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  1. Deny them the kill, make them chase your for a long time and then just disconnect.
  2. This is the dumbest topic ever, maybe you should play for more than an hour before posting.
  3. Surveying the aftermath :-). There could be a rating system reward creative jason using environmental kills.
  4. I partially agree, just as the other post stated, this is an idea for single player. The devs already said the game takes place in the last act of a movie when Jason’s presence is known. I do agree that the original Crystal Lake map isn’t a very good representation to the movie. They should made a “main cabin” that only had one kitchen, and was the location of the where the strip monopoly game was played. The game map is too spread out, it feels like there’s a few mini camps rather than a single camp. Crystal Lake small fixed this and make it feel like you were actually in a real camp. By removing the open area on the east side of the map, it made the experience better.
  5. It’s fine now, originally I was afraid the balance would shift too much. Now, I realize that the problem isn’t with trolls hiding things, it’s because people are blind and don’t even pick them up.
  6. Thematically it doesn’t make sense. You’re a teenager being chased by an insane killer in a remote, isolated location. Not a trained soldiers. If you walked through a bear trap and you going to turn into a focused super strength killing machine? And the game is balanced in the current state, if you manage composure and stealth properly you can hide from Jason well into the late game. I also don’t mean hiding in the corner of the map, as Deborah/AJ/Lachoppa (sometimes Mitch). I can stay under the radar, as long as I’m avoiding certain areas and not running. Either I’m fixing the last objective or eventually I just run out of options and die. I’m last man standing 9/10 games with probably a 80% survivial rate.
  7. Agreed. I’ve been having a ton of fun outwitting my victims using Stalk. 1. Chase them into a cabin. 2. Activate stalk. (Stalk remains on forever as long as you don’t move.) 3. Watch the councelor to see what they are going to do, make sure you stay out side of the camera so they can’t swing the view around, spoiling the surprise. I had 3 kills where the councelor either ran out the door and into my arms. Or you I caught them as they came back into the room through a window because they thought I was shifting to them. Hearing them scream through the mic because of the jump scare is worth extra effort. My favorite was catching Tiffany coming back through the window, grabbing her and instantly hanging her up on the wall hooks.
  8. These are all good ideas, I think the best short term fix would be to expand the random placement for the key items. Most maps only have 2-3 spawn points which can be figured out based on cabin spawns. i think the items should spawn anywhere with the following rules: 1. Key items can never spawn in the cabin that contains the goal. (No fuse in the fuse box cabin) 2. Car boat items have a minimal spawn distance, example:(gas isn’t in the cabin next to the car). 3. The key items have a maximum distance limit, so key items can’t on the opposite end of the map form the goal. 4. Duplicate key items, can’t spawn in the same place.
  9. I know this should be a bug ticket, but is anyone else not seeing the environmental wall kills. I not sure when this started but for the last few games when I’m near the cabin walls that have no furniture I don’t have the option to crush councelors face into the wall. Was this removed?
  10. Some are interesting, but then it undermines the concepts that the Jason’s themselves have unique their own strengths and weaknesses which should be considered “Perks” Example: Part 4 has 3 traps, one of the perks gives him another trap, so now his balance is changed. He continues to have his strengths and weaknesses but has the extra trap. Something like this would dramatically change the game, and would need to be heavily playtested. Also consider how much the councelor perks changes since the launch. i think a better idea would be a “build your own jason”. You could have a list of the skills that are currently in the game today. Associate a point value to each skill and then you “buy skills” until you spent all the points, the counter balance is that the better skills have a cost and in order to afford everything, you would have to select a negative to off set by taking a negative skill. Example: You have 20 points to pick from, +stalk is 10 points. You also want +shift which is 15, so now you don’t have enough points to spend. But if you took -morph it credits you points back, forcing you to take positive and negative modifiers. The more useful skills would always be more expensive, so if a player tried to take all of them, they would need to take extra negative modifiers to afford the perk. Again, this would require testing, but the benefit is it would allow people you use their favorite Jason as skins, and would make the experience more random and unpredictable, and the councelors would have to adjust their strategies accordingly. it would also let players create “Hard mode” Jason’s with negative modifiers to give experienced players more of a challenge.
