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  1. Seriously talk about a false sense of entitlement, who do you think you are to impose your rules on how people should play the game? Did you ever think that maybe maybe so many players disconnect is because they see you and just don’t want to play with you? I know I wouldn’t, I suspect you would be crying through the entire match. I know I wouldn’t want to listen to that either. Stop whining and be an adult.
  2. Semi related...make it so we can decide if we want to speak to someone locally or use the walkie talkie.
  3. lol....the “Incentive”’is that you can do a repair without alerting Jason as to what you were up to. Hording the knife means that’s your probably going to die at somepoint, and the only thing you’ve done is deny yourself a chance to escape. As Jason, I’m glad when they do this they can laugh and think they’re owning you, but really they just burning through their inventory and breaking their weapons. Eventually you’re own of options and dead. Cutting the trap allows you get the repair done, and avoid the “Jason camps X” scenario because he sees what you’re trying to do.
  4. Honestly it’s just comes down to the person. I think both players acted within the perimeters of the game, neither side is wrong. It Just comes down to the final survivor and how they want to spend their time. Personally, if you haven’t fixed the objectives then I don’t think you have won. Usually, this can be avoided because the councelors should have used a knife to cut a trap and fixed the objective without alerting Jason. As Jason, I’ve played pleanty of games where I’m constantly catching councelors with 1 or 2 knives, and none of the traps are cut, and none of the repairs are completed. If you’re not helping you’re team, you’re not really winning. Catching someone who had a knife means they would be dead, and can be caught again. If the game had no limit, eventually they would be caught do to diminishing returns of councelor mechanics. As a councelor and I’m the final girl I don’t really like to lead Jason around the map, I’m not saying I can’t, i’m just find it boring. IMO, he’s won, done a good job so why not just toss him his points and move on to the next match. Especially I’m in a good match and I don’t want the fun, team orientated players to leave.
  5. Right now jason is getting extra credit for Kills. There’s been plenty of games where he’s getting 10/8 does this give him credit as well?
  6. This what I’ve found: 1. There’s always a weapon (axe or machete) in the graveyard. 2. There’s a really good chance you’ll find med spray there as well. Usually if I’m playing Higgins Haven and I’m on my way to Blair’s Cove I swing by the graveyard if I need a spray. But I agree, adding an objective item to the graveyard would be cool. Also, there are two environmental kills you can do. Jason can impale the the councelor on the fence and he can smash their face into the gravestones. I wish they would put the spike fence in other places because it’s a nasty and cool kill. If you haven’t found it, there’s a secret achievement you can pick up by stunning Jason in front of the teddy bear.
  7. I’m not sure if this type of game play is happening on Xbox or PC. I only play PC but what I’ve noticed within pubs that if you find a good group of fun people to play with the game begins degrate from a match to just everyone fooling around. It’s not always a bad thing, last night we were testing the group theory to see if you could team kill by driving the car off the rocky ledge on Higgens haven and land it on top of someone in the water. (The game seemed to glitch and the person got stuck in the car)so the test was inconclusive . Everyone I was playing with was a competent player, so I just assume it’s a mixture of the group and boredom. Also, I agree with the other posters. People are just leaving the objective items where they find them. This fine, it’s just really annoying when your a fixed character and have to run to the other side of the map. The longer you take to fix the objectives (even if it’s visible) the less likely you are going to make the repair.
  8. How is it irrelevant? If Jason is tracking you by pings why would I ever want him to see me moving in the direction of an objective caring one of the items. Once you have the gas/battery/propeller and you have the ability to repair something you better head off in that direction to fix it. Half of the time Jason is distracted by noisy players and is chasing them. As long as you don’t mess up the QTE you’re gonna to fix it. If Jason is randomly morphing between the phone and 4 seater it means he’s a bad Jason. When I play Jason I watch the sound the pings and keep an eye on my map. If people are heading toward the objective or if a trap is cut then you morph. Otherwise, you wasted the ability and then you can’t react to someone fixing the far off objective and your left holding your dick.
