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  1. Thank you very very much Beetlejuice91 for those tips !! They sound fantastic! I also recall a horror adventure game from my C64 days, it was called Frankenstein, was a text adventure game with some graphics. Looked it up and it was 1987 ( I think, some say 83 others 87), back in those days, oh man, loved that stuff so much. ah, the memories. !
  2. Well, I got the game as a present from a good friend. I am long term ill, and he knows I am an absolute Friday the 13th/Jason fan since day one. And have been yelling about this game since I found out. So yeah, got it for free. However I do really think it's worth every penny. I admit I am very frustrated with the game as it is at the moment, though I really hope the game and it's player base will be balanced in time. Also, when the other content is being added, imho it's even worth more than the 40 bucks. I think ( and yes I am often also one of the doomsayers) that the issues, which plague the game as we speak, and have happened since launch, frustrate the Hell out of some people (including me). Everyone wants it to work great/perfect, and have a great and fanatic fun fanbase. Some people have more patience than others, and I think the cheaters/exploiters are ruining a lot at the moment. I still think, hope and believe , that in a few months , when everything works and all the content is there, this will be a gem of a game, and yes,very much worth that 40 dollars!
  3. To my fav movie ever, and to the fans !
  4. Carpenter Brut , the new live album. Absolutely in LOVE with this act and dark synthwave. I was born in 72, and this stuff makes my heart jump out of joy (think retro synths a la creepy John Carpenter but with an awesome drive/beat and dance able..you'll understand when you hear it...), saw them live on this year's Roadburn festival, and wow..just wow..I simply do not have words to describe the awesomeness of it all. But the new live album surely as Hell breathes it all. so..for those of you not familiar with this awesome retro stuff, enjoy !!! oh and the developers should really ask Carpenter Brut to do a song for this game imho , that would be beyond epic! :
  5. Well, I am also very tempted to hunt those players down. But I only think it will last only for so long, so to speak. And , in my case, ruin and damage the game experience even further. And also somehow I think, I will have the bad luck out of Hell of getting banned myself. I will leave the game alone until things have settled down, and fixed, balanced, anything.
  6. I recognize your story and feelings strongly. These things have gutted me, and I haven't played for a while because of it. I want to play the game 24/7 but when I see stuff like this, it just ruins everything for me. It feels like them pissing all over the game, the developers and the well willing community. So 1-0 for the trolls regarding me. Yes, in my case they have won, I can't handle stuff like that somehow, Will have a look at the game next month, see how things have developed by then. Sad really.
  7. Albeit more an adventure game, but the game Legacy of Kain Blood Omen, really rocked my world when it was released. Still have the best of memories of the game; The story, the characters, the music,the voice acting, the art, etc, all love it so much.
  8. I think we all have issues to be honest, it's what makes us human right ? I think,It's how we agree to disagree. I understand and respect your point of view, yet also have the same with his viewpoints, albeit they can be very vocal. Let's hope all will develop well, and that the community and the game will be able to shine one day. This one is off to the beach. Have a great day and cheers.
  9. Well done, could have been better though. But at least it's a start, and I am happy with it, so thank you for this effort. Commence the thinning of the obnoxious herd,. Thanks and cheers.
  10. Yes , please nerf Jason to death, make him a wimp. I think it is fine as it is.
  11. well imho there is always agree to disagree. And I think people should be allowed to be vocal, albeit as far as the forum rules allow it. From what I saw is that he reacted to troll attempts. But from what I gathered (correct me if I am wrong ) they are now not allowed to react in this topic. Yet seeing other users backstab him, whilst he can not defend himself, is vile. I get things get heated lately , because of the state of the game and a certain amount of abusers in the game and the community as well. It seems users are turning upon each other, the community turning toxic. which is such a damn shame. I came here to relax and have fun, as most of the people I hope. But this toxicity is a disturbing development imho.
  12. If you're in a public group which consists out of scum and/or screaming kids, time after time after time... Then you can't blame people for wanting to play Jason, and thus leave if they are not able to play him. There is a massive difference between a fun cooperative group and the non version of that. The last (well at least for me) destroys the game, and makes me only want to play as Jason. Giving people penalties for wanting to play Jason, is imho a bad idea and will thin the player base even more, and fast ! And this will stay for a lot of people until there is a single player mode/offline mode, or, when people have dedicated country servers (for non English speakers) and start to behave normal.... As for the other things you mentioned, I am sure everyone would want to see this fixed and be done with, but with a team this small and a developing Blizzard like attitude, just give your hopes up. Revisit the game next year when it's at sale and see whats left of it. Lets hope the remnants will be enjoyable and playable. Although I fear the worst for PS4 and XBone players, their servers will probably be dead and taken down next year , if all this keeps up and keeps heading the direction where it is going.
  13. The unmasking is cool. However, I don't like that there is a possibility to kill Jason and the way it is implemented/executed. Who came up with hat idea btw ?
  14. how is this not adding fuel to the flames ?...seriously...
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