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  1. Set it to transfer the host privileges over to whoever had the strongest connection precious. Simple.
  2. We had a group playing together in a full lobby and one of us was Jason and because we all had mics in my group and one of us was Jason, some guy immediately started calling us out for giving out locations. We use game chat for a reason, to play the game as it should be, not to help each other.
  3. I don't care for the XP, I came to play and enjoy the game, however I do feel like there should be something to make up for this once it's fixed. Perhaps everyone who was playing during this time gets some XP or we all get a double XP weekend or whatever.
  4. "These fixes are already live on Steam as per the last patch and Xbox One users can expect a full patch shortly; our main focus is to ensure crash issues that are occurring on Xbox One are reduced to as close to zero as possible. Per our earlier updates; this is a far more involved process with consoles, however testing is going well and we feel confident that dashboarding crash issues will be alleviated with the upcoming patch!" - Gunmedia Ben The team at Gunmedia recognise the problems Xbox players are facing and he has stated several times that they're working on the Xbox updates for longer simply due to the number of issues you guys have. You all gotta learn to be patient.
  5. They actually got scared of us, I'm his gf btw. in all seriousness, as soon as reporting is in place, hopefully they give up with all this pathetic glitching
  6. I actually always thought that was random loot lol thanks for the tip
  7. However it wouldn't stop Jason getting to you therefore it's a glitch/exploit. If this happened in the movies he'd either turn it a bit by pushing, teleport through(if zombie Jason) or climb over.
  8. It might be that your internet isn't strong enough for a connection to be made. Try resetting your router and trying again.
  9. I don't want a Freddy killer or anything but a slight reference would be cool but not something I actively seek.
  10. Never had this but I had someone take the keys and the fuse, his friend had the other set of keys and they both escaped in the 2 seater, leaving us with no escape.
  11. Maybe having Freddy's glove/hand appear when you kill part 9 Jason like it does in the movie?
  12. I was in a game on Higgens where the host was glitching and my friend was Jason so I glitch into the room, kill the glitcher and then exit the room to play normally. He of course left. People who can't win the way it was designed to getting triggered when they die for being such an idiot is the best thing ever.
  13. I don't see how people like myself from the UK are a problem. If the host has good enough wifi it shouldn't cause any issues. I can host public games from the UK with US players joining and maxing at 100-130 ping generally.
  14. So I'm not sure if it's happened to others which is why it's here and not in the bug reporting section. I was playing normally when I thought I hit an FPS lag spike so I ignored it, all of a sudden my screen went dark blue and kicked me to dashboard without saying the game crashed but it closed the application.
  15. It happened to me last night, I tabbed out and back in and it fixed.
  16. This generally means that the game and steam cannot establish a connection, were you logged onto steam and have yourself appear online at the time?
  17. I honestly feel like this is needed. I hate playing as a Jason with 5 traps and as soon as you mess 1 of them it's all over.
  18. Look, traps are there to be used. It can be frowned upon, you can be insulted by petty players who don't like it but in the end, the develops gave you them to use as you see fit. 'Cheap'? Maybe. 'Tactic'? Yes. It's a way that people play and I place 2 generally, 3 if I mess up my placement as I like the 2 overlapping as much as possible.
  19. Yeah sorry, the part as Tommy I originally watched never showed you talking. The game clearly registered you having one but when speaking it didn't somehow.
  20. You can. Simply hold the button and it will start. This happens to me all the time.
  21. That's the only reply I need. As JP said, there's a reason that everyone has the chance to play Tommy. Pick up on missed XP or of course, get a second chance if you died. You can't remove the chance to play Tommy from people who escaped otherwise they're more and more likely to stop playing as the spectating is even more boring if 2 have escaped for 10 minutes then 1 guy dies and instantly gets Tommy.
  22. Hold the PS button on the controller while your headset is on. Go to "Sound/Devices" and then "Output to Headphones". It should say "Chat Audio" so change it to "All Audio" and you should hear both chat and game audio through left and right earphones.
  23. That's generic dialogue for every character when they start to get slightly spooked out or it just happens randomly. Tommy isn't immortal, he obviously has fears too but ultimately came to fight Jason. Why not give people the chance to earn more XP? This just feels like you've got some hate towards people who escape getting Tommy instead of you.
  24. That's why I said he's a saviour not a survivor. There's no need to come back and instantly go for the escape. Shotgun - stun Jason to help others get away/out, cover them while they fix the car/boat. You also have high stats so use them all, not just stamina and speed.
  25. Wouldn't work. What if there were 4 left, including Tommy, and they were taking the four seater? Tommy can't escape? This just wouldn't work well.
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