  11. Completely agree is defiantly in the same class as Part 7. (Hard mode). Part 7 is my favorite because he requires skill and cunning to play. I would consider Part 4 as the training version to be 7, since most of the tactics remain the same despite 7 not having the ability to run.
  12. I agree, I’m not sure how I feel about this. When I play as councelor I tend to escape more than I die. I think current state is too much of a boost to experienced players. When I play with my friends you can now easily split the work by telling one person to grab the battery and one person to grab the gas. Only time will tell on how this effects pubs. The other compromise that I just thought of was, don’t identify which objective is where, just mark it as “something”. This forces the players to guess, and doesn’t guarantee a repair.
  13. Compromise- I agree that there needs to be a system in place to protect against trolls. But it needs to be balanced, now you can just pick up the item, drop it and reveal it to the group. 1. Maybe the item should only appear on the map if it’s dropped in a location at a far distance from the objective. 2. The item is only revealed past after a certain time. You could reversal the objectives when 9 minutes remain, this allows Jason to have rage and he can still apply pressure to the councelors. 3. You could also balance it by how well the councelor are at completing objectives against the length of the match. If nothing is done, reveal objectives. If 2/3 are done don’t. 4. Instead of camp map, limit the item to the mini map, unless the item is dropped at the edge of the map or a defined greater distance than the car, like more than halfway across the map.
  14. Paid DLC is the way the game remains in development long after the company recovered their initial investment from the release. In regards to the GTV shark cards example, that the is probably the income that Rockstar uses to fund the content they keep adding years after the game is released. GTV came out in 2013 and they are still releasing free content. Valve does the same thing with TF2, the store transactions allow them to do this. Personnally, paying 1-2 dollars doesn’t matter to me. I’d rather pay that and receive the maps and additional councelors/Jason’s for free. Remember they could have done the opposite and charged for Fox, Mitch, and Jason IV.
  15. I love this new patch, I played 5 games and did not experience any issues. 1. The Jarvis map is great, I love the design where it’s more of a spread out vacation house setting versus a camp where all of the buildings are on top of each other. The spawn placement for the items seems to be at a greater distance to the boat and car, making repairs more of a challenge, and I haven’t seen the repair items all spawn in one place. 2. The details of the big houses is amazing and well designed, it was an interesting choice to elevate the ground floor windows so if you jump out of them you can take damage and go into wounded mode. tommys room has all of the little details that the fans will enjoy. I just wish that adult Tommy would comment and say something new to acknowledge that he was back home. Something like “I miss you mom, or I Miss you Trish” would be nice. 3. The dark level of design fits nicely with the movie. Part 4 was a brutal, dark movie and the map just feels right. 4. Part 4 Jason is just a tweaked version of 3, but in a that makes sense. The extra strength and destruction make him feel brutal, in the movie he was just all rage and giving him the ability to smash through the door and few swings to put them councelor in a critical state feels right. Having less traps could be problematic, but because he can run, as long as he covers the traps and reacts to things i don’t think he will have the issue that P7 (lack of speed and shift). The difference is that P3 Jason is for new players, P4 is just the hard mode version of him. Part 4 music is awesome too. 5. Mitch is well designed and feels different from the other councelors. I typically play as AJ and he he feels like my new alt. I love his lines, “oh come on man, why won’t you die” always cracks me up. He can fix things, decent stealth and average stamina, and his composure make him play that follows my play style. His stats are what I always thought “Jenny” should of had. 6. Thank you for fixing the the stun, now it feels like councelors have a better chance of escaping a Jason encounter, with a stun you can start the vehicals now even if Jason is near you, it’s neither too long or two short and gives both sides equal chances of getting away/stopping them. 7. The perk rebalancing is ok, I hadn’t realized grease monkey was that Op’d. I’ve always used that perk with mixed results. The thick skin rebalance is fine, personally I don’t use it, I’d rather use stealth perks, I’ve found that they tend to work best for my play style and either I’m escaping or I’m the final girl trying to find the lost car keys or missing parts until I just run out of options and die. Jason should be avoided at all costs, and attacking him is a last resort. There’s enough sprays on the map to mitigate and health loss. Thank you again gun, well done on a good rollout. You’ve managed to make one of my all time favorite games.
