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  1. If I am parts running, and Jason suddenly shows up, I drop it where I am, I would rather it be half way closer to the car than taken further away, because when you are in the chase in the moment, no telling which way you wind up running, sometimes I have ran further away from the car, other times I have wound up right next to it, but its better safe than sorry.
  2. Where we now are ?

    The next patch is coming soon™
  3. Most annoying things in lobbies: 1)The ready check spammer. 2)The guy that is blasting music in the background 3)The guy that has seemingly had sex with everyone mother. 4)Hearing a 11 year old speak. 5)The person eating/drinking into his mic. 6)The person who can't speak a word of English in the U.S. lobbies. (I know sometimes it can't be helped, but it is still heavily annoying imo) 7)The person who breathes heavy into their mic the entire time, yet never says a word, sounds like they just ran a marathon.
  4. I think this is my biggest peeve for the lobbies. I will intentionally wait the full 45 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes if someone is doing that.
  5. Yea, it was mixed emotions for me, not having Jason (I hate playing him since all the issues now days), but still wanting that Hat Trick, how many people can say they had accomplished that, but I Fell short...but 2/3 isn't bad, i bet many people don't own it across all 3 systems, let alone get Jason their first match 2 out of 3 times.
  6. @Punisher_2099 I feel for your new friend lol. I have this game across all 3 systems. Day 1, brand new shiny Friday the 13th on PS4. I go into the menu, spend 20 minutes waiting in anticipation to find a lobby. At last, find one. The match gets underway, I'm paying attention to the nice cut scenes, its fades black. then BOOM I'm Jason. I proceed to fumble my way through the match, and go 2/7. It was definately a learning experience. Fast forward to about October. I buy the game on XB1, because I have some friends in rl that play there. So, I get into the game, my friends and I decide of a lfg post. Go into the match, and I set my counselor, the match starts. Then when the screen fades back in, low and behold, I am Jason again, for my first match on XB1. Fast forward to this month. I think "meh screw it" and go ahead and buy it on PC, just to complete the trifecta. I load my game, customize my counselor, the game starts, the screen starts fading in and I say "don't you even f'n think about it" and low and behold, I see Kenny, and breathe a sigh of relief, but part of me wanted to complete the hat trick.
  7. They tried

    I was in a match as Jason a few nights ago. I was down to the last 2 counselors. A Tiffany who had my sweater, and Tommy. I'm not a sore loser, so I go for it, manage to hit the shift grab on Tiffany, but tommy stuns me with the axe, a few seconds later, i hear "Listen to mommy Jason, put the weapon down" and tommy runs up with the axe, stuns me to my knees with it. And i'm like "okay, i'm done" And the Tommy proceeds to hit me with the axe 5-6 times, i rise to my feet going "huh?" and turn, grab Tommy, knock his block off, but time ran out shortly after, and the Tiffany managed to survive the night. I am still curious how I survived that encounter lol. But on the bright side, that guy got the Unlikely final girl achievement.
  8. My loadout for AJ is. Level Headed, Homebody and Low Profile. With all the sense avoidance stacks. I can wander around and do my thing, and still have a chance for Jason not to see me if he is spamming his sense.
  9. 1)Squeakers 2) Assholes that intentionally run you over in the car. 3) Squeakers 4)People that give away your position to try to save themselves 5)Squeakers 6)People who hoard pocket knives, yet refuse to burn them on traps 7)Squeakers 8)Dicks that dance and teabag you after they stun you as Jason. 9)Squeakers 10) ummm..... Did I mention Squeakers?
  10. I watch Twitch streams, if I see new to the game, I will stop by and give them tips and tricks as both sides, other than that, I will tell newer Jasons what they did wrong after the match, its kind of hard to tell them "trap the objectives" when they are tunneling you.
  11. You sir, are an anomoly, how can you ride someones dick so hard, and yet still have your head up your ass at the same time?
  12. Hmm....You have "proven" it, I have died 99% of my door related deaths are from Jackasses who don't lock or barricade it, nothing is worse than running in with Jason on your heels, just to look over and see the door standing wide open , or unbarricaded and he just walks in and grabs you. Plus as others have pointed out, you can hit through doors (which needs to be fixed) to get a stun on Jason, also when he rages through doors, you can get a stun on Jason. And any good Jason will know, if the door is open, use a short shift burst to prevent a stun from the blind side of the door. You can argue you til your face turns blue, but you will still be wrong.
  13. Once the grab cone is implemented, and weapons can hit detection is fixed, things should improve. Right now its a game of "lets beat up Jason". Back when I first started playing, it as an accomplishment to escape the match, because you were easily killed by Jason, other counselors, etc. Now Jason had his balls removed. It feels like Illfonic is catering to the casual gamers who will be gone in a couple months compared to the hardcore fan base who has been here since day 1.
  14. I was in a match. Everything was running smoothly, I found a pocket knife, the fuse, and couldnt find a weapon so I settled for a wrench. I am playing as Bugzy. So I run the fuse to the phone house, drop it, then all the sudden, my right analog stick stopped working, my button prompt to go through windows and doors disappeared. All i could do was run around, and swing my weapon and use my left analog stick. I still wind up surviving through the cops. But do you know how hard it is to read a map and run for the cops when looking behind you the entire time?
  15. Finally reached 500 posts.

    I'm not far behind, but I only say something if I feel it is something worth saying. But I am a bit of a blabber on the forums too