  9. I 100% agree with you, I’ve tried the other councelors and their play styles are not for me. The high stealth and composure make it easy to survive with her, and being able to ninja your way around the camp fixing objectives makes here one of the most valuable councelors. Yes she’s weak, and yes her luck is terrible but her roll isn’t to fight Jason. As you pointed out she can easily sneak away as long as Jason doesn’t see her, half of the time he’s going to focus in on a noisy character. There are 3 stealth perks that complement her nicely, two avoid sense, and the 3rd lets you run quietly. This turns her into a true ninja. The only way Jason has a good chance to counter this is to cut the power forcing you repair them to stay hidden. I rotate between Aj, Adam, Fox and the Hippy, only because I like being characters that can actually do something to compete a goal. In pubs if I’m not playing a smarter character, the objectives aren’t getting fixed and no one survives. The only reason I pick Adam or Fox is so I have the option to fight Jason because I’ve gotten bored of being the stealth ninja When this happens I’m usually the “Final Girl” and die as I run out of options.
  10. There was an older poster regarding the barn, I think the decision was made not to allow people into the loft to prevent looping. The other reason about not having climbing animations also make sense too.
  11. Totally agree with the pick the lock mini game, or maybe just allow councelors to unlock from eitherside. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s just a video game.
  12. Trick players to think your not in the cabin, or delaying them by causing them to waste a few seconds trying to open the door. This would be more useful early game and punish the players who don’t like to lock doors.
  13. A lot of new players are not locking doors. If I’m chasing a councelor, Ive stopped just axing down the door, instead I run to the back door half of the time it’s unlocked. If you play smart you can jump scare without Stalk and kill them in the cabin.
  14. Mine top 4: 1. water pump 2. Arm rip on the small tree 3. Hook hang/tree branch impale. (I love how people run into the body hanging up, it’s just like a scene from a movie.) Jason Kills: Part7 gut stab with the machete. It’s simple efficiently make it the most elegant.
  15. I couldn’t agree with you more, it is frustrating to chase someone and then you get knifed. But you’re absolutely correct, it’s a finite resource and I would rather have it removed from play this way, than cutting through my traps. Same goes with weapons and dealing with Chad and Adam. Sure they’ll stun you, sure it’s annoying, but eventually it’s going to break and they are going to die. One more bit of advice for the OP, do not get tunnel vision with wanting revenge. If they are being a problem, back off and look for easier prey, they also might be trying to distract you from an objective that’s about to be fixed. Also, change your tactics, go and cut the power or wait until you have Stalk and then go for a stealth kill. The more fearful you can make them, the more they’ll trip and stumble making it easier for you to catch them.
  16. Just because they are high level, does not mean they are good or competent. We’ve had two weekends where there has been double allowing people to power level up while properly learning the game. Case in point using the examples above: Example1: If you want to survive you always have a plan B. Just because you want to kill Jason because he’s unskilled, doesn’t mean you will. There is no reason to not fix an objective, the parts were present. Deborah could have gotten it fixed, if someone wants to drive away fine it just gives the players wanting to take on the risk of killing Jason, then let them do it. You don’t need a full team to kill him. Example2: I’m not sure why he would horde his knife. At this point he’s expendable, he’s not Tommy and he’s not the girl in the sweater. He should be the distraction, attempting to stun, and doing whatever he needs to do to keep you and Tommy alive. If he’s 101 he shouldn’t care about extra xp, he still gets the badge advancement for being in the game, he just isn’t eligible for getting the achievement, only Tommy can get it. Bugzy was a bad player. The character isn’t normally selected by “good players” so that’s always a tip that he’s probably going to get the team killed. I’m also a 101 and if I wasn’t in the game, I wouldn’t have helped him and just focused on fixing the car or phone.