  16. I’m not disputing either one of those things, I’m just saying that the items seem to spawn in one area versus a random location along the shore. With around 340 hours of playtime it seems consistent but unconfirmed. Rather than having to walk around the entire water body, I would start in the area and start walking along the shore from there.
  17. I’m not sure if this is 100% but I’ve noticed that the items seem to spawn near the “main beach”, usually where the diving docks and lifeguard stands are.
  18. Unless it’s a beach party/surfing contest, then there needs to be a break out musical number.
  19. I think it should on how these new councelor play, I think the unlock structure on release was done well as it gradually unlocked the councelors who had specific roles. Example: Tiffany was last but at this point the player should be aware of how stealth and speed are important in getting objectives done.
  20. They mostly seem to spawn by the "main beach" where the diving dock is floating in the water. However once on Packanack large I found the fuse on the beach just north of Palmers Pass near the the three cabins overlooking the lake. That only happened once, pre last patch, now it seems more consistently near the docks. I'm guessing so the survivors can find the stuff easier.
  21. I like the post, and as much as I hate grinding it is a incentive to play. However, how you offset the fact that many of us has thousands of CP points banked up because we've run out of things to buy. Personally I have about 45k in points with everything unlocked and I've managed to get all all rare perks.
  22. I wonder if someone picked up a weapon that was on the dock. Prepatch if you grabbed the board that was on the dock it would put the item in the air, same if you switched it back.
  23. My experiences: I love the new maps, item location updates, and assets. Each of the new maps feels like your actually in the movie. This is most obvious with Crystal Lake Small- I hated the the open area on the archery side of the map. Jason: I'm still trying to figure out if I like the window animation, I agree with your statement as that it does slow the game down a bit. However the free hits he used to to get through the windows and doors are removed, which is a good thing. Also, jason is a lot harder to to stun now. Before if you grabbed someone and got hit, you were going to drop them. Now, he doesn't drop them. This occurred when Deb, Jenny, and Adam all tried to save their friends at different times. It's taking 2-3 hits to stuff jason now, and if he is using combat stance you have to wait until he not blocking. No more free , random chance connections. I have not tested this with perks yet, so maybe they offset this change. Also, certain Jason isn't balanced well for small maps. Part 2 Jason has complete map control due to his run ability and over abundance of traps. I didn't mind the traps in the big maps because you had time to trigger and heal, this time it's much harder. Part 3 has similar advantages but isn't as overpowered. Parts 7,8,9 feel the most balanced. With 7 being the weakest still. 7 needs to be rebalanced due to losing his fast water perk. He does get advantage on Higgens Small because he can use the water to cut across the map and either shift grab as he flies out or get stalk and move in for the kill. Overall the rate of councelor survival is the same, if the team is corrdinated and works as a team you're going to survive and will probably get at least one to two objectives fixed. If people actually share knives and use them to cut traps you may get everything fixed and everyone gets out. It then comes down to Jason's skill and how attentive he his to what the players are up to. also the car is bugged, its way to easy to flip now and when it does people are getting stuck on the top or turned up side. And if the car crashes to close to the fence, they can't get out. The problem is jason can't reach them easier, the only way to fix this is to drive up past the barrier, otherwise you have to wait to time runs out. last but not least, the tommy problem still exists which occurs when the person was suppose to become tommy quits, and the game doesn't reassign it to someone else.
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