Americans), while simultaneously greatly benefiting corporations. Huge slashes to public schools, with large tax breaks, funding, and incentives for private (aka, affluent, for-the-rich-only) schools. Rescinding National Parks' statuses so they can be exploited for natural resources. Adding fuel to the Middle East crisis and going against the will of the United Nations and the entire international community. Escalating tensions with North Korea. Fostering a myopic and xenophobic worldview through the denial of VISAs and imposing of travel bans. The encouragement of Islamaphobia and enthusiastically endorsing hate propaganda on Twitter. And now a corporate-run Internet that will make EA's microtransactions feel like a petty tax by comparison. And that's just Year One.
  5. Justice League is bombing

    Yeah, and he seemed all in at first, with the offer to pen and direct THE BATMAN, but that went out the window in a hurry.
  6. Justice League is bombing

    A re-org in the works over on the Warner Lot. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/dc-films-justice-league-1202632214/
  7. (︺︹︺) EA - helping gaming through greed

    I was okay with it too, but a lot of people hated it because the newer maps had fewer players. Like the ROGUE ONE map, Scarif, only had 10 vs. 10 because not enough people purchased it to consistently fill lobbies. But with that being said, there's no reason they can't do both. Release a primary new map for free, and specialty/alternate maps for a price.
  8. Justice League is bombing

    It’s now tracking for a global take between $625-650m. Even if one were to believe the $700m break-even number, which most analysts believe is far too low, that’s at least a $50m loss. But far more likely, WB is looking at a $150m loss, at least. There’s obviously an audience for these films, especially overseas. They just can’t pretend this is a Marvel or Harry Potter franchise. If they had kept the budget to $150m and p&a to $100m, they’d be looking at a $100m+ profit. But they wanted this to be a billion+. They saw what Marvel has accomplished and they wanted the same success. They were led by hasty greed instead of artistic vision, and it literally cost them.
  9. I finally won a fight!

    Now that's how you work a jab! That's some intense pressure you were putting on your opponent. You snuck in a lot of good crosses off that jab. You could hear them landing (no doubt the judges could hear them, too). Your cardio looks really great, too. You didn't look too committed on any of your body shots, but I don't blame you. He looks like he could eat those for days. Congrats on your first win!
  10. (︺︹︺) EA - helping gaming through greed

    They can’t add new modes without splitting the community. But they need to come up with something. Cosmetics, maybe? They have different skins already. I wonder if they could make enough to make it worth people’s money, though. But like I said, they need to do something, or they’ll go under eventually. At the very least they’ll have to scale back and get rid of properties they can’t properly monetize. Mojang is a bad comparison, because their net worth is like 2 or 3 billion. Rockstar also isn’t a good example, because their parent company, Take-Two, has a net worth of around the same. Meanwhile, EA’s net worth is 20+ billion. So imagine how much money they make per year compared to Mojang and Rockstar combined. Mojang and Take-Two have net revenues somewhere around 1 billion a year. EA has 5 billion. They have to beat their previous year’s fiscal record every.single.year, or show some investment or innovation that makes people believe they will beat it soon. Paradoxically, the more you make as a public company the more you have to make, and the more in danger you are of going bankrupt at any moment. If they fail to show growth, they won’t attract any new investors. And worse, they risk their current investors bailing because their stock isn’t earning them any money. And if enough people sell their stocks, then they fold. Like I said, just by making the decision to appease gamers and not investors they lost more money overnight than Mojang or Rockstar’s ENTIRE total worth. So it’s not greed, it’s survival. They are going to bring microtransactions back for sure, they just need to figure out a way to be political about it so it doesn’t piss everyone off. But what fans of EA's games need to understand is, they can't force EA to behave in a way that won't see them earning more profits. There is no scenario where EA makes games for only a modest profit. They will always do whatever they can to maximize profits. If gamers succeed in proving that microtransactions will never work because they boycott those games and raise hell about it, then all they will earn for their efforts is the nonexistence of that game title in the future, because EA will simply abandon it entirely and focus only on the games that CAN be monetized, like their sports games and apps. (Not that they would ever actually get rid of their Star Wars licenses; they would just stop with the shooters and focus on more cheaply produced game types using the license, or apps where people won't complain as loudly about the in-app purchases, etc.) EDIT TO ADD: Note, that BF1's sparse content and lack of single player were a direct result of them not able to properly monetize the property, and their massive single-player game at Visceral, when discovered by the community that they were adding "in-game purchasing elements", had a severe community backlash, EA simply closed it down entirely, and now the game will never exist.
  11. (︺︹︺) EA - helping gaming through greed

