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  1. ScrewDriver: this reminds me of Alice’s death in part2, it’s not exact because she was stabbed in the head with an ice pick. Pamela: from the Part 7 kill pack, jason chops off the head of the councelor with the machete the, the camera zooms in showing their hands clutching at where their head was. This is how mrs vorhees was killed in P1
  2. They already had those, there were two sets the basic ones where you can tell people to follow you or be quiet and then there’s the premium pack for 1.99 that has the dance emotes.
  3. Sounds awesome, I can't wait to see how this plays out.
  4. As someone who's played since the day one release I can attest to this. Other than a few people who are using macros to break grabs or get Jason out stun, each match tends to be normal. Other than the fact that you have the "do nothing" team mates, or the occasional maniac driver killers the Devs have put in measures to counteract trolls. 1. Took out team killing for QP 2. Blocked or removed the glitches that allow you to get into an unlikeable spot. 3. Revealed the objective items once they are picked up. 4. They've blocked/banned players caught using the JasonX hack and even rolled out a patch to block people from using it. 5. They are implementing the salt mines to punish the hosts who leave. Not to mention the 5 maps and new counselors and Jason's that were given to everyone for Free You can't force people to stay in the game, and leaving shouldn't be considered a broken or missing feature. It's crazy that so people in here feel they are entitled to so much. As a gamer for the last 30 plus years I can easily rank this is one of one favorite games and I never seen a movie franchise get such love on in its translation into a video gsme.
  5. This topic is stupid, if you’d trying using the search feature you’d see that this has been discussed many, many times. It doesn’t work for game purposes. If you think shift and morph are unfair than learn to play play with less predictability.
  6. Thank you so much, part7 is my favorite!!! I can’t wait to test out these changes!!
  7. I totally agree with this, also what happens when you get stuck being in a game with a team of Chads and Vanessa’s. That is the only time that I refuse to play as Jason because it simply isn’t fun. On paper this is one of those ideas that sounds good on paper but really isn’t. Thing they need to consider: 1. Reworking counselor selection so there can’t be more than two of the same councelor. (This also makes it balanced for the councelors because things will then get fixed.) I’m sorry, but playing on a match with there’s more than 3 Chads or Vanessa’s is never fun for either side. 2. Players are going to get creative and while techinally following your rules they are going to troll. You are also going to create the scenario where Jason may get frustrated and than rather than getting banished to the B server, they just morph to the lake and put on Netflix for 20 minutes. 3. If i was put into a bad match for QP, get killed and not get to be Tommy, it feels like I’m now being punished by staying in the match watching these bad players play. Remember you still get penalized for leaving early you don’t get the end of match bonus. Yes, this becomes trivial for 150ers, but so what? At this point we have our perks and unlocks done so there’s no point for grinding. Before I maxed out my level, I stayed until the end. Hopefully the newer players see that it’s still more efficient to do this than leave. 4. Also you need to fix the problem where once the game ends the lobby closes, before that big October patch the players always stayed in the lobby, even if the host left (This was PC). That way if you were lucky to get a get a bunch of good players than you would continue to play, this reduced the amount of salt and kept peoples attitudes better. This goes along with my point in #3, I would be more inclined to stay with people I enjoyed playing with even if I was on the bench for 10 minutes. 5. You should not punish people for leaving if they don’t want to play the game, the players on the servers are down again and this could impact the population. The only time people should get punished, is if they are jason leaving mid sweater sequence or when the Tommy animation begins. Or you can jus fix it so the councelors get the “Kill Jason” reward points like Jason does when he starts the kill animation.
  8. The only thing they should increase is maps and walkie talkies, I played several matches where I’ve ran through 3 or more cabins and haven’t found a map. I have over 500 hours and the issue isn’t not know where to go, it’s having to go pick up the revealed objective items because the other team members are to lazy to take them to then where they need to go. Also the propeller is not hard to find, it’s also a in one of two/three locations, and it’s always either on a coffee table, shelf, or, end table. If you are having problems finding it, it means your speed looting and not doing a through search. The same problem can happen with gas, it’s easy to confuse it with a suit case or box, because the color seems to be muted where it’s brown rather than a bright red.
