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  1. I get what your saying but in rewatching the movie recently I don’t think Roy thought he was Jason. I think he was using the Jason legend to divert suspicion. This was the basic plot: 1. Joey dies/Ray starts to go crazy and wants revenge. Tommy’s infamous presence get him remembering the old Crystal Lake camp blood legend. However he doesn’t just return to PineHurst and kill everyone. The actions some premeditation which doesn’t follow Jason m/o. This movie has the longest time span, the duration of the movie covers 3 days. Typically Jason kills everyone the same night he discovers them or waits until the next night when he has more time. 2. Day 1 night- he kills the two who’s car broke down. After the bodies are discovered he’s still chatty with the Sherriif and he hauls the bodies away. 3. Day 2 night- he kills the waitress and and the bald guy that drove Tommy to PineHurst. When the bodies are found Roy is still chatty with the sheriff. To me he’s using these two days to get a feel for killing and he’s practiceing for his big assault on PineHurst. He’s not just acting in a blind rage, he taking his time to make sure he can successfully acomplish his goal while avoiding suspicion. 4. Day3 day and night is the big spree, all of the patients and staff are killed. Ethel and her son are killed. Reggie’s brother is killed. After the massacre, the police say they found the news papers talking about Pam’s spree and then the ones about Jason that occurred later. I think that Pams’s spree was what influenced him (it’s the same motive she had, he blamed everyone at the institution for not stopping Vic, and they all witnessed the crime). But he used Jason as a cover because it was a dead and the Jason murders an urban legend that was never really solved. (Ray is still is crazy and thought the best approach was a killing spree inspired by a Scooby Doo episode with an urban legend twist.) I always thought It would have been better if Roy approached the final 3 as himself rather than the Jason disguise, and tried to trick them before just attacking them. But, from what I read about all the stuff that was going on with the production were lucky we got what we did. Anyways all the suggestions are good, this is just my fan boy opionion.
  2. These suggestions are good but instead of hearing Joey. Roy just talks to himself, he just says things like “got another one Joey” or “This is all for you.” If they go with the ambulence idea it could just be Roy saying something like “I’m sorry I was there Joey, I’m here now and they will pay!” While looking at the Joeys body. Somethign a bit different from the supernatural that is used Jason would be better to help distinguish him from Jason.
  3. I just realized he gets the kill because it was his trap, I think it counts as “Murdered” and not suicide, so hey gets 100 points plus 50 for trapper.
  4. It’s a tactic which I use to trip traps when Jason’s are being overly reliant on them by over trapping objectives, I’d rather run through them free myself and then run through the one next to it. This opens the objective, denies a kill, and allows the rest of the team to escape.
  5. Then you would be playing Packanack and not Jarvis. If you watch part 4 you’ll see the houses are in the middle of this hilly region, so it seems accurate
  6. They fixed this in an update, the removed the doors to the basement so you can no longer lock players out of the house. I think it was when they stopped allowing the phone in Packanack Kitchen so people couldn’t lock other players out from using it.
  7. Yeah...I don’t know what to make of the kills and emotes, I can’t tell if they are just playing with the rendering tool or if are future assets. Some of the location kills are using assets that are in the game so maybe we’ll get them. Some of them are classic kills from the movies (the yellow boat, arrow kills (that was how Brenda ff1 was killed but never filmed). The beer and sex kill surprised me because they said that neither of these things were ever going to be implemented in the game.
  8. I get what your saying, but other than Part 8 and the opening scene from part2, how often did they go into town.
  9. I have mixed feeling about this one. I realize it’s a different camp, but I’m not sure what they can do to distinguish it from Camp Crystal Lake. Yes, there are some bigger cabins (the kitchen, the boys and girls cabin). But what else would you would still have the cemetery that still appears in each map, and because they reuse the same cabin assets with gives some of the maps this “samey” feel to them. Keep in mind, I’m not critizing because the layout on the maps is good and allow them to play out differently. I should wish they had additional resources to make new assets. Yes, I realize you need the cabins because the councelors need places to explore and you have to spread the objectives out. But maybe they could do something besides cabins and either do houses, a diner, or something. We will probably have the same issue when we get the Sheppard Vacation House . The layout of the houses is very very similar to the Jarvis Residence.
