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  1. Every time I am Jason and I have killed all but one counselor and I grab that last counselor, the game lags out.
  2. I was wrong. Still not able to join each other's private match from same household.
  3. Actually able to get my wife in tonight for the first time in a private match that I am hosting, so maybe same household with multiple Xbox consoles are good to go now for hosting. On a side note...having problems with some of my friends joining my private match and I am having problems joining theirs as well. May be an issue tonight with joining private matches in general.
  4. Agreed Volieo. Hopefully it was just an oversight that will be fixed in an upcoming patch. My only concern is outside of you and myself, I have not seen this issue posted anywhere, so priority to get it fixed compared to issues everyone is facing may cause this to get delayed.
  5. I literally purchased a 2nd xbox one so my wife could play this game with me. Problem is we need to have one of our friends start a party/private match and invite us both (if they are on) or we have to search LFG and hope we can both jump in someone else's game. Example: I start a private match and invite her. She accepts the private match invitation and it doesn't get last loading with the red circle spinning. Same thing happens if she starts one and invites me. Seems to be an issue with joining a private match created from the same internet modem.
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