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  1. It snowed here in Austin TX as well! Not enough to do anything with it, just a layer of snow over everything, but it was nice to see. Haven't seen snow since I lived in Colorado over 7 years ago.
  2. Haven't noticed anything too game changing in regards to Jason, I still have no problem getting 8/8 most of the time.
  3. People can't even join private matches, hopefully they can fix things tonight of all nights.
  4. We're trying to fill our group, message me and I'll invite you on PS4, gamertag: GameboySRM.
  5. I usually have a group I play with, but if no one's on I'll gladly play with some new people, or maybe some of you can play with us! PS4 Gamertag: GameboySRM
  6. This was something I was asking about before the game launched. Multiplayer games need plenty of unlockables to keep players interested, I think if they include (as someone mentioned) titles or calling cards or emblems for the lobby and menus, it could be a great incentive. Have the player buy most of them with CP and unlock others by collecting the badges or leveling up. There could also be small trinkets or items each character could carry or wear, which you could buy or unlock. Little things like that could really keep players coming back, even after they've unlocked all the Jason's and clothing.
  7. Composure: 7 Luck: 6 Repair: 3 Speed: 7 Stamina: 6 Stealth: 5 Strength: 5 It would be cool to see a "create a counselor" in the game itself, I don't think it would work alongside the current preset characters in the game (since the game is balanced around them), but maybe a new mode could be created down the road with some custom faces and body builds.
  8. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I liked the changes they made with the update. Personally, I thought it was far too easy to get all 8 kills every match as Jason, didn't matter which Jason I was, even with Part 7 I would get at least 6 out of 8. Adding context to the windows takes about as long as it does to pick up a knife so it doesn't really bother me, if you master shift grabbing nothing else really matters anyway. Breaking down the doors using the combat chance felt cheap to me and made it even easier to kill counselors in a cabin. The smaller maps definitely change some of the dynamics, but I really didn't notice any difference to how I played. Got to be Jason three times on the smaller maps and only once did I fail to kill everyone (got 7 out of 8). The highlighting of context kills really helps out Jason I think, not many people have mentioned it, but they added a lot of new environmental kill locations. My point is, for me at least, this update actually gives me a challenge as Jason.
  9. I actually enjoy when people get pissed when I kill them as Jason. It can be hilarious to hear their reaction, which is usually "Wow, you suck as Jason, why'd you go for me?!"
  10. I've been 101 for over a month, hope they raise the level cap when new content hits!
  11. Tried it about 5 min ago, still not working yet. I'm sure Gun is ensuring that Sony doesn't screw up again.
  12. Yeah too bad the movie was shelved, I agree this idea really isn't that great. It reminds me of "New Nightmare" with Freddy trying to escape the movies into the "real world" which I didn't care for either.
  13. Is it still on the store? I tried looking to see if it was true. At least it's hard to find on PSN, although that could just be because I already redeemed my code and had it installed. Edit: Nevermind, a friend told me it is.
  14. Can't wait! We also have single player and offline mode with bots to look forward to in the summer.
  15. This has happened twice 1. Player enters driver seat and starts the car 2. Another player enters the passenger seat 3. While stationary the car flips on its side I'm not sure exactly what makes it flip over, if it's just a small piece of geometry (which is what seemed to trigger it the first time), or if it happens when a counselor hits it when it's about to drive (what seemed to happen the second time). I'm playing on PS4
  16. On PS4 I've never seen this happen, probably because it can take a long time to get into a match. I've met a lot of people while playing this game and a big chunk of the player base that I've met say that they actually prefer using the counselors rather than Jason, because they aren't good with Jason!
  17. Don't worry it doesn't work for anyone else on PS4, there is supposed to be a patch today to fix and upgrade the servers. Perhaps the dlc codes will be fixed as well.
  18. My brother just had a game where someone was hiding in a closet and knew he was in there, but couldn't press X to stab him. He was stuck in the closet and no matter what Jason did he couldn't touch the counselor. I'm not sure this is what you're talking about though.
  19. I have one where I start with a walkie talkie at the start of the game and it's really helpful.
  20. You can change the station by holding down the X button.
  21. I agree, I think there's some minor balancing that can be done throughout the games lifespan, but I would leave it largely the same as it is now.
  22. This would happen to me in the Beta and currently it appears that I'm stuck at level 10.
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