  10. I think he’s trolling the “it’s too hard to escape” that the whiney noobs opened up
  11. The game doesn’t represent the correct timeline it’s just using the movie release years. The entire timeline is a hot mess but this is what I remember. Part 1 takes place in 1979. Parts 2-4 take place at sometime in the early 80’s over 4-5 days. Remember Jason attacks the trainees at Packanack Lodge, after Ginny wounds him he escapes and attacks the couple and then proceeds Higgins Haven that same night. After he’s killed/knocked out he wakes up escapes the hospital and returns to Crystal Lake and runs into the Jarvis House. I think the timeline between parts 5-6 are close. I forgot how old Tommy was in part 4, wasn’t he at least 12-13? Remember he was checking out the girls so he was already into puberty. Parts 5 and six take place within a few weeks of each other. And 7 takes places at least six months a year or so after because of the state of Jason’s body at that times.
  12. To not play the game as skillfully is you? Did you think about that before you posted? You need to learn how to play the game, this game has a learning curve and you’ll get better as you go along. And stop making stupid posts
  13. Completely agree with the OP. I main as AJ because her stealth and repair skills make it easy to move though the map and get the job done. Team work is key, but imo she is the only one who’s can go as lone wolf, and as long as your careful, and aware of your surroundings and paying attention to where Jason approximate location is, you can survive fairly easy. If you play smart and save your knives for trap disarmament you can usually get away with a stealth repair. Keep in mind the chance to survive a direct encounter with Jason is low. The “strong” characters aren’t as good, yes they are able to escape from fight of Jason easier, but they aren’t good for the long game. Jason can always find, get a sense for the councelors are up to and better patrol the traps.
  14. The bots seem more aggressive, i haven’t seen any of them getting stock on the drawer loops, they try to hit me more, but still get “weapon opposed” and keep trying to recover the last weapon they dropped even when I’m standing on it, and there is an axe on the box next to them. Pinehurst may have a bug in violets room, I can’t tell if they are spawning in the room and aren’t activating or once they enter the room they can’t find the exit. This happened with Bugsy and Shelly and the later Tommy was stuck in there.
  15. The new map is great, finding Ethel’s cabin was a nice surprise. I kinda wish they had resources and time to stick that diner in the other corner, where the cabin was and maybe some trailers for a trailer park/rv camp ground and then they would of had the entire movie set built. Maybe will get it in a update.
  16. I don’t think it’s detrimental, you just need to play smart avoid any direct confrontation with Jason. With Jason’s grab buff, you can’t be cocky anymore. Tonight I've played 4 games 3 on PineHurst 1 on Packanack. I survived two on PineHurst and died on Packanack and one on PineHurst. Both times I died because I got caught out in the open because the faster councelors were too busy speed looting to be bothered with dropping off parts. Even though I died, I was final girl and managed to avoid Jason until he had rage.
  17. I thought it was odd that we can’t select the weather conditions for the SP matches. It would be nice to have this feature
  18. That’s how I play as well, it’s even better when rain is on and you’re having to run through the Woods being chased.
  19. I’ve had the opposite problem, where the faster characters are speed looting the cabins. They pick up the item then drop it where they found it, expecting someone else to go and get it, take it to the car and fix it.
  20. There isn’t, I was trying to escape in the boat and I heard him morph to my location and I was still to far from the exit. To prevent him from insta-killing me in the water I drove the boat to the shore and ran off, the boat wasn’t even halfway on sand but there is no way to push it into the water.
  21. I bought the DLC, my favorite is the decapication
  22. Yes...I see it now I didn’t hover my mouse some of the choices. Thanks for the reply.
  23. Is there an easy way to see what get unlocks at each new level? I just hit level 102 and I can’t tell if anything is new in the clothes. Also are the bloody Jason’s skins still not available for digital buyers only? I don’t see any change skin option for the others Jason’s expect part 3 and the shitty retro skin.
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