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  1. pissing contest much? guys? (or girls?)
  2. good question, but you can't really undo what has already happened/been made, my guess would be that he may become the person other creators have to approach should they wish to use any of the IP that he is currently attempting to reclaim, so as far as The Simpsons example goes, he probably is not entitled to do anything about what has already been made/broadcast, but he may be allowed to state that they cannot use it in any future episodes (though anything/everything he may/may not wish to do with the IP is all subject to the outcome of the lawsuit)
  3. BossDanny

    We're Still Here

    I don't think he could actually demand that even should he win
  4. maybe once this lawsuit business has been resolved we the community can come together and make a little comedy skit where a writer and producer argue about something related to a movie they both were involved in, we move to a scene where the two; along with a few of their movie's cast members sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya as a way to put the dispute behind them, and then a masked psycho leaps out of the shrubbery and chases them all through the woods brandishing a rusty hatchet lol
  5. I don't have any issue with the darkness, (my TV is an ancient LCD thing, but its still working fine), I can appreciate the atmosphere the darkness attempts to bring to the game but as a few have already suggested, increasing the gamma/checking the settings on your TV/display screen can usually resolve concerns about in game lighting, something I've experienced, think it might come under the environment heading, when I have repaired the battery on a car, or put a part onto the boat, my counselor is unable to move away normally, though I have been able to free myself by crouching and trying to move, and if unable to move away while crouched, standing up again usually enables me to move away from the repair location
  6. glad they see the sense in adjusting the final VC screen to reflect the current situation, and glad they got back to us as swiftly as they did
  7. I have to agree with the OP and the suggestions about a disclaimer of some kind, I realise that they may not necessarily be able to attach a disclaimer to individual factory sealed physical copies of the game that are already on outlet shelves/in outlet stockrooms, and may not have any power to force retailers to post a flyer with a disclaimer. But as far as the digital versions of the game are concerned (such as on the game's page/description box on PSN/Xbox Live/Steam), they should be able to ask the respective content managers attach a disclaimer in the body of the descriptive text, if they are not able to modify the in-game advertisement
  8. not sure if this would apply to Jason being that he is.... shall we say a "unique" being, but maybe call it something like Endorphin Surge? don't know if we can classify Jason as "human" (whether we're talking about the living incarnations, or the back from the dead ones), but endorphins are referred to as the human body's natural pain relief having similar chemical pathways to pain relief provided by morphine/oxycodone edit: oops looks like someone beat me to suggesting a good name lol
  9. When we have both said our piece, in the end we are both trying to answer a subjective question with an objective answer, as there are no immutable laws surrounding the creation of video games based upon films/books/comics etc neither point is right and neither is wrong, both points are our own points of view, and neither can be expressed as quantitative statistical data/mathematical expression
  10. Before the initial game program (3 maps version) was released on the applicable platforms (PC/PS4/XBONE), what did we have by way of Friday the 13th video games? We had only the original Friday the 13th game circa February 1989, referred to as ""an adaptation of the Friday the 13th franchise"",(1). At the time of this games release the Friday the 13th franchise contained at least 7 film entries,(2), which involved numerous characters, locations, and various physical incarnations of the character Jason Voorhees,(3). The 1989 video game does not directly follow the collective story arc of the first 7 film entries in the franchise, nor does it follow the plot of any single film entry in the franchise up to the time of its release. Whilst the current game is also described as being based upon the Friday the 13th franchise, certain adaptations appear to have been necessary in order to accommodate the vision of the game's creators. Something that is based upon/derived from another work often selectively borrows/employs the use of characters/locations/themes from the original work(s) from which it has been derived, but unless previously stated verbatim the secondary work derived from the original does not have to use/contain all the characters/locations/themes from the original work, for example, within the Friday the 13th film franchise, at no point do we see the character Jason Voorhees vanish from the visible spectrum, only to spontaneously reappear several feet/yards from his original observed location, I.E. within the films, events imply that Jason is able to quickly close the distance from one location to another(3), however at no point during the narrative is this explained/explored, and in the current incarnation of Friday the 13th: The Game(4), the implications from the Friday the 13th film franchise have been implemented in the form of the abilities referred to as "Morph"(5), and "Shift"(6). Put simply; sometimes we don't get/can't have everything we want, in the exact way that we specifically want it. From all previous correspondence/statements/announcements found herein, it would seem clear the developers original intent was to add additional maps/characters, however recent actions in the case of Cunningham Vs Miller have given rise to circumstances which prevent implementation of the original intentions, on consequence of legal action. References Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Friday the 13th (1989 video game), Available online, (accessed 15/06/2018) Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Friday the 13th (franchise), sub-section 1. Films, Available online, (accessed 15/06/2018) Friday the 13th Wiki, Portal: Films, Available online, (accessed 15/06/2018) Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Friday the 13th: The Game, Available online, (accessed 15/06/2018) Gamepedia, Friday the 13th The Game The Wiki, Jason Voorhees, 4. Abilities, 4.1. Morph, Available online, (accessed 15/06/2018) Gamepedia, Friday the 13th The Game The Wiki, Jason Voorhees, 4. Abilities, 4.3. Shift, Available online, (accessed 15/06/2018) All information taken from external resources correct at time of proof reading/posting to forum, direct links not provided due to Rules/Regulations regarding the posting of links within this forum; full reference list including direct page links available upon request and with permission from Administrative staff.
  11. I'm a PS4 player, and I don't know if there is some way I can see how much time I have put into the game, aside from simply looking back over the dates I acquired the trophies I have got, but I know that since it was made available to purchase on PSN, I have played the "demo"(!) several times on a weekly basis, and had innumerable laughs and good times with other players who have become good friends on PSN, yea I don't deny there have been disappointments, but life in general is full of those, and I have learned to focus on the good, and learn from the bad when/where possible, but never to let the bad force me to forget the good (!) implying extreme sarcasm
  12. I do not hold a degree in law, (or any lesser law qualification), and if I am talking out of my ass, I welcome an interpretation/explanation from any community member who is qualified in the legal professions, that is assuming the professional ethics/etiquette permits them to comment on active cases. I think we can all appreciate how convoluted the legal process is surrounding any kind of court proceeding from challenging a speeding ticket to dealing with something as serious as a charge of first degree murder, I mean no disrespect to anyone who has passed the bar, or is studying/intending to study law, but if the law was truly a simple matter of right and wrong etc then we would all be allowed to represent/speak for ourselves in court without assistance from people who have devoted years to studying law. To the best of my understanding whilst none of the devs/pubs are directly involved in the ongoing legal proceedings, (I.E. I don't think wes or shiftysamurai have to appear in court before the judge to give statements or whatever), but because they are working/have worked on material that is linked to the franchise that is currently in dispute, they have to be very careful about what they say otherwise they potentially run the risk of a lawsuit demanding some form of compensation if they say/disclose something that is considered damaging to either sides' case and point. I know a lot of us, myself included, have felt hurt/let down/angry/betrayed/yadda yadda by what is happening but we have to accept the current situation beyond our individual control and continue to enjoy what we have already been given, current bugs and all, for as long as each one of us wishes to do so! We're only depriving ourselves if we throw back what has been created for us in a fit of pettiness.
  13. BossDanny

    How dare you . . .

    when it comes to Jason being beat down by groups, increasing the horizontal arc of his weapon swing could assist in counteracting this, or alternatively significantly reduce the number of melee weapons available to counselors in a match
  14. BossDanny

    We're Still Here

    me too, @Truth I sent you a message see if you have any slots open, (if we're all on PSN)
  15. well I'm sure eveybody knows what I mean lol