  17. AJ is my main, the only time I hear her say that is if her has a med/high level of fear.
  18. Something else to consider. As the previous posters indicated never close and lock interior doors or the “one hit doors” found in the main building at Packanack\Higgins. Instead what I do is I always close doors behind me. This allows you to get a better chance of hiding in plain site using stealth characters. If are using “low profile” and “level headed” the chance that Jason can detect you with sense drops significantly, it also makes it appear to jason that the councelors may have left or haven’t explored and looted the building. If you hear the music, walk into a room with a window, close the door and crouch. Usually Jason leaves after laying thentraps. If another councelor is present do the same thing and more than likely Jason will focus on them allowing you to escape. This works best early game and can mean life or death when spawning in the fuse house. Also closing the interior doors makes it harder for Jason to shift grab, me might try to shift run into the door and have to chance it to open the door, allowing you to escape.
  19. I don’t how you can say that it’s problems for lefties. I’m left handed and the key bindings aren’t causing me a nightmarish unwillable play experience. The only think I would fix at this point would be to rebind the knife throw from the middle mouse button to either the E or Q key. Right now it’s nearly impossible me to aim with knives so I just learned to play without them. I’m still able to average 7/8 or 8/8 kills post patch, that that includes using P7. The car can be a challenge but if you tap the keys and not smash them down it’s easier to steer and you tend not to over compensate and crash. You might want to consider using an Xbox or PS4 controller when you need to drive. For games that require aiming its always mouse and keyboard, for games that need me to steer something I use the Xbox controller and switch back and forth between them.
  20. That’s a great idea, I never thought to drop the duplicate item and empty the drawer. That would cut so much time down when you have to search cabins a second time for overlooked items
  21. Agreed, just because the councelor has a pocket knife doesn’t mean their going to escape. As Jason I prefer if they leave the doors open, catch them and then the knife is removed from play. Catch again and kill. Id much rather take away the councelors toys so they can’t use them to cut my traps.
  22. The small maps are better in my opinion. The original Crystal Lake map is too spread out, the entire east side of the map near the archery range has too much dead space. It also doesn’t feel like a summer camp, the smaller map and closer cabins make it feel like a place that would exist. Higgens isn’t bad either, I wish the lake in the middle was a bit wider, maybe they could have stuck and island or something in it. The oval design makes its a challenge to move around because travel time is longer. It’s also weird that the Higgens built their family vacation house in the middle of a campsite. I get that this is a video game and there are mechanics, but it’s kinda silly. Packanack Small is harder than the original, especially when it comes to escaping by car. But adding the boat house and graveyard add more assesses that make it more interesting. But overall it fixes the dead space problem the first version had. I also rewatched the movies over the weekend and the smaller maps feel truer to the movie. Usually I prefer the small over large variants, overall I feel they are better designed. I don’t really agree with separating the maps out, of there were more maps to chose from, maybe. But it just add more variation to the game.
  23. Yeah, I always thought this was a bug, and that if didn’t do well as Jason she would use the line she says with the Savini skill.
  24. The grab is fine, the new trap mechanic is fine. I’m level 101 and can easily capture and kill all of the councelors, faster councelors are more of a challenge, so you have to learn to change your strategy. Flat out chasing the faster character is a bad idea, especially if they are properly managing their stamina. Instead you have to rely on Stalk and learn to our maneuver them, or trick them into climbing in/out of the windows while you are standing out of the camera view in Stalk mode. You also have to learn to time your shifts and activate it when the councelor eventfully trips. The 2-3 second disruption is all you need to grab your victim. When they are caught in the stumble they aren’t able to juke and change directions causing you to miss your shift. You also need to capitalize on the body scare, if the councelor sees the body they scream and stumble, you should try to heed your victim to where the bodies are. I’ve decent councelors cuss me out for both the body scares and stumples disrupting their jukes.
  25. They are working on dedicated services for PS4 and Xbox. It’s all over the development notes on the main page.
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