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  1. The wait is maddening. I hope Zerner's optimistic prediction of it being settled in June turns out to be true!
  2. To be fair, I count rewrites and producer/director drafts as new scripts, not just totally new scripts. But yes, I'm extremely busy, for sure. I'm working with a few very talented filmmakers, but there of course is a wishlist that I'd like to work with someday as well. But at this stage of my career, I'm just happy with whoever can pull financing, attract talent, and not make something that will kill my career before it can really begin. I have never had a theatrical release produced, and I wouldn't, for example, do a FRIDAY THE 13th movie as my first (not that I'd get hired to do one, but still), because I don't think a F13 movie, even if really successful, would really move the needle. Maybe I'm wrong, but it feels like a risky move. And if I were already an established writer, I don't think I'd take the chance to do a F13 movie, either. I have a bunch of really bad, straight-to-video movies produced and those have neither helped nor hurt my career, because those movies don't even show up on the radar of legit Hollywood. But you do a movie like F13 with big theatrical distribution and it tanks, and you don't have any other studio movies that have made a lot of money, and you're done. Straight to writer's jail, do not pass go, do not collect your WGA residual check. But, even though I'd never go anywhere near this franchise professionally, I absolutely love it. And I just hope that whoever does take it on can do it justice. I honestly wasn't very happy with the '09 version. It felt tonally off to me. I think if it wasn't actually Jason, I would have dug it. But expectations are a bane to enjoying a movie for what it is.
  3. Unfortunately, no. I did write, I think, 13 other scripts or so in the last year, though! But actual scripts, and not for-fun fan scripts. But I still, from time to time, try to imagine what a good, modern F13 script would look like. There's a very specific formula to the originals that have, unfortunately, been outdated by today's standards, and I fear whoever eventually does get a new movie going, they'll overthink it and make it terrible. Or they'll miss the right tone of the violence. No old-school horror fan would confuse a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE with a FRIDAY THE 13th film. Both very distinct types of violence. It would need a filmmaker and producer(s) who understands that. It's fun to think about. Especially since just thinking about it is probably all we have for a long time.
  4. It's a little before summer, but bumping this early. Figure folks must have more reading time these days. Alas, the lawsuit STILL drags on. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1alhxDgb-ev9LmokPUGVv-ZBgzLfxU_yP
  5. Dario Argento's DEMONS and DEMONS 2 are a must see, if you haven't. Another old one that is forgotten by some is NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. Recommended. And this is a well-known classic, but would be remiss not to say THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (part 1). THE CHILDREN (1980) should be seen at least once. If you're doing 2 a day, you can probably squeeze it in. INVADERS FROM MARS (1986), THE STUFF (1985), and PROPHECY (1979) are pretty old too, but still classics. TROLL (1986) and CRITTERS (1986) make a fun double feature, too. And maybe HOUSE 1 & 2 and GHOULIES 1 & 2. Finally, not sure if this is a horror movie, but would fit (feels like horror): THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1991 version).
  6. Haha, thanks! (And thanks for expressing an interest in the sequel -- will definitely let you know should it get written.)
  7. Bumping for the 1-year anniversary ('ish). Was hoping to write a sequel this summer, but alas, did not have the time. The lawsuit continues to drag on, but hopefully by next summer there will be some sort of resolution, and we can get more content! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1alhxDgb-ev9LmokPUGVv-ZBgzLfxU_yP
  8. The fans would love this, I would love to see him write/direct another Jason movie, but unfortunately, there's no way a studio would hire him. There's also no way they would create a continuation of the original series. If he wanted to make this script, he would personally need to secure rights and then drum up funding himself, which would probably be impossible. Films are packaged entirely different these days, and while FRIDAY THE 13th films used to be done for under 5 million a pop, the 2009 F13 clocked in at x4 that budget, not including p&a. McLoughlin's name alone is not enough to secure that kind of budget from financiers or international distributors, and I doubt he can attract talent of value, either. Any production entity -- whether it's Platinum Dunes, Blumhouse, or someone else -- will want to hire someone who has some sort of successful release within the past 5 years and who can attract names that bring something to the table. McLoughlin's last film credit was 1997, and only a "story by". It's a harsh business, but unfortunately that's just how Hollywood works nowadays.
  9. My first experience with a juju zombie was with the old Ravenloft module NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD (AD&D 2nd Edition). Good stuff. Regarding that Pathfinder site -- I designed a few official monsters and one of the official prestige classes for that game (1st edition).
  10. Good catch re: "Pamela" That's great news that Cunningham gets to keep the title. That and the hockey mask are the most recognizable parts of the brand. btw, did everyone see this? Apparently Cunningham tried to settle before the termination date, but Miller refused to talk to him. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2018/10/horror-inc-updates-on-friday-13th-game.html
  11. Apparently Cunningham even tried to reach a settlement with Miller months ago! http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2018/10/horror-inc-updates-on-friday-13th-game.html
  12. Sean Cunningham via Horror Inc. already released a statement saying they WOULD appeal, and they would be pursuing the development of a new film based on what rights they do own (i.e., parts 2+). Now, whether or not they will be able to secure financing and distribution to that clusterfuck of an idea remains to be seen.
  13. Aside from the fact that this would mean completely reworking the game, you also forgot that they wouldn't be able to call or refer to Jason as "Jason," they would have to remove Pam's grave from the maps, they would have to remove the Camp Crystal Lake map entirely since it's from part 1, they would have to remove her sweater, and they would have to retitle the game since the name of what is now Miller's script is titled FRIDAY THE 13th, so that name belongs to him.
  14. They were very explicit that there would be no further content. They never indicated otherwise, or rescinded that announcement. Larry Zerner has iterated the same. Anyone who is wildly speculating otherwise is, by the literal definition. delusional.
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