  9. Lol what do you mean? It’s perfectly to sit and stare at a dancing Tiffany in the down pour.
  10. We mean that each time the round starts the councelors outfit is randomly selected. No more having to toggle back in and out of the character setup screen.
  11. It could just be implemented on the clothing screen and you could decide it random was on or off for each councelor.
  12. Yes I would love to see this enhancement get implemented. As well as assigning councelor clothes randomly.
  13. As the other posters stated just learn from your mistakes and switch up your tactics, here are some things you should always do. 1. Trap the phone and the car. I’ve learned to never place all my traps at once (I main p7 so I’m used to dealing with limited resources). This way you can react to councelors and retrap. 2. Unless you have an almost guaranteed kill, don’t attempt to kill anything until you’ve placed your first set of traps. 3. Don’t get tunnel vision chasing fast councelors , they are trying to distract you and waste time. 3. You should be constantly maintain awareness of where the councelors are in relationship to the objectives. Watch for blips on the map, with stealthy councelors you may only see it once or twice. 4. Body block objectives and if they stun you, so what. It’s annoying but their weapons break and yours do not. 5. Smarter characters should be first priority on the kill list. However, decent Vanessa mains are good at repairs, so follow advice is item 3. 6. If the group is well coordinated, pick and choose your battles, you rely on knives and and m1 attacks and you can chip them down. Don’t get frustrated and let them burn through their one shot weapons and items.
  14. The problem with the enviormental kills is that they are not consistent in their placement. A good example is the amount of enviormental kills in the big map to the small maps. There are a ton of more opportunities where you can use cabin walls, corners, furniture but for some reason it’s not available in the bigger versions. There a large portions in the woods of Packanack and Crystal Lake they don’t have the the hanging or prune kill on them so you get stuck using grab kills. If you play single player and the councelor run off in woods you capture them and there’s no environmental kills. I had the game since launch and found a new enviormental kill at one of the small open area where chairs are that has a roof but no walls. There was kill where Jason grabs the councelors and beats there head into the posts 4/5 times. I think this is the only place in the game where the kill is.
  15. I see why you misunderstood me. My post was just commenting on new players who find the game hard and want to change game play. The suggested he made at first sounds good, but it’s difficult to implement with a small population and it’s really doesn’t teach people to play well.
  16. I tried using preparedness but after post patch really didn’t make it bescesary because if I didn’t find one by the second cabin I’d search which was rare, I’d just make a trip to the map stand and then start map spamming to see what everyone else had been up to. Now post patch, it more of a better choice but it sucks because normally I stack up on all of the stealth/anti sense perks because I main as AJ. But you gotta the risk/reward right?
  17. It depends on where the boat spawns, If it’s on the right side of the map then it usually spawns in one of the cabins on the islands, I’ve found both the propeller and gas in the one on the left. Sometimes it’s in the right corner but it seems rare. (This is for PC) If it’s on the left, then usually gas is in the big cabin to the south, the propeller was in a small cabin near Jarvis. However, I felt that sometimes the second can isn’t spawning or it’s behind something. My friends and I played private matches entire match looking for the item and never found it. This problem also occurs in Crystal Lake. This was 4 seasoned players searching and research after one another.
  18. I feel the same way, I like this map but it requires that the counselors actually work together. If you play as a repair councelor and no one helps by bringing the items in the you’re not going to escape. Both Jarvis and PineHurst put things a little too far where you won’t survive getting the second item to the car/boat. If you find something at least put it in the road towards the objective. Not having a weapon in your hands for 20 seconds isn’t life or death.
  19. With part 7 the following grab kills: stab in the stomach, decapitation, football punt. Those seem to work in close quarters.
  20. At leas the op isn’t whining about pocket knives... just play more and you’ll figure out the spawns
  21. This was last summer pre xp penalty when the team kill was originally negative 100 or 200 points. On Packanack Large me and another player working on getting the boat fixed. She found the gas and I had recently obtained the rifle. We made our way to the boat and this other player came running over with the propeller and was like “uh oh” how do we solve this? I shot him took his propeller and me and the other player fixed the boat and escaped. I miss team killing.
  22. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about the Friday the 13 release dates. In the past they repeatedly said that don’t assume that the deployment dates will be around any special calendar day.
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