    You didn't need to pay to play for BF2, though. That was why they switched to microtransactions. In BF1, if you wanted to keep the community together you had to buy the new maps. So with each new map, the player base dwindled. They've been very upfront with their shareholders about their plans for BF2, and when they pulled the plug recently after player backlash, their investors left in droves. Their stock plummeted 3 billion. So their investors really seem to want them to implement microtransactions. They need some sort of way to monetize the game beyond just selling copies. Either that or they need to a) not support games after they are released and immediately move on to the sequel or b ) start charging $200 for their big AAA titles. What they aren't going to be able to do is continue to sell games for $60-$80 dollars and provide 1-2 years' of support and additional content for free. They'll go out of business.
  12. Justice League is bombing

    Numbers are in for Friday-Sunday, and it's tracking for $40.7 million. Just by the skin of its teeth. Only a 58% drop. Worldwide total is around $481 million. Still has between $219 million (low end estimate) and $419 million (high end) to go before breaking even. Which means, if we hedge our bets, $319 million more is the magic number to at least not lose any money ($800 million worldwide total). They might be able to leg it out between now and the end of December. I was giving their strategy some thought over this week, and I've come to the conclusion that they weren't trying to make a lot of money on this film -- otherwise how could they possibly justify doubling the production budget? That kind of move signals, to me, that they were concerned about brand integrity. The only reason someone would care about that is for franchise longevity, which means they were mostly concerned about the lifespan of this cinematic universe vs. how much profit this one would bring in. So as long as they can hit that magic $800 million and clear the red, I don't think there's any worry that they will kill anything off. I think the fact that this film had one of their best second-weekend drop-offs, the execs are calling this a victory for the brand. I'm still going to be keeping an eye on this over the next few weeks.
  13. What we can and can not say.....really?

    That's true, but Athenian democracy is completely different than modern democracy, for it was a TRUE democracy. Modern democracies as defined by contemporary politics are republics, so we in the western world have ancient Rome to thank for that as they invented the idea of representation through publically elected representatives (though their method of voting was very confusing and was along tribal lines). Even the word "republic" comes from "res publica," the term Roman historians used to describe their history when it was ruled by the senate ("the public thing"). Especially here in the states. And also 100% true about what you say regarding Imperial Rome, but I was referring to the Republic and Late Republic eras. Augustus was a good leader, but the rest of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty, with maybe the exception of Claudius, was a time of corruption, and then it just got worse and worse after that, with a couple of decent leaders here and there (like Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius). By the time Constantine abolished paganism, it was very corrupt, and the Christian Emperors were the worst (especially the eastern emperors). So I agree with the idea of Rome being a decadent and corrupt symbol in its later years, especially under its Christian rulers. But prior to that, Rome was, for its time, a marvel, with rather progressive laws (women were allowed to own property, file for divorce, etc.), with strict (some might argue TOO strict) moral codes. Granted, they conquered the hell out of their neighbors, but they only imposed taxes and a military service and let them keep on keeping on (with the exception of Carthage, of course). Anyway, I don't think they can be compared to the Nazis. Even though fascism was a twisted interpretation of ancient Rome's magisterial authority. And that's funny you mention eastern republics, because I think I was just reading something about that earlier this year, how systems similar to republics had been discovered in... was it maybe ancient Thailand? I don't remember now. But a very sophisticated and egalitarian political system that went extinct in the east. Really interesting. It's also interesting how frail democracies are, in the longevity of history, and how dominant dictatorships are.
  14. What we can and can not say.....really?

    Pre-empire Rome was the first Republic and the foundation of modern democracy. It wasn't until Augustus that the Empire formed, and it didn't get truly wretched until the Christians took over.
  15. Justice League is bombing

    Well, the public surveys have it at an 83% approval rating, with the highest scores coming from women. And critics loved WONDER WOMAN and tanked on AGE OF ULTRON. And I don't think WB will torpedo the franchise. They might scale back, though, and double down on more WONDER WOMAN standalones, and other female characters, given the critical and financial success of WW and these surveys showing that women are the biggest fans. If they can cater to that audience, they can definitely hit a homerun (finally). Meanwhile, Tuesday saw a pretty good boost to ticket sales for JUSTICE LEAGUE (but true weekend actuals dropped from $96m estimate to $94m actual). It's still lagging domestically, not yet reaching the initial 115-120m they thought the opening weekend would bring (by end of day yesterday it was at 110m), but if it keeps trending up, then Thanksgiving weekend might be pretty good for it. Again, not much to speculate on until it happens. I'm keenly curious what will happen. And here's an interesting article that talks about how the film is currently trending to be a loss of up to $100m for Warner Bros: https://sports.yahoo.com/justice-league-lose-warner-bros-100-million-113058404.html There was also talk that FLASHPOINT is likely to get canceled.