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  1. The best way to prevent this then is to get rid of the 4 seater. Those are the times half have escaped me or vice-versa. People have gotten really good at timing their hit to save the driver when Jason pulls them out. Can't even do the instant choke before getting hit with the groups I play with. But I would hate that. I don't mind a full 4 seater escaping once in a while.
  2. Well it's always been the case. Could even get hit by a bat through a door that's not even broken at all. I've accidentally stunned Jason through a wall too not even by a door.
  3. It's always been the case that you can be stunned through the door whether or not you are inn combat stance.
  4. The new window mechanic is the largest issue right now. You don't have to break the door with combat stance which is when some hits won't register. The new window breaking mechanic not only adds time to Jason's pace, but it also protects counselors as a side-effect. Not being able to hit them out of a window climb is big problem. Couple this with the fact that on small maps cabins are closer together and you have a situation where a counselor can kite the hell out of you even if they aren't Chad, Vanessa, or Bugsy. I kited Jason with AJ to the point he gave up on chasing me and went for someone else. And he wasn't a bad Jason at all.
  5. Hey Gertz, I reported this bug but wanted to know if you've heard it from others. Actually two things... A counselor was freed from my grab when another hit me. Instead of me being stunned, my controls were all haywire. I could move around but the controls were crazy. Like pressing up on the analog was making me go left. If you ever played MKX, it was like that move Jason does in that game that makes the screen go red and alters the input of the opponent. To be honest, I was actually quite okay with this. Thought it was a new thing you guys implemented in place of a normal stun. But alas, I couldn't repeat it. The other issue I came across. There were several times where I definitely landed a melee with a counselor on Jason but he didn't get hit or stunned. Even the Jason player stated those times that he thought I hit him too. I didn't get any points for a hit or the hit confirmation sound. It just straight up didn't register.
  6. Have any of you tried the small maps with less players? They are extremely fun when the lobby only has 5 or 6 players. I think the small maps excel for smaller groups. I've tried both. I still find a full lobby fun too. I've always contested a lot of you other Jason players about getting cops called and cars started. Those have always been the most fun moments for me as Jason. It puts you into full on chase and hunt down mode. Now with the small maps, that's the state you're always in. This brings me great joy as Jason. Though the window thing is terrible beyond belief lol. And honestly, all you Jasons who talk big about how great you are at killing... are you always in public lobbies? I play with 4 different private groups. There are some killer Jasons in.these groups. And none of them have a perfect record. Even the very best of us have games where we kill half or less. And all of us can easily wipe a public lobby. Don't tell others to get good. Instead, why don't you guys lobby up with the players who got good.
  7. This has been a random glitch for a long time now. It's a glitch where the gas or battery doesn't disappear after you install it. You then are either free to use that item again on another vehicle or drop it and go on your way.
  8. Even the windows have more graphics. Can see a grime in them. Textures do look better. I don't notice any frame drops. But I'm on a PS Pro.
  9. The small maps are actually super fun. But I too am very upset about the new window mechanic. There's actually two Jason nerfs going on here. Not only do you have to enter an animation to break the window, you can no longer hit a counselor at the start of their window climbing. This means that as soon as a counselor enters the window animation, they are guaranteed safe from a Jason hit or grab. You also can no longer melee a counselor through the window. Knife throw still works though. I know that this is going to cause a lot of Jasons to not bother breaking windows as much. I think the devs gave window breaks an animation because Jason's weapon would get stuck a lot. Especially Savini and Part 6. Also, I came across a whole slew of new bugs.
  10. Here's another one I had a ton of fun with... We all turned off the music. The entire game tense and there were plenty of jump scares. It was greeeat.
  11. Nooo. I like coming back as Tommy. I have a high escape rate so I wouldn't get to be Tommy much. I have fun helping the counselors. And if I'm the last one left, I have fun giving Jason the run-around
  12. The thing is, I do use multiple traps. Just not in one spot. I will trap the fuse and place another either by the doors or a spot I think they will run over to after fixing the box. This start has been working for me. Also, when cops are called, I immediately teleport to that house and am able to pick at least one counselor off right away. I usually end up killing others that are around it. Also, people mess up the repair a lot so most of the time I'm teleporting there before they can call the cops. Then I go back to other objectives for a couple minutes. After that time, I know a couple of counselors will be by the main road waiting for cops. I pick some off then. Even when cops arrive, at most I've had two counselors escape on me. But I've had way more instances where I kill them all before they reach the cops. I use stalk heavily after cops arrive, teleport near the exit, then pick them off as I sense em. Again, this adds to the fun for me. It is no longer about preventing them from completing objectives, it becomes a true hunt. The best moments I've had as Jason came from killing counselors as they are attempting to escape via cars/boat or cops. I'll say this again too... I bet most of you would hate if counselors could set traps in the same manner. Jason steps in one and is automatically trapped in at least one more after.
  13. I bet if counselors could stack traps in the same manner people would complain about jason getting stuck once he steps in one. I like Jason's traps. Again, I just think there should be an increase in the radius between traps. Till then, I'll continue to only place one trap at the fuse box. I don't have a problem killing counselors.
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