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  1. I have been gone about 6 months or more. I decide to play because a friend asks me to. 5 games...2 games of people teaming with Jason. A person exploiting glitches, 3-4 people hiding the entire match...2 people controlling the keys, then leaving by themselves when the car is repaired...what a fantastic game.
  2. To me, even if it does happen, it just too little too late, Even if every known issue is fixed, dedicated servers added, this game will never reach even a fraction of players of what if formerly had.
  3. Not only no, but No chance in hell, I mean the Browns have more of a chance winning the next 3 straight superbowls than Gun has of getting any more of my money. Even if there was no lawsuit, and new content was still being churned out, I would still have no reason to buy something that i Already own.
  4. Honestly, with no future content to look forward to, I think this game is just clinging onto a life vest, barely staying afloat, even if every problem was fixed, with nothing to look forward to, people will just eventually lose interest, and leave, sad that in just 1 short year, it went from high hopes, to no hope.
  5. I agree that even if a team has the smallest bit of coordination it can bite Jason in the ass. I play QP lobbies normally with a friend, we both play repair characters, me as mitch him as AJ, but he is an expert kiter, so he can draw Jasons attention for 5 minutes at least, and in those 5 minutes, I can complete the objectives, even if the rest of the lobby is doing nothing, some Jason players are smart and will give up if the chase goes on too long, that is their own downfall though, him and I have proven, just 2 counselors working together can bring down a tunneling Jason with relative ease, but lately it has just gotten to the point, that if the lobby provides no assistance, we will just fix the 2 seater and leave without them, because why call the cops that benefits everyone, when everyone isn't pulling their own weight?
  6. It can be, but its not that big of a deal for me, like Scenario 9, you have 2 choices of the Deborah kill, and that prevents the perfect run, you can easily get all of them in 1 go, except the dual Deborah kills. I just go through what I call a "Clean Run" which is where I try to get all my skulls, then I play through with skulls be damned just to get the challenges I need finished.
  7. For me, it has been the 9th Scenario where you are at Pinehurst and you have to catch Deborah before she reaches the lodge. Also with the 1200 point Skull Score it is impossible to do without doing the Hidden Kill (I won't spoil it here). It all came down to timing, because at the start you basically had to morph half way across the map just to reach Deborah to prevent her from reaching the lodge. After I got that down, my big issue was the score, then I learned that you had to 1)Do one of Deborahs special kills, 2) Do the Hidden Kill 3)Do AJ's special Kill, and then kill the last 2 in any way, and that BARELY gave me enough experience to complete the Score Skull. So which Challenge has been your biggest bane?
  8. Basically what Truth said, almost everything you suggested has been suggested before. I wouldn't mind new features, but right now I just want them to fix the game.
  9. I never had any issues, I played like 10 games on saturday, and went 5/5, and never died Instantaneously
  10. So, Saturday I was playing a few rounds of F13 with someone. Well, anyway we go into a match, he is Jason, I manage to get one of the car but Jason Grabs me, the other counselor saved me, and I started doing what is best described as a "pogo" motion, meaning anytime I stopped moving, my character was hopping up and down, we make it to a cabin, and she asks me "why are you running into a wall?" I said "I'm not I am standing behind you" A few moments later, Jason shows up, and I run, Jason gives chase to me, and I hear him saying "what the hell, i am grabbing straight through you" I go "I am nowhere near you" because i was like 20 feet away watching him grab at air. Well I run up and ball bat him, see if that fixes it, nope. Well he killed the person i was with, so I was alone, and I ran off, I started feeling bad, because a "glitch" was letting me survive, so i went back to look for the Jason, and I stop to look and I see him running around grabbing at air, and I am nowhere near him, I am standing on a road, and he is just in my sight lane grabbing at nothing. At the end of the match, we decide to record our perspectives through the share feature on PS4, and I watch his video, and sure enough in his eyes, he was chasing me, but in mine I was never even close to him. Anyone else have that happen?
  11. If I have said it once, I have said it 100 times, this game is Friday the 13th, not Dead By Daylight, Jason IS Friday the 13th, Freddy was not in Any Friday the 13th movies, nor was Jason in any Nightmare on Elm Street movie, it was a Crossover movie, that did not have the title of either franchise, it wasn't Friday the 13th: Freddy Vs. Jason or Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Vs. Jason.
  12. I am pretty sure they have had those animations in for a while, but they never pop, so they just may be a graphic with no perk to go with them, so they never come up. The second one I know for sure I have seen for a long time.
  13. Don't hold your breath on any DLC outfits for her anytime soon, None of the "Added" counselors have any DLC outfits, so no Mitch,Fox,Shelly, or Victoria
  14. Buying Max level would be a spit in the face to everyone who legit earned it.
  15. Seems like the bots aren't the only thing that needs to be 'more smarter" Know English isn't your first language, but I still found it funny and couldn't resist ?
  16. Respect your Decision, but I have seen several Jenny mains, and ones that can execute with her more often than not, it all comes down to play style.
  17. Is it annoying? A bit, but is it game breaking? By no means, don't like the cut scenes, do what I do, look at your phone while they are playing, I watched the same exact cut scene like 10 times because I kept messing something up for one of my skulls, its not really that big of a deal, you are acting like the devs made it to where you lost all your perks and CP.
  18. If you get Jason into Rage Mode, you can kill him with mask on or off, me and my friends have tested it several times, as soon as rage mode is active, he is vulnerable, so we used that to our advantage, tommy was always with sweater girl,as soon as we saw him Rage through a door, lead them outside for a little space, and the rest is history.
  19. Don't play with high ping then, find a new lobby, or host yourself.
  20. I am actually a Mitch main that plays Random counselor, so he is not an underwhelming character, I survive the majority of my matches with him, sure he doesn't have speed and stamina, but put on some sense avoidance perks, and do your repairs as needed, and if Jason does find you his 8 composure does allow you to break a few grabs before being caught, so I disagree with him having "bad stats"
  21. Like the old time roof hoppers, those were exploits, or the people on top of rocks, now its at Jarvis house i do believe, that there is a way to get on a table on the porch that jason can't reach physically but can hit the person with a few throwing knives to get them to move, but it is a sad way to have to waste knives.
  22. Didn't you know, he is the leading authority on what types of posts should be asked and when, all hail the Mighty Washington, judging all, worshiped by none.
  23. This is the truth, I was running 2 sense avoidance perks as Mitch, I ran from Jason, around a cabin, back to nearly exactly where I was when he found me. and I hear him say "where did he go? As he looked around (I know he was using sense) Skip to 2:25 on this video and you will see that the sense avoidance does wonders.
  24. One of the last times I played Jason, I was playing, and I heard my trap go off, the only trap I had down was by the phone, so i morphed there, proceed to find a mitch crawling in through one of the windows i broke, then i watched him crawl back out, and as he turned to crawl back in, I threw my knife, and killed him...Suicide denied.
  25. I don't understand the "fun" of "har har har i put my nuts in your face" Its childish and annoying. And I am a counselor main, so I don't even play Jason and suffer it, I watch the stupidity and think "this, this stupidity here is our generation"
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